What Would You Have Done?

I’ve been on a M-W-F strength training schedule since my holiday break. It’s been working well for me, lo, this week-and-a-half into the new year.

And then there was yesterday.


Email reminder that it’s time to go to the gym:


Check outdoor temp to dress appropriately

weather report 66 degrees

Holy cow! Does that say 66°?

Go outside.

clear blue sky

Check next day’s weather forecast

Satruday forecast: storms

What would you do?

I did what any outdoor-loving, Vitamin D-needing, serial slacker would do: I dumped the gym for a nice long walk outside!

And it was goooood. I’m glad I did, too, because it looks like next Wednesday is our next sunshine possibility.

I mention this mostly to keep myself accountable for going to the gym for a strength-training workout today. If I do, then I’m all set for another M-W-F schedule for next week. Win-win! (Accountability Update: Heavy lifting = done!)

What are you doing for exercise this weekend?


11 thoughts on “What Would You Have Done?

  1. This weekend I’ve done weights but I can’t wait to get outside for a walk tomorrow! Unfortunately I’m working in a few minutes so none today.

  2. Walk, walk, walk – walked an hour this morning, planning to do it again after the Tennessee basketball. However, if my team doesn’t start playing better, I may be taking my second walk BEFORE the end of the game!! LOL!

  3. I’d be outside! I was this week as well. Walking outside much better than being on trainer the last few days 😀


    it’s been unusually cold for us here in No. Calif but I this weekend I am working on my indoor program….Plus taking time to plan…plan…plan..

  5. Beautiful weather let me walk outside this morning, too. I’m just starting my diet and exercise plan, but sunshine helped motivate me. I managed to get to the gym this evening, too!

  6. Well, you know what I do BUT I do run outside on the weekend & even in the frigid cold weather for us, 38 degrees when I ran today – Sunday – but I did it! :)

  7. You did the right thing Cammy – outside is always first choice!

    This week I just hope to be moving more and sitting less!

  8. Wow….that’s warm. This is so silly, but I saw the screen shot that said “Memphis” and that you went for a walk, and now, ack, I have that song “Walkin’ in Memphis” going through and through my mind. Not that its not a good song, but still…. :) Have a great day Cammy!

  9. I took advantage of the outdoors myself this weekend. It was 65 degrees in Indianapolis! I don’t remember when it was that warm in January. Walking outside in mild temps beats any gym activity, in my opinion. Sunshine was a great bonus!

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