On Cloud Nine

I planned an entirely different post for today, but something wonderful just happened and I have to share it!

Long time readers might remember that a BOSU trainer has been on my fitness wish list forEVER. Priced at around $100, I never could justify the expense.

For the past few years I’ve scoured Craigslist, eBay, garage sales, and thrift shops, but I’ve never found a BOSU.

Until today.

While perusing the Goodwill store offerings, I noticed a big black disk on the floor and thought that it looked like the platform of a BOSU, only without the ball part. I passed it by because, really, what good is a flat black disk on the floor?

Abut halfway across the store, I got to wondering what if?, as in what if it really WAS a BOSU and the ball part was just out of air? I made a u-turn and scurried back over. It WAS a BOSU and it was priced at $7.99! I almost passed out.

I couldn’t see any damage, but I had no idea if it would hold air. Since I can’t afford to throw away $8 these days, and because Goodwill has an absolutely-no-returns-ever policy, I zipped home, grabbed my pump, and zipped back to test it out.

The results?

bosu trainer

It worked! Well, it worked as long as the pump nozzle was in the slot. The plug is missing. Not to worry, though, because a quick in-store Google (conducted while I balanced on the BOSU) informed me that a new plug can be obtained for $2.81. But first I’m going to try duct tape. :)

You can see why I’m on cloud nine. I am now the giddy owner of a slightly used, plug-missing, $7.99 BOSU ball. I’ll be happily skipping my gym workout tomorrow in favor of long-missed BOSU squats and BOSU push-ups!

This has to be one of my best health/fitness find ever! Behind my $20 Kitchen-Aid Mixer, of course. :)

What an awesome way to start the weekend! Anything had you feeling giddy lately? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll share the giddy with you!

Now, for a little teaser: Come back this weekend for a recipe you probably NEVER thought you’d see here!

10 thoughts on “On Cloud Nine

  1. that is sooooooooo cool!!!
    I have to try goodwill the next time I’m tempted to get any new fitness equipment.
    So brilliant of you to fill it first.
    You so deserve this.

  2. SCORE!!!!! Bargain! You might want to check any local sports supply store as well. If they sell any kind of soccer or basketball, they may have a plug there that you can buy.

  3. Oh, so happy for you! My mom is a big thrifter, and she swears you can find anything you might ever need at the thrifts, if only you’ll wait long enough.

  4. SWEET! That’s just awesome! I’m so bad about running out and buying something as soon as I want it instead of waiting for a bargain. Except the Bowflex Treadclimber. I’m really wanting one of those, but that’s way out of the budget. Keep hoping to see one on Craig’s list. Ha. Our treadmill finally died. So I need to start checking around for someone who’s just using theirs for a clothes horse. :-)

  5. SCORE is right Cammy! How exciting! I would love one at home too but way too expensive! So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For me, it would allow me to try moves without totally embarrassing myself at the gym – although I do well with that too! ;_)

    • LOL I’m all for doing some “experimenting” in the privacy of my own home, too, Jody! At my other gym, I saw a woman doing single leg toe touches while standing on the flat side of the BOSU. That seems like a good one to start out with at home. :)

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