Rockstars of the Week, February 9

rockstars of the week from Tippy Toe Diet

I know there was all sorts of achieving going on this week, but here are a few folks I’m singling out for attention:

Karen (Garden Girl) celebrated her first year of maintenance! And she did it in style, too!

Teresa (MomGrooves) stepped outside her comfort zone and participated in her craft fair! I have some of her beautiful jewelry, and I can’t believe this was her first show. I think it’s the start of something awesome!

Lori (Finding Radiance) went out for a walk. I know, you’re thinking, And that makes her a Rock Star how? Well, when she went out for her walk it was 12 degrees! And she actually thought about going again! (Fortunately, she came to her senses and stayed indoors. :) )

Lori is also a Rock Star in my book for hosting the Heart Healthy Weekend February 15-17. Lots of fun to be had and healthy hearts are a good thing to celebrate. Check the link for more info.

Way to go, Official Rock Stars!

I had two Rock Star Moments this week:
1) This was a week of disappointments, with cancelled appointments and failed meetings. I’m proud that (in most cases) I responded with dignity and grace. That wouldn’t have always been the case, but other than the excessive whining about my spot at the gym and a slightly cranky e-mail to my employer yesterday after the final cancellation, I was ZenCammy. (And I didn’t even need a cupcake to get there!)
2) I went outside today to rake my side yard. Three hours later, the side yard, front yard, and part of my neighbor’s yard were all done! (I kind of got on a roll.) This was what I call the “hard raking” to dislodge the stubborn leaves that have packed down and settled in for the winter. My arms are definitely feeling a bit quivery tonight, which isn’t such a bad thing. :)

YOUR turn! Have any Rock Star Moments of your own to share? (I’m sure you do!)


9 thoughts on “Rockstars of the Week, February 9

  1. My rock star moments go with my plan for February. Just 5 min. It helps give myself permission for my own self care each day. 5 min with Leslie and walking, 5 min of meditation-body work, 5 min Yoga, 5 min doing crafts, etc. Of course, they turn into longer most times…but it is all about getting started…again…each day. xoxo

  2. Mine is getting back out on the hiking trails in the mountains TWICE last week after spending January in the flatlands of Florida. Always disheartening how quickly our stamina wanes. I walked for hours while in Florida, but my legs tell me it’s just not the same.

  3. “ZenCammy” :-)

    My rockstar moment(s) were all the shoveling I did this weekend…and not being crippled, or even all that achey (except for my shoulder, which is tweaky pretty much all the time). I have a super strong core and am functionally fit!

  4. Thanks for the Healthy Heart shout out! 😀

    I am rock starring my bathroom! I got a lot of painting done and it turned out just like I wanted (unlike the rustoleum fiasco).

  5. Well, my rockstar moment this morning was finally weighing myself and getting set up on Sparkpeople. I was dreading the scale, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought, so that was good. I am going to try to track my food every day!

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