Let the Merriment Begin!

My gifts are wrapped, my baking/stirring is done, and I’m ready for the merriment. Any time now. :)

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I’m “working” through these holiday weeks, although considering how much I adore Sally-the-Golden-Doodle, it’s difficult to consider it work.

Sally the Golden Doodle in my face

Sally is quite subtle in her suggestion that we’ve watched enough HGTV and perhaps a walk is in order. (She has since made a tour of the backyard and found a big patch of mud to roll around in, so she’ll be getting her walk all right, followed shortly by a b-a-t-h of some sort.)

We’re having drizzly weather, but I’m hoping for a longish walk, both for Sally’s enjoyment and for a little calorie burning. We’re having a simple Christmas Eve dinner of baked ham with sides, but that’s followed by a Christmas morning “big country” breakfast. Most of my family members don’t have full breakfasts very often. For one of us (me), it’s an annual event that I enjoy tremendously.

My contributions to the menu are both healthy(ish) and decadent. I made my Award Winning Fruit Salad and sausage balls for my dad (by request). I also made a batch for myself, using a few healthier ingredients:

Instead of Bisquick, these sausage balls use a combination of coconut flour and flax meal. I got the recipe from FaveHealthyRecipes, and as I said in my Pin, they don’t look like much but they taste pretty good! And thanks to the coconut flour and flax meal, they are very filling!

On the decadent side, I made a batch of Christmas toffee, or whatever you want to call it:


This is the recipe where you’re supposed to use saltines as the base, only I didn’t have any saltines. I did have some leftover Ritz crackers that hadn’t expired, some waffle-style pretzels, and some whole wheat flatbread crackers, so I just tried a little of each. :)

Unfortunately, the humid weather means it’s taking a while to set up, so it may not make the trip tonight. If not, I’ll just break it up tomorrow and what’s left can be frozen for later.

I also made a new, almost-healthy recipe, Chocolate Peppermint Loaf Bread:

chocolate peppermint loaf bread

The recipe, from Peanut Butter and Peppers, calls for fairly healthy ingredients like Greek yogurt and whole wheat pastry flour. The only substitution I made was to use 1/4 cup of stevia/sugar blend instead of regular sugar, in deference to diabetic family members and chubby weight loss bloggers who have a whole pan of Christmas toffee at home. Plus, as you can see, I chose to make 3 mini-loaves. Perfect for freezing, in case I’m the only one who likes it. And I do like it! (I had no idea Nestle’s made a mint chocolate chip!)

If I want to enjoy any of those, I should really get Ms. Sally on her leash (another big calorie-burner since she gets quite bouncy when she sees it!) and get outside. So, I’ll close with gratitude to all of you for reading this blog and sharing your wisdom with me over the years. I am richly blessed.

Wishing your all the happiest of holidays!


10 thoughts on “Let the Merriment Begin!

  1. Christmas Crack! That saltine toffee stuff is addictive.

    I am with you working. It’s very slow today, but it trickles in bit by bit. I’ll be logging off soon for the big dinner. Have a super holiday!

  2. Cammy .. I hope your Christmas Eve was wonderful and that your Christmas Day is equally so. Looking forward to getting to know you better in 2013!

  3. Love the sausage ball idea. I have always loved those and can put away quite a few, so just stopped making them. But this might be a good alternative. I admire you for making the treats to take places. My contributions have changed to always things I can eat because sometimes those are my only alternatives. Merry Christmas, my friend!

  4. That doggie is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food looks even better! 😉

    Happy one to you & your family Cammy!!!!!

    I can’t get commentluv to work for me but I know you are working on your blog so hopefully later. 😉

  5. Thinking of you this afternoon as I recover from a little too much sugar yesterday.

    May your Christmas Day be full of merriment and your New Year be brighter than ever.


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