Friday Funny: Einstein Was Right

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Memphis, and I have leaves to rake. (The city still hasn’t picked up my other 45 bags, so what’s a dozen more.) After my voluminous last post, I’ll give you a break with a very short post.

The following graphic captures beautifully (and sadly) a sight I see far too often:

And that’s all I’m going to say about that. We have a weekend to celebrate, and I hope yours is wonderful. And cell-phone free. :)





7 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Einstein Was Right

  1. This is why I don’t have a smart phone yet. I can text with mine, but I like to look around me. This was something we really noticed at Disney the last time we went. So many people with their faces stuck in their phone and not looking at all the Disney stuff. Come on!

  2. You know, when I read your post about raking all those leaves I was burning to ask you whether your city council would actually pick up your garden waste. Over here they don’t. They will only pick up and empty regulation wheelie bins and leave anything else behind. You’d have to pay a waste removal company to collect garden waste and building rubble or take it to the dump yourself (not free!). Fortunately we don’t have that many trees that lose their leaves in winter.

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