Reader Weigh-in: What’s Changing?

Welcome to what I hope will be a randomly recurring feature here, the Reader Weigh-in. Your chance to ‘weigh in’ with your thoughts on a topic currently consuming my thoughts at any given moment.

focus on change to get results

Lately, I’ve been thinking about change, specifically how some “healthier lifestyle” changes I thought would be extremely difficult turned out not to be that hard after all. I know now that I was too focused on the desired outcome rather than on the process of changing. When I put all my energies on the changes themselves, executing them day in and day out (usually), the results followed. It all makes so much sense now, but I was rather surprised by it at the time.

When I was asked recently if there was one change I’d made that I was most proud of, I immediately had an answer: consistency. My path has never been perfect–it never will be–but, by golly, for the past five years, I’ve been nothing if not consistent. And I’m proud of that!

And now it’s your turn: What change have you made that has you feeling a little (or a lot!) proud? C’mon, don’t be shy!

18 thoughts on “Reader Weigh-in: What’s Changing?

  1. Adult onset athletics – the desire to move it, move it. That surprised me – I can’t say that it was a change – I sort of backed into it, but it has stuck for nearly a decade. Oh and man (or woman) can live alone without bread (or at least the trashy stuff).

  2. Creating routines and focusing on those little thing I want to do is what is in my game plan for this year. My change occurred when my book published. It taught me about process and doing the little steps. I was one of those that put my desires on the back burner until I lost weight or was successful. I am proud of it, not because I published a book, but because I followed through beyond the if this than that waiting. Now, I am approaching my journey not holding back and waiting for the when……….

  3. Over the past year as I lost pounds I had regained from my original 65 pound loss, I began considering a higher goal weight. The original was one set for me by weight watchers in 1980!! I liked that weight then and was proud as a peacock when I got there again in 2007 (do the math, 27 years older)! But in 2012, I realized that even though I liked the sound of that number, I didn’t NEED that number plus the healthy plan I used this time around caused the weight to come off differently and I was actually wearing smaller clothes once I reach what is now my official goal weight. It is seven pounds higher than the original and I am more than satisfied. I am also finding it easier to maintain and am no longer in a wad over my perception than 65 pounds sounds SOOOOOOO much better than 58 pounds! I have changed!

    • Funny how the numbers kind of fade away when we look up from the scale and into the mirror…and like what we see there! So proud for you, Sharon! (And so grateful to have someone else who uses phrases like “in a wad” hanging around here. :) )

  4. Instantly I thought of that fact we haven’t missed a scheduled workout in almost 4 years but I think what I’m more proud of is us jumping right back on the wagon after vacations. We let loose food wise on vacation and before we used to weigh in, get depressed, feed our faces more and repeat the cycle the following year but with more weight on us. Now we come back and get right back to business. All the time we wasted being stupid and getting wrapped up in the numbers instead of back to business. *shaking head*

    • Good one, Anele! I have a “crossing the county line” rule for vacations. I loosen up the calorie watching on vacation, too, but when I cross that county line, I’m back in business. Works every time! (It used to be the state line, but TN is a really wide state. :) )

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first comment! :)
    The biggest change for me was giving up fast food completely. I used to hit the drive-throughs for breakfast AND lunch 5-6 days per week. I gave it up cold turkey 19 months ago (along with cleaning up my eating entirely) and I’ve lost 156 pounds so far, simply through food and exercise choices. Best thing I ever did for my health and well-being!
    156 lost in 19 months, 69 pounds to go until goal weight!

    • Welcome, Kimberly! And congratulations on all your successes! Thank you for letting me know where to find your blog–I want to be there for your big goal party!

      • Thanks so much! I appreciate your encouragement! I’m looking forward to hitting my goals this year, and I can’t wait!!! I’ve been overweight my entire life (even as a toddler…eek!) and now at 40 years old, I’m ready to see what life is like from a thinner perspective!

  6. Happy Tuesday to you!
    Just read through the post here on your blog and love the freshness of it. You have a fun and witty writing style too! Keep up the good work and when you get a chance, come visit my take on how to stay healthy during the media tombed ‘flu pandemic of 2013’. Cheers to your health and success!
    Ciao ciao for now~
    @Cherelynn on Twitter

  7. I think it either has to be the consistent exercise (and enjoying it) or possibly my relationship with food. Both are 180 degree changes for me.

  8. Hmmmm…I think the biggest change lately has been understanding even more clearly just how powerful my thoughts are and how, when I choose my thoughts on purpose, I tend to take better care of myself, almost automatically.

  9. Well, i wish i could say consistency. We both know that’s where i’m lacking.

    But, it’s been 3 months + a bit of not smoking, and lately, eating healthy is just ..happening. Like today I was standing outside mr. sub and thought “oh good! a grocer!” walked over and got a piece of cooked chicken, some arugula, a tomato and a package of pre cut watermelon. it just..happened. No thought, no struggle. I like that:)

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