Pre-Thanksgiving Leftovers

One of the advantages of not having to prepare anything for Thanksgiving is that I have a nice, slow week ahead of it. Another advantage is that I don’t have to deal with a bunch of leftovers in my fridge. No Turkey Noodle Casserole for me! Win-win-win!

So instead of slaving over a hot stove, I’ve been slaving over a cluttered desk. I can almost see the top of it now! Well, the left side, anyway. :) And in what’s effectively a Turkey Noodle Casserole blog post, I can take care of a few lingering notes and reminders.

Chef’s Planet Messy Recipe Contest Extended

Earlier this month, I reviewed the Chef’s Planet Oven Liner and shared an invitation to participate in their Messy Recipe Contest. I’m happy to report that the deadline has been extended to December 31st! I’m even happier to report that I can enter too! I’ll let you know when I enter…and I hope to see YOU there!

A Note About My Other Blog

I’ve added a widget to my right-hand sidebar that displays my most recent post on Serentipity so you can keep an eye on what I’m doing over there. The reason I bring it up is that I frequently share tips and tricks that my fellow non-cooking types might enjoy. For example, these posts might come in handy over the next few months especially:
Keep Baked Goods Moist While Cooling
Tips for Separating Egg Yolks
The Best New Trivet I Already Had

Not to mention the one where I shared how I saved over $50 per month on a single prescription! (That was on the same day I found the BOSU, so I was fairly floating by the end of the day!)

Awesome Chocolate-Coconut Granola Recipe

My backlog of bookmarked recipes to try is huge, but this one from Budget Bytes popped into my reader the other day and shot straight to the top of the list!

I’ve been wanting some chocolate granola for my yogurt sundae topping and had contemplated buying a box at the grocery store the other day–I even had it in my cart at one time–but reluctantly put it back on the shelf because it didn’t meet my “bang for the buck” test, both dollar-wise and calorie-wise. I’m so glad I didn’t buy it, because this recipe showed up in my reader the very next day. I almost cried when I realized I already all of these ingredients on hand!

I made my first batch last night and followed the recipe given. One word: THUD! This granola is scrumptious! It’s nice and chocolate-y (I used Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa), but thanks to the fiber and the healthy fat, it’s very satisfying in a small portion. That’s good, because I’m guessing it’s about 125-130 calories for a quarter cup!

The recipe makes about 16 1/4-cup servings, so it should last for quite some time. One thing I wished for was more of a coconut flavor, so when I make it again, I’m going to try subbing coconut oil. That should ratchet up the coconutty goodness!

Does Anticipation Burn Calories?

My replacement BOSU plug hasn’t arrived yet! Every day I run to the mailbox in hopes that it’s there, only to have my hopes dashed when there’s no magical package. Worse, there’s no mail service tomorrow, so I have to wait until Friday for my next shot. The anticipation is killing me!


I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my house this week. So many projects to be completed, so little budget, even less ability. And then the regular old maintenance chores, like doing something with the approximate 7 million leaves in my yard. The enormity of all that has to be done, coupled with the knowledge that I’m the only one to do it, had me leaning toward the gloomy side.

And then I saw this video:

Don’t I feel a little bit embarrassed? Each and every leaf is a gift, even the ones piled on my roof and in my gutters. The tacky carpet and dismal 70s kitchen are blessings. I’m so fortunate to have a solid, warm place to call home and the physical ability to accomplish most of the chores of running it myself. That’s back in the forefront of my thoughts, where I hope it will stay.

With that, I’m going to wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving! (Yes, even international folks–you might not live here, but you still deserve a day of gratitude!)

6 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. That granola looks really good. Gonna have to try that and i love your idea for eating it on yogurt! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

  2. I wish I could come down and help you with house stuff. You know I love doing improvement projects and I could give you free labor 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a packed post!!! Happy day to you Cammy!!!!!!

    That granola looks simply delish!!!!!!!! Passing that on to friends!

    Love that link for other bloggers too – very nice & helpful too!!!!

    You know I love Serentipity!!! GREAT INFO!!!

    Yes, we have to realize thru all our own issues that so many are way worse off than us!

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