Product Review: Hooray for Hoo-rags!

Every now and then a product review opportunity comes along that sounds like it’d be just plain fun. Such was the case with Hoo-rag.

What’s a Hoo-rag, you ask? Here’s the PR description:

Our bandanas are a seamless cotton-polyester blended micro-fiber that is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and fun to wear. People use them as a traditional bandana, a beanie, neck gaiter, and more.

Think of it as a tubular, or sleeve-like bandana. Like this:

hoorag hootensil

Obviously, my culinary prowess is gaining attention as they sent me the “hoo-tensil” pattern to play with evaluate and review. (I’ll bet none of the Iron Chefs have a hoo-tensil Hoo-rag! Hah!)

Getting serious, but only for a second: the Hoo-rag measures 18″ long and about 10″ across. The poly/cotton blend makes it nice and stretchy for getting over a person’s big head. And that’s where the fun begins.

I took a moment this morning as I was prepping for the gym (explains the no-makeup, unstyled hair look) to capture a few potential uses:

Cammy hoorag montage

1) The Face Mask – Good for protecting the face when one has to go to the gym in the middle of an ice storm, or given the culinary theme for this pattern, to don when dicing onions or cleaning the fridge
2) The Balaclava – More protection from the elements, or a good look if you have to take some chickens to sell in the local village market
3) The Headband – Perfect for wicking away head sweat at the gym!
4) The Neck Warmer – Workout over? Slide the headband down around your neck for the 40-yard trek to the car through the ice storm.

I wanted to do the Pony Tail, but I have more pony than tail, so I couldn’t make it work.

Those are just a few of the ways to use the Hoo-rag. For more, check out the video below or you can see them on the Hoo-rag website.

Before I watched the video, I hadn’t thought of the Hoo-rag as sun protection, too! It’s lightweight and moisture-wicking, so why not?

My verdict on the Hoo-rag: What’s not to like? It’s versatility makes the $14.95 price tag seem reasonable, and the wide variety of available patterns would seem to ensure there’s something for everyone! (Plus, they make custom Hoo-rags, so if I win the lottery, we’re going to get some sort of fitness bandana for ALL of us!)

Do you wear bandanas? How would YOU wear the Hoo-rag?

And if I DO win the lottery, what should our fitness bandana say?


FTC Disclosure: Hoo-rag provided a sample of this product for me to review. Opinions and fun were all my own.


12 thoughts on “Product Review: Hooray for Hoo-rags!

  1. I heard from them too Cammy. I just don’t wear things like this & with my crazy hair, well, it just doesn’t work for me but I do think they are cool! I love your pics!!!! :)

    • Thanks, Jody! I can’t say they’re flattering on me, but they sure are fun! (I feel really bad because they contacted me months ago and I filed their email in the wrong folder. They were very gracious about it, though!)

  2. I have never worn a bandana (and I had to rewrite that 3 times to spell it right LOL!). I will wear a meshy cap because I like the bring to keep the sun out of my eyes and to wear when I take my helmet off in public. 😀

    • LOL Actually, I’m looking forward to wearing this under my bike helmet next summer to help with sweaty head. My hat/helmet combo is uncomfortable. :)

  3. LOL! I don’t wear bandanas either but I do think this could work for hiking and might come in handy for a number of uses!

  4. Nothing works on my head – hats, bands, scarves, etc. I just look stupid. But I like this hoo-rag thingy! Your pictures are hilarious. Also, it could be useful when vacationing in Beirut. Maybe without the knives and forks though.

    • Yes, the cutlery could cause an international incident. :)

      As for looking stupid…a) that’s part of what makes it such a fun product, and b) you’ll notice that all my photos were taken indoors. LOL Seriously, I’m planning to wear it tomorrow as a neck warmer when I go out for my walk.

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