12 Randomesque Thoughts for 12-12-12

I kind of remember 01-01-01, but I don’t think I registered 02-02-02 through 11-11-11. Leave it to me to wait until 12-12-12 to acknowledge the date quirkiness. But there you have it.

To honor this auspicious day in history, here are 12 things cluttering up my mind and my notebook:

On Christmas

I’m finding it difficult to get in the Christmas spirit. I think if the whole thing didn’t happen in winter, when the days are cold and dark, I’d be able to “mood up” more easily. A bigger budget would help, too, I think.

There’s still time, though, so I’m hopeful my mood will catch up to the season soon.

Memory Foam Bath Mats

I’ve been seeing these things advertised everywhere these days, and I don’t understand. Can someone explain to me why memory foam is important to the bath experience? Did someone discover that we get cleaner if we step in the same spot on the mat each time? I’m very confused.


I’ve had a crush on Carter Oosterhouse since back in the Trading Places days, but his show, Million Dollar Rooms is getting on my nerves. At a time when so many people are struggling to afford food, shelter, and health services, do we really need to be celebrating people who spend a ridiculous amount of money on one room? I hope his next show is more normal. Heck, I hope all of the “extreme” shows on HGTV go away and shows for normal people with normal home and gardening issues come back. (I miss you and your $500 room makeovers, Joan Steffend!)


Speaking of television, I’m so ready for the return of Psych. Now, there’s some quality TV for you! :) Premier date is February 27th! If you haven’t watched it before, you night want to check it out. It’s quite silly and madcap and an awesome way to end a stressful workday. (I’m so excited I might have to make that a Cake Day!)

Vitamins & Appetite Control

I found some mulit-vitamins stashed in my medicine chest and since my fresh fruits and veggie options are somewhat more limited these days, I decided I might as well try these over the winter months. I’ve only been taking them a few days, but I’ve noticed a funny thing about my appetite. Or, more precisely, my ability to manage my appetite. I still get hungry at the regular times, but for some reason, I feel like I’m more in control. Maybe a placebo affect, maybe something to it. I dunno. Has anyone else noticed a difference in taking a multi-vitamin?

Cryptic Messages

I have a habit of typing notes into my iphone when I’m out and about. Just random observations of things I’ve seen or experienced. Later, usually much later when I go back to read them, they make no sense. For example, if anyone has any clue at all what “man outside Sears sells passwords” means, please let me know. I’m not sure if I should alert Homeland Security or just leave it alone.

Sometimes my note makes sense, but it takes me a bit to figure out my own handwriting. Sometimes more than a bit. It took me two days to realize that “Lazy Susan for Fudge” was actually, “Lazy Susan for Fridge”. While I still think a lazy Susan for my fridge is a good idea for storing jars and such, I can’t help thinking a lazy Susan for fudge is an even better idea. :)

Fridge Redecorating Tip

I blogged about this exciting experiment over on Serentipity a while back, and I’m pleased to report that the project is complete. It involves using vinyl placemats to line the shelves in your refrigerator and eliminate the need for this:

refrigerator shelf being cleaned

What can I say? I’m a slob who can’t remember to wipe the bottoms of containers before putting them back in the fridge. Every now and then, it gets too sticky to ignore, and I have to do the vinegar/Dawn/baking soda scrub down. When I found a Pinterest tip suggesting using vinyl placemats, I invested $2 in a placemat to give it a test.

Success! So this morning I spent $6 more to get a full set. I scrubbed down the shelves (perhaps for the last time!) and then cut my mats to fit. Ta-da!

fridge shelves lines with placemats

Now when I need to clean the shelves, I can pull the mat out and wash IT, instead of hanging around inside the refrigerator.

