Product Review: Chef’s Planet Oven Liner

There’s a whole long list of household chores I don’t like doing, and cleaning the oven is somewhere near the top. For kitchen chores, it’s right behind mopping the floor and cleaning out the fridge.

Knowing that, you can imagine how quickly I responded when Chef’s Planet asked me to review their Nonstick Oven Liner.

Chef’s Planet bills this oven liner as follows:

“[Your] nonstick secret to never having to clean the bottom of your oven again. While you cook, it collects; shielding the bottom of your oven from splatters, spills and overall mess.”

Well, if anyone knows splatters, spills and overall mess, it’s yours truly. Case in point: I opened my oven door yesterday and noticed it was way past due for a cleaning:

oven before

So sad. Even sadder because I don’t have anyone here to whom I can delegate. So I dragged out the vinegar and baking soda and set to work.
better-lookng oven

Not perfect, but better. It’s a 40-year old harvest gold oven; better is about as good as we’re going to get. :)

As so often happens, my product review sample oven liner arrived at an awkward time. I had nothing ooey-gooey to bake! (The downside of a mostly healthy diet.) But to be on the safe side and protect my almost shiny oven, I decided to put my sample nonstick oven liner in place. You know, just in case I had an urge to bake a cobbler or a cheesey overstuffed pizza. (One never knows, does one?)

The ovenliner fits ovens up to 30″, but my harvest gold masterpiece is only 24″. No problem; all I had to do was cut to fit. I had imagined the liner would rest on the bottom of the oven, but it’s to be placed on the bottom rack of the oven so that proper circulation occurs. Dishes or pans can be used on a higher shelf or set directly on the liner.

I didn’t bake a cobbler, but I did need to bake a lentil and cheese tostada for supper last night, so I called close enough! Since my tostada was about 2 inches from the top of the pan, I doubted it would overflow the dish, so for testing purposes I “spilled” a teaspoon of lentils and a drop of cheese alongside my dish and let ‘er bake.

chef's planet oven liner in action

The black glob on the left is our test “spill”. What I didn’t know was that the bottom of my dish had picked up some sort of counter spill, so that was baking away on the bottom of the dish in secret.

When dinner was ready, I wiped a plain paper towel along the mat and voila!:

clean ovenliner

Clean! If it hadn’t been, I could have easily removed it to wash in the sink or dishwasher.

If this limited test is any indication, the Chef’s Planet Nonstick Ovenliner delivers as promised. [End Product Review]

Question time: when’s the last time you cleaned your oven?

FTC Disclosure: Chef’s Planet provided an ovenliner for review purposes. I provided the honest opinion and lentil sacrifice.

9 thoughts on “Product Review: Chef’s Planet Oven Liner

  1. What – your supposed to clean the oven?? Oops! We have a self clean option on our oven, but I don’t even know if we have used it since we got the oven about 5 years ago. We don’t usually cook a lot of messy stuff in the oven.

  2. I saw those advertised and was curious about them. Thanks for the review Cammy. I do use my double ovens a lot and the last time I cleaned them was just a couple months ago. I am intrigued with the contest!

    • Not that you asked my opinion, but I think you should enter the contest with one of your amazing recipes, Tami! (And maybe send me a serving of whatever it is. :) )

  3. My oven is in need of a cleaning. This is the first oven I have had in eons that isn’t self-cleaning and it is sooo low it is awkward to clean. That’s my excuse…

  4. CLEAN an oven??? REALLY?? Ha! So kidding, but this reminds me I should clean my oven. Love the looks of the liner. I don’t think we can get them here in Canada, but we should. Our northern ovens get just as dirty! Have a great Thursday Cammy.

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