Miracle Medicine

This is something of a miracle post in that it’s very brief. That doesn’t happen much with me. :)

Thank you to everyone who pinned my recipe on Nasoya’s Pasta Zero Blogger Recipe Page! We may not win, but we didn’t get blanked! LOL Besides, we’ll still have a giveaway, only smaller. (And if you haven’t pinned it yet and want to, there’s still time!)

On to today’s topic, which comes to us via my newsletter from the Heath Brothers. It’s a short, fun, informative video from Dr. Mike Evans that makes a compelling case for taking a daily dose of medicine to gain a better life. The video is only three minutes long and you have the option to skip the commercial at the beginning. Why not take a few minutes to join almost 3 million other viewers and take a look! (Click below or hop over to YouTube.)

With that, I’m off to run errands, eat some lunch, and then take my daily dose of medicine. Given the sunny day, I might take a double dose. :)

8 thoughts on “Miracle Medicine

  1. Guess I’m going to live forever since I walk at least an hour 6-7 days each week. Scary thought, isn’t it?? On a serious note, sure wish everyone would take THIS medicine instead of calling the doctor and saying, “hand me another pill.”

  2. I do my best to exercise most days of the week. Walking is one of my favorites, but I live up north and we are fast approaching the end of the outdoor walking season.

  3. That was awsome. I think walking has been so over looked or even looked down upon as a form of exercise. I know for me it has worked wonders over the years. I can’t wait until my foot is fixed so I can get me daily dose once again.

  4. I’m so starting with small doses (it will have to be small, because I’m recovering from surgery) tomorrow!

    I loved the video – apart from the message it was visually fascinating!

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