Or I can just start wiping off the bottoms of containers. :)


I’ve got a new addition to my walking playlist: Wait!Wait!…Don’t Tell Me. It’s sort of a current events quiz show with a huge leaning toward the more comedic and trivial. I’ve always liked the show, but for whatever reason, I’m never listening to the radio at 6am or 2pm on Sundays, which is when it airs in Memphis. So I added it to my podcast downloads, and now I’m playing episode catch-up while I’m on my walks. I’ve always been a music-only walking gal, but the fast pace and irreverence of this show works for me. The only thing that’s not working is that I frequently laugh out loud, and some of my neighbors are looking at me funny.

Cranberry Love

I have a new favorite turkey sandwich: turkey, cream cheese, cranberry-orange sauce, and a sprinkle of pecans:

turkey, cream cheese, cranberry-orange salad, & walnut sandwich

Ignore the fact that this sandwich has walnuts on it. I don’t have a picture of yesterday’s version with the pecans, which was my very favorite. This one was tasty, though. I suspect when I get around to trying Debby’s Low-calorie Cranberry Sauce, I might have a new favorite. The apples would be lovely addition.

Pinterest Peeves

I love Pinterest. Really, I do! But it’s not without its aggravations, though. I currently have three big Pinterest Peeves:
– “Pin Now, Read Later” descriptions. If I’m going to go to the trouble of pinning it, I’m going to know what it’s about. If you’re in that big of a hurry, create a “secret board” until you have a chance to read it and see if it’s pin-worthy.
– People who link to a Tumblr page without getting the permalink for the pin in question. They don’t seem to grasp that the Tumblr page numbers change. What’s on page 3 today will be on page 218 a year from now.
– Long, long blocks of text in the description, as in entire recipes or articles or tutorials. The point of pinning is to have a pictorial representation of the recipe/article/tutorial behind the picture.

All that said, I do realize I’m no perfect pinner, and I apologize if any of my pins hit your pin peeve list. :)

It’s a Mystery to Me

I love reading all genres, but I’ve been a fan of mysteries since my Trixie Belden/Nancy Drew days. I’m particularly fond of series mysteries. I use FictFact for tracking my progress through the various series I read, and I’m almost caught up on my current authors. If anyone has any recommendations for a great mystery series, I’d appreciate it. (Note: I’m not a fan of vampire or paranormal stories.) I’m going to be doing a lot of pet-sitting at the end of the month, and I want to make sure I have lots of reading material.

Growing a Business is Scary

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately creating a website for my freelance work. I’ll share the link here when I’ve polished it a bit more (just in case you ever need a Freelance Business Service Provider), but I have to tell you, moving into full-out marketing mode is kind of scary. Most of my projects so far have been word-of-mouth or happenstance connections, which has been great because I could focus on how I wanted to shape the business. Now I’m ready for more, but having to go out and sell is a whole new arena for me. Scary…and exciting! Wish me luck!

And that’s my salute to this day of 12s. Here’s hoping I zone out again before 11-12-13. :)

As always, thanks for putting up with my nonsense!

20 thoughts on “12 Randomesque Thoughts for 12-12-12

  1. Good luck with your freelance work / site / marketing!! :) You are amazing & I totally believe in you! Can’t wait to see the site.

  2. FUN POST!!! I a trying to get back from vacation but so far behind. I am sure I missed fun posts. Sis leaves today but I head to dental stuff so I will still be behind! ;_

    I loved that fridge tip with the place mats!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your business!!!

    Cryptic messages cracked me up! :)

  3. How in the heck is anyone supposed to leave a normal sized comment in response to all that???? Not in blabbermouth, feeling much better these days, Sharon’s agenda. So I’ll pick one….can’t imagine you haven’t already read these, but I thoroughly enjoyed Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Mystery Series. She’s nearing the end and her later volumes aren’t as good as the first IMHO. I found one (I think if was “G”) in a cabin on one of our summer trips several years ago and couldn’t put it down. To me, a good mystery is one that gets near the end and I haven’t figured out “who done it.” When I got home, I started systemically checking them out of my library in order and simply couldn’t get enough. Rarely, did I figure it out. She’s REALLY good.

