Happy Pie Day!

mini-apple pieI had no idea it was National Pie Day until I opened my local paper this morning and found the food section to be about all things pie. Lots of recipes, both sweet and savory, and quotes from local foodies paying homage to their favorite pies. Can you believe that not ONE of them mentioned my 100-calorie apple pies? (Okay, I’ll admit, it wasn’t my first thought either. That honor went to lemon icebox pie.)

If you’re in Memphis, Muddy’s Bake Shop owner Kat Gordon is celebrating her HUGE Pie-love with a free pie buffet from 2-6 today. Sadly, I will not be attending as I will be at the gym and then…well, anywhere else I can think of to distract me from the fact that it’s National Pie Day.

But that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t celebrate if you want to. You don’t even have to break the calorie and/or nutrition bank to do so.

Healthier Pie Recipes

You know, I wasn’t planning on celebrating National Pie Day, but after reading that list, I might just have to break out the won-tons! :)

What’s your favorite type of pie? Do you have a recipe for a healthy(ish) pie? (Do share!)

10 thoughts on “Happy Pie Day!

  1. Yes, I’m afraid your 100 calorie pie is the best bet! Alton Brown’s pie sounds delicious, but not really low cal.

    I love that you do the research for me and publish these reference lists!

  2. I am not just a huge fan of pie and given other alternatives will usually choose cake, cookies or something like that. Having said that however, it’s hard for me to turn down a really good cherry pie or derby pie. Fried pies are a different subject entirely. Do they count on pie day?

    • Fried pies count for *anything*, Sharon! (The last few I’ve had, though, have seemed a bit…greasy. I hope it was the orchard/vendor and not permanently altered tasted buds.)

  3. I told John it was national pie day and he said “Pie day is 3/14, but I’ll have some pie.” 😀 Pie is his favorite dessert. I like strawberry rhubarb. I never really ‘healthify’ my pies because I make them so rarely (and John eats most of the ones I make!).

  4. MY fav pie is the crust! 😉 I love that friggin crust! I do like those french apple ones – are those the ones with the crumble on top – YUM!

    That pie buffet – WOW!!!!

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