Freezing My Kale Off

I don’t know what was what today, but I could not get warm. The temps were close to 40° outside, but I shivered all day! Maybe it was the grey & gloomy skies, or maybe I’ve got a bug of some sort, I dunno.

Anyway, what better time than a damp and cold day to make frozen treats! Kale Cubes, to be precise! (Or Kale Kubes, if you want to go all low-brow, which I don’t.)

Kale on SaleIt all started when I was at Kroger earlier this week and spotted a ginormous bag of kale on sale for $1.40. With half as much spinach going for twice the price, I bought me some sale kale. Green smoothies coming to a menu near me!

(You’ll also note that I bought some “American Blend” salad, which was 98% Iceberg and 2% other veggies. Yep, I went low-brow on the lettuce. Don’t judge; it’s all about balance.)

As one might expect with klearance kale, the expiration date was about 15 minutes away, so I had to get it in the freezer fairly quickly. Rather than go through the whole rinse-and-pat-pat-pat thing, I just did the rinse part and tossed it in the Vitamix with a little more water.

kale in the vitamix

In case you ever wondered, that much kale yields this much pureed kale:

pureed kale

Not much, as it turns out. I eventually pureed about 3/4 of the bag (minus a handful for making kale chips) and then filled my ice cube trays:

pureed kale in ice trays

I had a dab leftover and no more trays, so I used a couple of silicone muffin cups for the excess. I’m sorry to report that one of them did not make it to the freezer. Ker-splat! On the bright side, I’m absolutely certain I do not want a kale green floor tile in my kitchen.

A couple of hours later…ta-DA!

kale cubes

My kale cubes are now nicely packed away in a ziploc bag in my freezer, waiting until I have enough nerve to try one. :) Actually, that should be tomorrow, which is a lifting day for me. A protein green smoothie will be a nice treat if I rush home and have it while I’m still overheated after the workout.

Speaking of workouts, I blew off today’s exercise by giving myself an I.O.Me. I just couldn’t motivate myself to de-layer into my gym clothes. Saturday is supposed to be about 50°, so I’ll add in the missed time then. Maybe Sunday, too, since it’s supposed to be even warmer. Again, it’s all about balance.

This will likely be it for me this week, so I’ll sign off by wishing you all a healthy, happy, and warm weekend!

31 thoughts on “Freezing My Kale Off

  1. Well, I certainly just had a gigantic “DUH” moment. I buy those giant boxes of organic spinach at Sam’s to use for lots of things, mostly smoothies. Sometimes, we can’t eat it all before it starts to get slimy and I never, EVER though of making it up into ice cubes. How odd because I probably have ten gallon freezer bags in my freezer RIGHT NOW with everything else under the sun made into ice cubes, so why did this brain never think of doing that with spinach? Geez Cammy, it’s only 7 a.m. and you’ve already made my day.

    • Yaay! And now you’ve made my day!

      I’d already decided to try making up a week’s worth of spinach puree at a time, but with my travels, I’ve been hesitant to do that lest I have to throw it away. But while I was moving some applesauce from the freezer to the fridge, I had the lightbulb moment and figured that the pureed veggies probably weren’t that different than pureed fruit. For $1.40, I decided to experiment. I had a smoothie post-workout today and it was great!

    • Thank you! I was sooo certain I had invented this concept and that I’d be a zillionaire by next week. Before I sent in my trademark application, I googled ‘kale cubes’ and learned they’re all over the place. And my fortune (minus a big bag of kale cubes) evaporated before my very eyes.

  2. I am so into kale right now! I tried it for the first time maybe a year ago, as homemade chips, and was sadly disappointed. I went to lunch with a friend recently and tried a kale salad and really liked it. So I’ve been buying it and making salads at home. I just tried a new recipe that can sit in the fridge, prepared, for up to a week. (Haven’t tasted it yet.) I do intend to someday try a green smoothie. Someday.