    • I found Sue Grafton somewhere along the letter ‘D’, and I’ve been reading since. Like you, the later books aren’t as good as the earlier ones. Have you read Marcia Muller’s great Sharon McCone series? The protagonists are similar. Another good author in this vein is Linda Barnes.

  4. I read this late last night and got quite a chuckle out of it.

    Memory foam bath mats–I bought one and it quickly became Monk’s newest crate pad.

    Refrigerator tip–I think I might have to try that. For the same reasons as you listed for yourself. I might have to line my whole house with those vinyl placemats…

    I do love that apple cranberry sauce that I made. Especially when I discovered that it freezes well.

    TRIXIE BELDON!!!!!!!!

  5. I adore WWDTM! It’s on my podcast list…

    I miss Joan, too.

    Re: vitamins – ya know, now that you mention it. Yes. My appetites appear to be far more controllable. Last night at dinner and this morning at breakfast I willfully left food on my plate. I just wasn’t hungry anymore. THAT.NEVER.HAPPENS. I marveled at that feeling at the time, but didn’t make any sort of connection to my recent foray into taking my vitamins/supplements. Hmmm.

    Another vote for Grafton and Susan Wittig Albert

    • Maybe we should start a BringJoanBack Facebook group. :) I always thought she’d be a great person to have coffee with: witty, gently self-deprecating sense of humor, and a can-do attitude! Plus, I got a lot of great tips in the early days of that show.

  6. Damn – where to start with this post.

    First off = love Wait Wait! We have been listening to that for years and I really want Karl Kastle’s voice on my answering machine! (if I had one).

    I have those same clear containers with the blue lids. I think I got them in the As Seen on TV kiosk at the mall 😀

    For mysteries – go old school and back to Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot!

    Good luck with the biz – best wishes for it to be super successful in 2013!

    • Containers: Yours has the spindle for storing all the lids and containers? I think I got mine at Target, and yes, probably from the endcap with the “As Seen on TV” stuff on it! :) They’ve been quite useful with all my batch cooking, only they tend to crack when I inevitable drop them while retrieving them from the freezer. :(

      Poirot: I used to have all of Agatha Christie’s books, but I sacrificed them for space a few years ago. Now I just have a few anthologies. I think Poirot is one.

  7. I had to laugh at the memory foam thing because I just bought all new towels for when I get around to painting the bath a new color and the Mr insisted on a memory foam bath mat. I still want a shaggyish one like we have now for when company comes though because it would skeez me out to step on someone else’s memory foam mat, not sure why.

  8. Great post, Cammy! Love the fridge idea and may borrow it. Glad you posted about it here, since I’ve never mastered the pinterest website… As for the reading – thank you so much for the Fictfact link! I love mysteries – have you tried Tess Gerritsen? Sandra Brown? Michael Palmer? Or the Dana Stabanow series about Kate Shugak (takes place in Alaska)?

    • Thanks so much for the recs, Donna! Tess Gerritsen has been on my ‘to check out’ list forever. I’ll move her up the queue. :)

  9. Wow, I rarely meet anyone who knows who Trixie Belden is! 😀 Love the mats in the fridge. Great idea! I got hooked on the Anna Pigeon Series of books by Nevada Barr. They are about a woman forest ranger. I originally started getting the books on my Nook from the library. If I couldn’t get the next one right away, I’d purchase it from B&N! They are pretty good. You do kind of get to the point where you’re saying, “Wow, how many times can one woman get the crap kicked out of her!” 😉 I really enjoyed the book where she was at Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park since we visited there so often when we lived in Colorado, so I recognized a lot of the places she was talking about.

  10. I love your random posts Cammy. And I too love Carter Oosterhouse, but haven’t seen his show. Great fridge idea, and “go get ’em” on that freelance website. With your creativity and way with words, it’ll be fantastic! Your new clients will be lucky to work with you!!!!

  11. I totally getting vinyl placemats for my fridge – I hate cleaning the fridge!

    And I haven’t seen the show, but I agree with your sentiment that ostentation is offensive. I think it’s criminal to spend a million dollars to decorate a room when there is so much need in this world.

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