Thinking INSIDE the Box

My Halloween Candy Management Plan is not going so well this year. Not awful, but there was a little too much indulging here in Cammyland over the weekend. This would have been fine if I’d been exercising properly, but that didn’t happen for a variety of reasons that seemed important at the time. In hindsight? Not so much.

But today is a brand new day, and I’m thinking inside the box for the next little while. For me, this doesn’t mean deprivation and monster gym workouts. It simply means sticking with my “regular” meals and snacks and scheduling exercise into a specific time slot on my calendar. Sharpening my focus, in other words, and deferring the extra indulgences until another day.

I don’t want to live inside the box, but a nice little visit will do me good. :)

Unfortunately for me, there’s no candy inside the box, but if YOU are managing your nibbles better than I have and are still on track to enjoy some chocolate-y goodness for Halloween, you might find my Halloween Candy Cheat Sheet helpful for some comparison shopping.

In other, totally inside-the-box news, you might want to check your local Target (no affiliation) for this special:

fage sale at target

They also have the 35-oz. size on sale for $4.99. In the Memphis market, that’s a savings of $1.50 on each carton. Score! I bought two large cartons, so I’ll be swimming in yogurt-y goodness for the near future.

I’ll close with a mention from last week’s work trip to Picayune, MS. I hadn’t realized how close to New Orleans I was until I walked into a deli and found a shrine to the New Orleans Saints NFL team. The second clue was the menu. In addition to a full roster of Po-boys, I found this lovely treat:


This is the half-size version of an authentic New Orleans-style muffaletta: meat, cheese, & scrumptious olive salad on nice crusty bread. It typically comes with two meats and two cheeses, but I opted out on the salami and swiss cheese in an attempt to save a few calories. Hah! Little did I know there’d be a mountain of olive salad on top of it. I don’t like to waste food, but about 3/4 of the olive salad and most of the bread on the second piece went uneaten. No more muffalettas unless there’s someone with me or the restaurant offers the quarter-size…

…OR if I have a muffaletta salad, which is basically the inner parts of the sandwich served on a bed of lettuce. Those are easy to make at home, and I could make do with half a sandwich thin on the side. Maybe I’ll paint my kitchen purple and turn on a Saints football game, just to complete the faux experience. :)

That’s all I have for this Monday morning. I have blogs to visit, housework to do, and errands to run.

AND a visit to the gym!

How’s your Monday shaping up? Are you thinking inside the box this week or hopping around the perimeter? Here’s hoping the box isn’t outside on the curb!

23 thoughts on “Thinking INSIDE the Box

  1. I’ll definitely be with you inside that box this week. A few too many indulgences this past weekend in Maggie Valley. For me, it’s not so much a weight gain as it is that full, somewhat bloated feeling that tells me I’ve eaten a bit too much wheat and not enough fruit. There might have been some ice cream involved. Low sugar, yes, but still ice cream. Is your box big enough for both of us?

    • There’s plenty of room inside the box. Plus, we’ll leave the flaps open so we can make quick trips out from time to time. :)

      Vacations are meant for splurging, but it never fails to feel good to get back to basics.

  2. I LOVE the way you think Cammy! Please keep sharing. I hope to grow up and be just like you someday. (and have long legs like you too…)

    There was a huge retirement party for my pastor this weekend, so I had a few too many indulgences too. Yep, I’m ready for a couple of days in the box. Its kind of comforting to have boundaries, you know?

    And thanks for the heads up on the Fage. What a great deal. And I just happen to be going near a Target this week.

    And now I want olives…

    • You flatter me! I’d rather you be YOU, because you’re rocking it!

      And yes, boundaries are a good things. I imagine them with solid lines sometimes and dotted lines at others. This is a solid-line week. :)

  3. I have had too much candycorn *inside* my box lately! Eek! That’s the only candy I have had, but just having too much of it.

  4. Candy corn = crack

    So is the snack sized candy. This will be the second year of 100% abstaining from Halloween treats. After 44 years of indulging in Halloween junk food I’m relishing the feeling good feeling abstaining provides.

    Hang in there. Focus on the good feelings that your clean eating gives you. That’s something to get hooked on. There is a whole lot of living and feeling good inside that box. Make your own diorama, no candy included 😉

    • I abstained for a few years but decided I didn’t like it. :) As long as my eating is good 90-95% of the time, I’m happy. Ecstatic, even! My weekend was more at the 85% mark, so I’m refocusing to avoid an avalanche.

  5. I’m really lucky, I can portion control Halloween candy, as sweets aren’t really my downfall….however, if there was such a thing as “Halloween cheese” or “Halloween bread”, I’d be in trouble. BIG Trouble! Have a great Monday Cammy.

  6. Thank you for this post, and for all your great posts. You are an inspiration and a great example to a yo-yo dieter like me. Losing the weight is fairly easy — but maintaining that loss is what counts! Your attitude about your lifestyle change is awesome. Rock on!!

  7. Just get back to it – right Cammy! :)

    Well, your posts hit my email Tuesday for me so reading it now.. I hit the gym for sure!

    I always check Target for the Fage & buy it on sale although I can also get the large container at Costco – don’t always want the large though….

  8. My Halloween plan includes not buying giveaway candy until the afternoon of the 31st. And it’s sometimes on sale then. And I don’t really care what kind is left by then–it’s not for me. I’m in my own box though, recuperating from two glorious weeks in France with the necessary croissants, pommes frites, pain au chocolate, chocolate crepes, and creme brulee that one MUST eat when there. Only gained 1.2 pounds, but will feel better when it’s gone.

  9. I’ve just started my weight loss journey, so I’m still very much inside the box. I have a strong fear of failure right now. I’m not confident at all that if I go outside the box I’ll get back in. So, holdin’ steady right now!

    • I understand completely, Stephanie! There’s time enough for peeking outside the box once you’ve got your new routines well established. I’m cheering you on!

  10. I just love how you have a candy management plan, I think it’s hilarious! I wish I’d thought of that before stuffing my face this Halloween session.

    • HAD a candy management plan, Ashley. :) It worked well until last weekend, but then I took a wrong turn.

      I sure hope this doesn’t bode ill for my Christmas Baking Management Plan. :)

  11. I’m late to this post… but man that sandwich. I had to show my hubby.
    I love the idea of thinking inside the box in this situation. I get it. Inside the box is a known. It’s comforting and that’s really nice.
    Have you seen the halloween candy/GMO chart going around Facebook? This GMO stuff is helping me with the candy thing. I could still trance out and not thnk about it, but I’m trying to keep it in mind and it deters me.

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