Escape from the Gymbeciles

This blogging time would probably be better spent counting my blessings…
– I am healthy.
– I have a warm home not located in the northeastern U.S.
– I am loved.
– I have an ample pantry with healthy, nourishing foods.
– I have a soon-to-be flourishing business that allows me to set my own schedule.

I could go on, but I’m just not in the mood. Despite my many blessings, I’m feeling quite cranky.

Is it too much to ask for one little(ish) spot at the gym to call my own?

The answer, of course, is NO. And it’s HELL NO when aforementioned spot is already claimed and covered with my own personal gym mat.

As you might have guessed, there was drama at my gym yesterday a.m. Sadly, I was the only one experiencing it as the offending party (he who was dropped to do his push-ups right next to my mat and flung his sweat everywhere, including ON MY MAT) was oblivious. Or pretending to be. I dunno.

It wasn’t just this guy, or the friend who eventually joined him to consume the rest of the tiny area available for floor work. There were gymbeciles everywhere.

gymbecile definition urban dictionary

Almost every bench or station I wanted to use was occupied by other people. That wouldn’t have been so bad if they’d been using the equipment for exercise instead of a place to watch ESPN or check their phone messages. And when I did get a couple of machines, someone else took them over the minute I got up to get some water.

Speaking of water, this early morning crowd has a bad habit of running off and leaving their empty water bottles all over the place. They do the same with equipment. If they change a bar or grip on a machine, they just drop the old one at the station instead of walking the 10-20 feet over to the rack where they should be stored. (I’ve known this because it’s all scattered when I go for a workout at 7:30-8:00, but this was the first time I saw it in action.)

And then there was me. I was a bit of a gymbecile myself for going to the gym at 5 a.m. anyway. I’d woken up at 4 and decided on a whim that it would be a great idea to get my workout done. I let the frustration (and an unnecessary–and hot!–base layer under my fleece pants) ruin my workout, which piled onto some other things that went “wrong” this week, and affect my mood for the better part of the morning. The lack of sleep didn’t help.

So I declared “Girls Day Out” and went to get my hair cut and restored to its natural Brazilian Bronze color, and then had an extremely tasty lunch: the Salsalito Turkey on Flatbread at Bogie’s Deli.

bogie's deli salsalito turkey sandwich

Roasted turkey coated in Mexican spices, cheese, a LOT of lettuce, tomato, and black olives, and an oil-and-vinegar house dressing. It looks massive, but it’s mostly veggies. Still, I didn’t eat any dinner. :)

I had time for a very short nap before heading downtown for a WordPress meet-up, where I had the pleasure of seeing Mary from A Merry Life! I arrived at the same time as the meeting leader, so Mary and I didn’t have much time for chatting. Maybe next time.

Today was another rushed day with a few snafus, but I’m declaring tonight a Cammy-Climbs-in-Bed-and-Watches-Dateline-and-HGTV night. During the commercials, I plan to seriously count my blessings. ‘Cause I do have them, in abundance!

Stop back tomorrow for the RockStars of the Week and an opportunity to brag on your own good actions. (I’m making my list now!)

10 thoughts on “Escape from the Gymbeciles

  1. I only went to the gym for a month using a Groupon deal, but I was very careful to stay out of everybody’s way.

    I’ve been pushed out of the way or asked to move by a person who came in 10 minutes late at Zumba classes. So far the Jazzercize crowd is a little more polite. Ugh on the flying sweat! That is nasty. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  2. This is PRECISELY why I do not do gyms. But I know how important it is to you so sorry you are having these frustrations. Maybe with the flexible schedule of this new soon-to-be flourishing business (which I want to hear more about) you can be very selective about when you go to the gym. Can’t imagine you haven’t already experimented with different times??? Back when I had a gym membership, I found that from 9 a.m. to 10:30 or so, my gym was EMPTY. Literally, empty!

    • Oh, I’ve experimented with almost every daytime hour, and there are a couple of other slots I like a lot better. This was one of those times I just happened to be up and raring to go way early and decided to give it a try. I’d been at that hour before and while it was somewhat crowded, it was nothing like this week. I forgot about the post-Christmas rush. :)

      My soon-to-be-flourishing business is my same old business. It tends to be feast or famine, and as of this week, it’s famine time. :)

  3. And THAT is precisely why I don’t go to the gym! My husband and I were members of a gym for three years and during that time, I dealt with women pushing and shoving to get into the exercise room for a body sculpt class, only to be pushed out of the one available spot on the floor, men taking over the weight area, unavailable treadmills and trainers that wouldn’t even show you how to use the weight machines unless you were a “client.” We now work out in our basement doing kettlebells and Taebo dvds.

  4. I am glad I belong to a 24 hour gym BUT we still get the crap left allover the gym & even with few in there – some still do this – amazes me AND will park right on top of your car when there are no other cars in the lot AND you park away from the close spots! 😉

    I feel your pain but not as much – sorry you had to deal with those idiots!!!!

  5. This is why I gave up on gyms and started working out at home. Nothing too fancy but I got an elliptical off of Craigslist for cardio and bought several workout DVDs to spice things up and for strength training. It cuts down on the commute time too!

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  7. Been busy with a blizzard so I’m just catching up :)

    You have described one of the many reasons I detest gyms. And I’m an early morning person so it’s not really that crowded. I rejoined when my cam boot came off and I wasn’t cleared to run so that I could use the arc trainer and elliptical. Thank goodness it’s only $10 a month because if I get there 1 time a week right now, it’s a miracle. I’d rather run on the treadmill in my cold garage than go to that dumb gym!

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