The Big Spring Cleaning Calorie Burn

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Spring is mere weeks away, and I’ve decided to get a head start on what passes for Spring Cleaning around here.

As you might imagine, I’m not real persnickety about housework. :) I do, however, like to have one month (or so) when everything is clean all at once. For some reason, though, the bug to clean doesn’t usually strike me until warmer weather, which is about the same time the bug to spend every available moment outdoors sets in.

That’s not working so well for me, so this year I’m hoping to get the worst of it out of the way early. I think Thursday’s going to be the Big Kick-Off Event, since that’s my scheduled workout rest day, and I won’t have the excuse of needing to go to the gym to get in the way. Even so, I’ll still be burning lots of calories, according to the Calories Burned Calculator:

Table: Calories Burned Spring Cleaning

Those numbers were calculated using the standard 150-lb. average person the computer never met, but heck, even if I only work half the day, I’ll burn a lot of calories. Maybe even enough for two cookies! :)

Anyway, that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you do a big Spring (or Fall) Cleaning every year? Or are you one of those people who keeps it all together through the year so you don’t have to do a Spring Cleaning?

15 thoughts on “The Big Spring Cleaning Calorie Burn

  1. Im so so so grateful for the move….only with this :)
    for the first year theres a…small clean not a VAST DECLUTTERING as I typically have looooming in front of me.

  2. I’ve been doing little bursts of cleaning/decluttering. And offering some of my cast offs to my sister. She asked if I was spring cleaning. Maybe I am. Your chart encourages me to do more of it all at once!

  3. What’s cleaning??? 😉 Isn’t it amazing how much we have to do to burn off a little cookie! I always remember a segment on a Jackie Warner show where a guy had to go up & down a flight of stairs umpteen times to burn off 2 oreos! 😉

  4. I don’t usually think of cleaning as a calorie burner but it totally is! I vacuumed my stairs this weekend and hauling that beast up and down the stairs and bending over really did get me sweatin’. Maybe I can convince myself to do more chores in the name of earning activity points :)

  5. I do little bits of cleaning. I try to follow the Fly Lady method of 15 minute increments. I am pretty lucky in that John is fairly neat and he also cleans, which really helps. There are times when I have to set aside a day for the big jobs, like doing the windows or something like that. I don’t really count calories for cleaning. I just figure they are a bonus – and may have an extra snack (or 2 … )

    • I didn’t care for the Fly Lady method overall, but that 15-minute thing has stuck with me. In fact, on my daily task list (right after “workout”, I have a “15s” task where I record how many segments I did in any given day. Most days there are only one or two, which is not enough for a completely clean home, but enough to keep things in general order. :)

  6. I typically spent one entire day going through all of my papers and office stuff. I also spend a few hours giving away clothes I haven’t work in over a year (that is the extent of my spring cleaning).

    It is my personal and professional opinion that, unless we truly enjoy spring cleaning, we should not treat is as exercise. Although you may be physically challenged through cleaning, we also need to experience the psychological effects from exercise.

    • I don’t see cleaning as a total replacement for other types of exercise, but I do find an enormous psychological boost in getting things crossed off the to do list. It makes it ever so much easier to extend a walk or bike ride if there’s nothing pressing on the to-do list. :)

  7. Although I clean weekly all year long I do engage in a major Fall and Spring cleaning spree! Baseboards, windows, shampoo carpet, move furniture to vacuum, cleaning light fixtures, evry cupboard and cabinet gets a wipe down inside and out, closets and dresser drawers are reorganized and non used items are given to charity. I love it! It is indeed a good work out. This year with my recovery from surgery my Spring cleaning is delayed and once begun it will take me longer to get it all done. There are some things that are not comfortable for me to do yet, squatting, standing on my tippy toes to reach things, climbing a ladder. I will take it slow and do what I can as I improve on my mobility and getting back to being physically fit.

  8. Now that March is here (thank goodness!!) I am itching to get on with my Spring Cleaning. And those calorie burning numbers are pretty impressive – some are WAY better than what I get on the treadmill and work all kinds of muscle groups to boot! Win-Win! So ready for Spring, Cammy. I have Cabin Fever like you wouldn’t believe!

  9. That major spring cleaning is definitely something I dread as well. But the boost in motivation and the sense of organization I get afterward makes me do it. The extra calories burned is icing on the cake I guess :)

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