  3. Yes, brilliant! As you know, I am all about the cubes. But I hadn’t tried the green stuff yet. I froze some leftover spinach once, but didn’t like the way it left little flakes in my smoothie, so I’m sure this will work much better.

    • I tried freezing parsley and cilantro with the same results. (I didn’t use them in a smoothie, mind you, but they didn’t work in my salad. Who knows, they might have worked in a smoothie. :) )

    • I don’t know, Karen. I didn’t have much luck with that on parsley and cilantro, but it’s possible I didn’t dry them enough. Also, I was using them thawed. If you tossed frozen kale in the blender, it might work just as well as the puree. Hmmm, I’ve got 1/3 of a bag left. I might do a little experimenting! :)

  4. Hi Cammy. You KNOW I love my kale, but have never frozen cubes of it! I bow at your kale freezing feet, and proudly pass my “kale queen” sach and crown to you! All hail Cammy, Queen of Kale!!!!

    • Oh no, Roz! You ARE and always will be the Queen of Kale. I wouldn’t mind being a princess, though, if princesses get a tiara.

  5. Miz stole the words out of my mouth!!! :) I have not tried kale yet & have been collecting recipes… :)

    OK – did you find a deal on that Vitamix since I know you are good with deals… I so need one! :)

  6. WELL DUH!!! WHy have I not done this!??!?!? I always juice my veggies and fruit (lots of mess and hard to clean) and then freeze it. WHY dont I just process it?? SMART!!!

  7. I can’t get on the kale band wagon. I fell off the spinach smoothie wagon, too. My tummy was quite upset with me for all the raw spinach – and I won’t even describe the smoothie with the lightly steamed spinach .

    I have frozen herbs this way and it work great just to toss cubes into soups or sauces.

    • I never thought to puree the cilantro before freezing! I could just stir it into the lentils or turkey for my taco salad and still get the flavor. Thanks, Lori!

  8. I’m all about freezing things in ice cube trays but never thought to puree kale for it! Brilliant Cammy!

    I eat a lot of kale, raw and cooked, it’s so delicious! If I have extra and it’s getting close to the expiration date I freeze it as is and then toss it in the smoothie mix. Works fine.

  9. I’m so glad you weren’t going to eat those as actual treats! I kept reading and wondering how you were going to transform them…
    great idea for using in smoothies though!!

    • I’ve only tried it once, so far, Susan, but it worked out great! I used two kale cubes, about 5 frozen strawberries, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and some water. Tasty!

  10. An idea I saw (on Pinterest, of course) was to freeze all the different ingredients for smoothies into ice trays. Then at the beginning of the week, make up recipes in individual ziplock bags. (Example: put 3 strawberries, 2 orange juice, 1 banana, 2 yogurt, and 1 kale ice cube in each bag.) When you are ready to make your smoothie, you just dump the ingredients into the blender.

    I haven’t tried kale in a smoothie, but I did recently try kale chips. They were okay, but I think I overcooked them as some where bitter. I’ll have to tray it again soon.

    • Wow, I had the idea today to bag up some kale cubes and frozen strawberries together, but I never thought of the other stuff! In fact, I never thought of making yogurt cubes! (I’m not sure why. Like Sharon, I have cubes of everything else in my freezer. LOL) Thanks for the great tip, Julie!

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  12. This is such a great idea! I tried Kale in a soup for the first time ever, and I really liked it. It was mild, so I could definitely see that it would work in a smoothie.

    I love this cube idea – have you made anything else into cubes??

    • You’re right, Jenn. The kale disappears into the smoothie, which is fine by me! LOL

      I don’t believe there’s anything I haven’t tried to cube. Right now, I’ve got tomato sauce, tomato paste, almond milk, and egg whites in cube form in my freezer. Whenever I’m afraid something will spoil or reach its expiration date before it gets eaten, I try it in a cube form. I also use a muffin tin for things I know I’ll use in quarter-cup portions, like applesauce and salsa.

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