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Oscar: Simply the Best

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Another Oscar weekend approaches, marking another year I haven’t set foot in a movie theater or rented/streamed any movies. I really must work on increasing my attention span over the next year. :)

I probably won’t watch much of the Academy Awards on Sunday night. I used to enjoy the red carpet hoopla and drama of it all, but it jumped the shark on me somewhere along the way. Even though most of the attendees look lovely and handsome all glammed up, I’m not impressed with who made what gown and how many carats of borrowed jewelry someone is wearing. (But if the designers ever start competing to outdo one another in workout wear, I’m back in!)

Since I do like award shows, in general, I’ve decided to create my own version of “Bests”, with an emphasis on the simple moments or events that accumulate to make life wonderful. YOU are welcome to play along or create your own award categories.

Best Book I Read Recently
I have been inhaling books lately, mostly cozy mysteries with some non-fiction mixed in. Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly (review to come someday soon) is shaping up to be a life-changer.

Best Movie or Television Show I Saw Last Year
As mentioned, I didn’t see any movies, but I did enjoy a couple of television series: Psych and Major Crimes. I like ensemble casts and shows that are a little offbeat and unpredictable. At some point, I’ll get around to watching Downton Abbey, but I’ve resisted so far.

Best Meal – Restaurant
With all my traveling over the last year, I spent a lot of time in restaurants. It’s a close call for “best” meal, but I have to go with the Chicken Parmigiana at Mama Lucia’s in Beltsville, MD. Second Best was the Taco Pizza at Hobo Mickey’s in Madisonville, KY. Who’d have thought crushed Doritos on a pizza could taste so good? :)

Best Meal – At Home
I’m still loving on the Lentil Taco Filling, although these days I have it in a wheat wrap, a tostada, or as a nacho topper. No matter how I prepare it, I like it!

Best Vacation – Ever
In November 2009, I set off on a cross-country road trip that lasted a little over a month. With my car packed front to back, I went from Memphis to Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Kingman, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tucson, and Las Cruces. And everywhere in between. It was the trip of a lifetime, and should I actually win the lottery one of these days, one I hope to repeat!

Best Compliment I Received Recently
“Wow, I see you’re still going to the gym!” I ran into some friends I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and they both remarked that I still looked fit. I was having a Squish-belly Day, so it was a welcome compliment. :)

Best Thing I Did for Myself Recently
I’ve kind of been on auto-pilot with the healthier living thing lately (go, me!), so my “best” in this category is more on the professional side and involved “daring greatly” and attempting a client project I’d never done before. It’s not perfect by an experienced person’s standards, but it was enough to satisfy him and that satisfied me! The experience was a good reminder to step outside the comfort zone from time to time and to put perfection on the back burner. I’ve forgotten who said it, but “Perfection is the enemy of done” came to mind this week when I completed this project.

And now, it is time to go complete the Best Workout of the Week. I’m coming off of Rest Day, which always means a good workout!

Wishing you all a “best” weekend ahead. If you have time, stop back by tomorrow for Rockstar Day!

What were your bests?

14 thoughts on “Simply the Best

  1. Sounds like a good week! We’re staying off the Downton train as well. I have no desire. There’s nothing better than an unexpected compliment and I have to imagine it’s even better in maintenance!

    My bests were getting declared Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome free and cleared for any exercise that I am comfortable doing after 2 months of restriction. We also resisted the urge to faceplant into all four triple chocolate brownies my friend sweetly made for us mid-week. We worked one in the next day and the other is waiting for tomorrow. In the old days, we wouldn’t snarfed both down without giving it a second thought.

    • Good news on the foot, Anele! And the brownies! Comedienne Elaine Boosler used to have a comedy bit about realizing she didn’t have to eat all the snacks on the day she brought them home from the grocery store. I laughed, but it stung a little because it described me to a T. :)

  2. I’m definitely trying your best lentil taco filling and DIY seasoning!

    I watched two movies last year: Life of Pi and This is 40. Life of Pi was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. King’s Speech would probably be my favorite recent movies. And…I know you resist, but DA is really good. But then, I’m a Brit Lit nerd.

    My best ‘net idea this year was AIM :)

    Have a best weekend, Cammy!

    • DA is one of those series I think I’ll most enjoy if I can watch it start-to-finish. I don’t wait well. :)

      I agree on the AIM! :) It’s a bit of an outside-the-comfort zone action for me, so I’m looking forward to it!

  3. Downton is great! 😛

    And I LIVE for feeding my inner cattiness, watching the Red Carpet. Might even do a ‘best dressed and worst dressed’ post of my own. 😛

  4. So many good things to celebrate Cammy! My best is that I had my final appointment with the foot surgeon and was given the okay to keep moving on with life! I am back to walking daily and hiking on the weekends! Life is good. :)

  5. Definitely lots good to celebrate for you, Cammy.

    I had kind of a crappy week, but it’s over now – so I will celebrate that! I did have some pretty awesome Indian food, though, and I had been craving it for months now! Best moment of my week was picking John up at the airport 😀

  6. Can’t believe you forgot the “best friend in East Tennessee” category. I’m sure it was just an oversight. My best this week was awesome numbers all the way around from my doctor at my annual physical. I believe his words were, “best numbers you’ve ever had” and “good job on losing even more weight.” I was on my way down a year ago and he was happy, but even more so now. For an old woman with a chronic illness, I’m lucky to have the numbers I do. Hard work?? Yes, but grateful to parents for passing along good genes! I ROCK!!

  7. After all of the comments I see on Facebook and around the Internet I finally caved and watched my first episode of DA two days ago. I think it could grow on me. Now I just need to get my husband on board which will be a bit harder, but I think he’ll like it once he gives it a chance.
    This is a great post and I enjoy seeing all of the things that you are up to right now.

  8. I love this. And even though I haven’t seen too many of the films this year, I’ll be watching, though likely out of the corner of my eye hoping my boyfriend Bradley Cooper wins. Silly… The best moment of my week? Seeing a sunrise for the first time in a few weeks. We had a couple of non grey, non rainy days this week, and though it was cold (by Vancouver standards) the sun felt good.

  9. Love this take on The Best Cammy! You had some great ones! I need to do more of that out of the comfort zone outside of work!

    Me – I am trying something right now or should I say investigating re work that is different for me.. we shall see.. not at it yet but at least looking at something that is a bit outside my comfort zone…

  10. I’ve been without a TV for almost 5 years, although I do watch series on my laptop sometimes. I love DA, Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds and Suits.

    As for the Oscars, I’m so glad “our” documentary, Searching for Sugarman, won. It was epic!

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