When You’re Tempted to Give Up

I know what it feels like to want to give up. To try so hard, time and time again, but to fall short (way short) each and every time. At one point, I had almost begun to think it was my destiny to fail.

Thank goodness my head and heart knew better. My spirit would not let me quit, and my head finally got in the game and figured out a way to achieve my goal while keeping my spirit happy.

Arthur Boorman was tempted to give up, too. He even had doctors who told him he was pretty much stuck where he was, dependent on braces and canes to walk and gaining weight at a rapid pace. Who would have blamed him if he had given up? (Not me. Had I been faced with the same dismal prognosis, I’d have been on the couch with a Little Debbie Swiss Roll in one hand and my doctor’s note in the other.)

If you’re struggling and/or on the verge of giving up (in any endeavor–weight loss, business, or other personal goals), this 5-minute video telling a bit of Arthur Boorman’s story has the potential to change your course. I promise, you won’t be sorry you took the time to watch it!

Oh, and ***tissue alert!*** I used two and could have used a third.

There’s also an extended cut on YouTube.

Arthur’s amazing progress from wobbly Warrior poses to where he is now is nothing short of inspirational.

It’s also a timely reminder that just because we fall down doesn’t mean we should stay down. All it means is that we fell this time. It’s not a predictor of our futures. We may or may not achieve our goals, but we can damn well TRY.

Hat tip to my friend John who posted this on his Facebook timeline for me (and, I suppose, his other friends as well) to see. Else, I would have missed this story, and my life would have been poorer for it.

12 thoughts on “When You’re Tempted to Give Up

  1. Love this. I know I sometimes get discouraged when I should just get going and do what I need to do. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. What a remarkable man! And you are right: never give up. I too for a while tought that I was not meant to be fit, but my stubbornness made me prevail, despite for a time thinking it was all not meant to be.

    There is light at the end of tunnel! :)

  3. Cammy … Thank you for the encouragement. I love that video! I’ve been thinking about things that have gotten me “stuck.” And being someone that “never gives up” got me stuck. How? Because I remained in the mode of TRYING and never moved into DOING. So, I sincerely believe in never giving up. But I also know I use this as an excuse for not doing the hard work sometimes.

  4. Sticking to your weight loss regime is difficult and often we give up our plans. I am glad that you posted video which is very inspiring and gives lot of motivation.

  5. I have had this bookmarked for a few months and hope to follow in his footsteps with yoga when I am able. He is a real inspiration and it says a lot for yoga, too!!

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