Nasoya Pasta Zero: The Seriously Thrilling Conclusion. Seriously.

Trust me, you’re going to want to sit down for this.

You remember all the way back to yesterday, when I posted my soon-to-be world famous Lentil-Tomato Pasta Sauce with Nasoya’s Pasta Zero, right? Here’s a refresher:

pasta zero with lentil-tomato sauce

NOW do you remember? Okay, good. Now we’re ready for the conclusion (this is the part where you’ll want to be sitting down).

I,  the Queen of Stirring and Assembling, was INVITED to enter a recipe contest!

Seriously! They asked me! Can Food Network be far behind?

The Contest I Alluded To Yesterday

Here’s where YOU come in. My super-delicious recipe is pinned on Nasoya’s Pasta Zero Blogger Recipe Page, along with recipes from several other bloggers who seem to know how to cook. (A slightly unfair advantage, if you ask me.)

Whichever blogger’s recipe receives the most pins and likes will receive a giveaway package for her readers, including a $250 gift card, 10 coupons for free Nasoya product and a Nasoya apron! If you think that sounds like fun, get to pinning!

Oh, to be fair, I should probably suggest you look at ALL the recipes first! :)

Wish us luck!

Two things are at play here, the product review and then the contest:
1) I was asked to evaluate the Nasoya Pasta Zero product, which I did yesterday, and for that I received free noodles. The End.
2) Later, I was INVITED to participate in the blogger recipe pinning contest. It sounded like fun, so I said yes, but I was so excited about the (slim) possibility that one of my readers might win a sweet prize package, that I somehow missed the part that said I would be compensated for my ingredients and my time. Imagine my surprise when the UPS man knocked on my door and handed me an envelope.

But I’m a tiny bit concerned that someone (or many someones) might think the compensation influenced my review. To avoid that AND because it sounds like fun, I’ll be passing along the compensation in some way in the weeks ahead. I just haven’t figured out how I’ll do it. But I will!

10 thoughts on “Nasoya Pasta Zero: The Seriously Thrilling Conclusion. Seriously.

  1. Gah! I’m still having to fill out three lines to make one comment. My old computer had it memorized at least.

    Anyway, I missed yesterdays post somehow, so I am commenting once. But I read both of them! I like the idea of using the lentils in a pasta sauce! Now I have to buy some lentils LOL.

    I might try these. I was okay with the shirataki noodles, and these sound a bit better. There was a HG recipe for peach kugel with the sh. noodles that I really liked. Which gives me the idea to use the noodles in some sort of casserole where they will be baked!

    Off to figure out how to pin something.

    • Confession: I had to look up “kugel”. :) I might give that a whirl with the Fettucine Pasta Zero in my fridge. Thanks, Debby!

      I’m sorry you’re having commenting issues. I’m researching WP plug-ins hoping to find something to make it easier.

  2. I’m going to keep my eyes PEELED for those noodles! I also have a lentil tomato sauce recipe that is wonderful with pasta.

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