New Book: Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

Until I started blogging and interacting with others on a similar quest, I never really thought of overeating as an emotional response. Oh sure, I had random bits of stress-eating (still do), but I didn’t have a strong connection of food and feelings. For me, the primary cause of my obesity was that I liked food. I liked it a lot (still do), and I hadn’t figured out a way to embrace that in a healthier way. When I finally got it all sorted out, I lost the extra weight and have (mostly) been able to maintain it. My solution turned out to be mostly math, mindfulness, and momentum.

But that’s just me. From my interactions with other seekers, I know that quite a few people are dealing with the additional layer of emotional eating. For those people, there’s a new book that might provide some answers.

WLbook300According to author Colette Baron-Reid, people who feel too much may carry excess weight for reasons that have very little to do with food. In her newest book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, Colette focuses on the keys to weight loss for sensitive people: managing empathy, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, eating to support well-being, and dealing with challenging situations that trigger disordered eating.

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With the purchase of the book, you also receive as a gift, the Weight Loss Jump Start program, membership to a closed facebook group, free coaching from Colette’s Weight Release Energetix® coaches, and a community to help you succeed.

Since I don’t have a true understanding of the issues surrounding emotional eating, I honestly can’t say if this book holds The Answer. The basic steps to be worked through seem straightforward enough:

  1. Speak your truth
  2. Own your truth
  3. Reclaim your power to choose
  4. Reconnect without losing yourself

Those are all steps I worked through in my own way, although I didn’t think about them at the time. Whether our reasons for being overweight are mathematics or emotion, most of us go through this process in some form or fashion.

Where I begin to zone out with this program is in some of the alternative techniques–EFT (tapping) or Himalayan salt baths, for example–used in the process. Not because they’re not valid or wouldn’t be effective for some folks, but because they’re just not my thing. In my extremely limited exposure, I haven’t seen any evidence of the efficacy of these techniques. My stubborn practical side overriding my spiritual side, I guess. I will say that I find a lavender epsom salt bath to be quite restorative after a workout, so maybe there’s something to it. :)

As for dietary advice, the author avoids offering a concrete eating plan. (As someone for whom “other people’s diets” never work, I really appreciate this.) Her recommendations largely center on a wholesome, mostly plant-based diet.

This is not a book that gave me a lot of “a-hah” moments, but as I said earlier, I don’t have huge issues with separating food and emotion. I did want to give a mention, just in case if might hold some answers for readers who struggle with emotional eating. Our stories may be different, but I wish you great success in finding your answers and want to help in whatever way I can.

FTC disclosure: I was provided a proof copy of this book for review purposes. Opinions expressed are my own.

10 thoughts on “New Book: Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

  1. Love your review…and for the record, the EFT part is my favorite part. I’ve used EFT successfully since 2005 and it is pretty much THE turning point of my life, not just weight, but my whole life. Stay tuned for scientific studies on the efficacy of EFT. Yesterday I spent the day with ~35 other EFT practitioners who are putting together a program to help those in Newtown and beyond deal with the trauma and stress of what happened there. There are now some preliminary studies on the brain that have been done that show EFT to greatly reduce cortisol by calming the amygdala. It’s a great technique to address the fight/flight/freeze response.

  2. Thank you for the book review Cammy. I do struggle at times with emotional eating. The EFT has been very helpful for several people I know with other disorders. I don’t know anyone who has used it for emotional eating. I have a friend who is a therapist and a friend who is a life coach and both give high praise to EFT. Different strokes for different folks not one thing works for all.

  3. I used to not think I was an emotional eater because I never ate from depression or stress (usually). I always ate having a good time because I love food and get togethers surrounding food. Then I realized (duh) that happy eating is still emotional eating.

    I tried the tapping thing and just never responded to it, which is a shame because I really wanted to.

  4. Your blog is looking great although I liked it the way it was!! You know, a painfully honest remark is this…..don’t you sometimes just want to scream when yet another “diet” book hits the shelf. There are so many good ones and yes, it was a new one (The 17 Day Diet) that got me started back on the road to success, but I still feel for folks who run and buy every new book thinking this will be the one that is the answer for them. Not sure what in your review got me on that soapbox because it was an excellent, well-written review.

  5. Great review Cammy! I was contacted too about this book but chose not to read it & I think it might have not been my thing. I was an emotional eater & can still be but I have learned to control that 99% of the time. For me, it was about finding what worked right for me & that has kept me sane. Well, sort of 😉

    Loving the look of your blog!

  6. Those four points are things I’ve been working on over the last two years and yes, they make a difference! I’m also a fan of EFT, but forget to practice…

    I think I could have used this book about a year ago, but I now I’m over the emotional eating. Finally!

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