You Be Yours and I’ll Be Mine

heart candy: be yoursAh, Valentine’s Week. The scourge of single-and-unattached women everywhere. :)

I’m part of that group, but I’m not complaining much. I choose to use this week to celebrate my very best Valentine of all: Me!

Sure, it would be nice to have someone buy me flowers (though I’d rather have him till up my flower beds–that’s romantic, in my book!), or someone to take me out to a nice romantic dinner (or wash my car), but those are surface-dwellers. Most of the actions that say I love you are things we can and should do for ourselves regularly.

It’s not that hard, really. Here’s my short list:

♥ I’m doing nice things for myself, every single day.
♥ I’m speaking lovingly to myself. That was one awesome plank! was today’s whispered sweet nothing. My heart is still going pitter-patter over that one. :)
♥ I’m taking myself for long walks and listening to “my songs”, the ones that make me smile at memories past.
♥ I might even write myself a love note or two.

Simple actions that serve to remind me of the importance of treating myself kindly and respectfully, so that I can, in turn, treat others in the same way. It’s a nice celebration of Valentine’s Day.

There will be a bit of chocolate in there too, but you’ll have to wait until my next post for that. :)

What are you doing this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day and be you own best Valentine?

13 thoughts on “You Be Yours and I’ll Be Mine

  1. I am throwing a potluck dinner on Thursday for all my single friends. So far, the rsvp rate is very high :-) It’s not about commiserating, it’s about celebrating who we are and each other. I hope everyone has a good time.

  2. Since we don’t have kids, I’ve settled on Valentine’s Day as the one day each year I totally spoil my two nieces. It’s even more fun now as they are both adults (one in college and one in vet school) so gift giving involves fun girly things and no more toys.

  3. It’s funny, John and I rarely really do anything for Valentine’s day. We celebrate “our” days instead. First date anniversary, regular anniversary, etc. Plus – we hate going out to eat that day and fighting the crowds. sometimes John will bring me flowers, but more because I love them than because it is V day.

    I will, however, be celebrating working on my bathroom and doing the Healthy Heart Weekend 😀

  4. Okay, it wasn’t for Valentine’s Day. But that pineapple upside down cake that I made was AWESOME. Plus, I’m totally safe, because I left it at my neighbors, so I can’t keep nibbling at it. And, its just coincidental, but I am going out for lunch with an old friend on Valentines Day. I think I’ll pair that with a super workout at the gym and call it a day!

  5. Love this post Cammy! So true!!! We need to be good to ourselves!

    Not doing anything here… just another day & another workout whispering sweet nothing to myself! 😉

  6. Well, I’m married and I cannot stand Valentine’s Day. I don’t want flowers because some of some made up Hallmark/retail fake “holiday!” My husband is very sweet and gives me something each year but I honestly would not be upset if he didn’t.

    My aspiration for 2013 was to practice better self care in general – so I’m not doing anything different, just working on that.

  7. Hi Cammy. I love this post. And I so hear you about a man who washes your car instead of taking you out. Dennis and I try to be each other’s valentine every day, and yes we exchange cards, but don’t go all out on Feb 14th. We prefer the little spontaneous gestures for no reason that happen through the year. That said, if he WANTS to wash the car on Thurs….well, have at ‘er Dennis! :)

  8. Be sweet to yourself! Can’t wait to hear about the chocolate! :-) I ordered some chocolate covered strawberries – “for my husband.” Yeah, right. LOL I should have just bought some organic strawberries and dip them in the Dove dark chocolate I have in my pantry! I even have the tempering unit, so can make them look pretty professional. But I was feeling lazy.

  9. I’m not a big VD fan (um, either kind) and after 22 years we skip the whole thing and save a special dinner out for a night it’s not so crowded.

    But I love the way you’ve repurposed it for self-encouragement and appreciation! Much less stressful and weird than the “normal” way of celebrating. So many guys fear it and women end up disappointed and singles feel left out. Ick. :)

    The only redeeming feature is chocolate!

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  11. I love this. I wish I’d seen that plank!
    This relationship with ourselves is so important and whether one is in a relationship or not, I like your valentines day best.
    I hope you had a happy one!

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