You Got Fiber in My Chocolate (Review/Giveaway)

This giveaway is closed, but the opinions are still the same.

Fiber One‘s PR group reached out to me a few weeks ago, asking if I’d like to review their new Fiber One 80-Calorie Chocolate Cereal. Not wanting to seem over-eager, I fixed a hangnail, checked the mailbox, and started a load of laundry before zipping off a YES! (Despite that, I must have sounded needy or desperate, because they FedEx’d the boxes to me. I had them on my porch the next day!)

This was a bit of a happy coincidence, since just TWO DAYS before I had been holding a box of said cereal in my chocolate-loving hands, wondering if I’d like it as much as I did the Honey Squares. And also wondering if I would be able to enjoy this one with the same moderation. After much deliberation, I put the cereal back on the shelf and opted for a Fiber One Protein Bar instead. (I was on a work assignment and early reconnaissance had shown absolutely NO healthy(ish) restaurants where I might enjoy a healthy(ish) lunch nearby.)

When I mentioned all this to the PR rep, she immediately asked if I’d like to review the protein bars as well, and of course I said YES! (FTC? Here’s your disclosure) Bars and cereal were supplied without charge, with both the understanding and expectation that the review would express my authentic opinion.

Fiber One 80-Calorie Chocolate Cereal

Fiber One 80-Calorie Chocolate CerealClick the image to visit the product page for full nutritional information. Here are the highlights:
♥ 35% RDA of fiber
♥ 9g fiber per serving
♥ 5g sugar per serving (more fiber than sugar)
♥ 80 calories per 3/4-cup serving
♥ It’s chocolate

Taste Test Results
I like the Chocolate Cereal even MORE than the Honey Squares. Is it the same as biting into a decadent piece of Neuhaus? Hardly, but it scratches the chocolate itch, it’s filling, and it doesn’t decimate my calorie budget. Plus, it has fiber, and as delicious as Neuhaus is, it doesn’t contribute much to my digestive health. Or my financial health, for that matter. :)

Here are some photos of the taste drives from the past week:

Naked Fiber One 80-Calorie Chocolate CerealFirst I had it au natural. I poured out a 3/4-cup serving and grazed on it throughout the day. It’s chocolate-y enough that a few pieces (3-5) are satisfying. Since I work in the back of the house and the cereal is in the kitchen, I figure I burned the 80 calories going back and forth. :)

This is my #1 favorite way to have cereal–as a snack. I got to thinking, though, that it might be nice to taste drive it like a normal person who likes cereal with milk. But I had two problems: 1) I’m not normal, and 2) I didn’t have any milk. Oh well…

And then I remembered that I did have milk!

Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk with Fiber One 80-Calorie Chocolate Cereal and sliced strawberries

Oh yes I did! One half cup of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk with 1/2 cup of Fiber One 80-Calorie Chocolate Cereal and a sprinkle of sliced strawberries, a.k.a. Double Chocolate Breakfast for Dessert. As you might expect, it’s delicious! :) Even better, it’s a very filling 125 (or so) calories.

Today I crushed a few pieces (about 5?) on top of some yogurt to add a nice little chocolate crunch to a post-workout snack.

Final Word
One of my goals is to avoid eating any processed food in abundance, but this is definitely a cereal I’ll buy in the future for those times when I’m feeling particularly chocolate-y. Despite it’s tastiness, it’s one of those foods that hits my satiety button in small (and delicious) portions.

Fiber One Protein Bars

Fiber One Protein Bar caramel nut nutritionFiber One Protein Bar coconut almond nutrition

As before, click on the images for the full nutritional info. In a nutshell, these bars have 20% RDA of fiber, 130-140 calories, and 6-7 grams of protein.

Taste Test Results
I liked both bars, with a preference for the Coconut Almond. With the chocolate coating, my first thought was Oooh, a candy bar!, and the first bite almost tastes like one, but then it becomes apparent that it’s a fiber bar. It doesn’t taste bad–far from it–but the fibery texture does change the candy bar illusion. Which, now that I think about it, might not be such a bad thing. :)

Final Word
As I said, I like the Fiber One Protein Bars. Being relatively lighter in calories and protein than the types of protein bars I usually eat, they don’t work well as a meal replacement. To be fair, I don’t think that’s their intended purpose. For me, they’re more likely to be a candy bar replacement and will be a nice treat on a road trip. A treat with a nice bit of protein and fiber.

Super Duper Fiber One Prize Pack Giveaway

The kind folks at Fiber One have offered to send THREE lucky U.S. readers a Fiber One Prize Pack just like the Uncompensated Evaluation Pack I received, that is:
♥ One box Fiber One 80 Calorie Chocolate Cereal
♥ One box Fiber One Caramel Nut Protein Bars
♥ One box Fiber One Coconut Almond Protein Bars

And YOU don’t even have to write a post about it!

If you are a US resident and would like to be entered in a random drawing to occur this Saturday (02/16) at noon (Memphis time), just let me know in the comments!

And that’s it! No hopping hither and yon liking and tweeting (unless you want to), although you are certainly welcome to like FiberOne and The Tippy Toe Diet on Facebook! :) (They have coupons; I have…product reviews! LOL)

40 thoughts on “You Got Fiber in My Chocolate (Review/Giveaway)

  1. The cereal and the carmel nut bars sound good. I’ve tried the coconut almond variety and they’re a favorite. Hope I win.

  2. I enjoyed your review Cammy and so glad you found something that can give you a chocolate boost and fit in your food plan. Don’t include me in the giveaway as the Fiber One products don’t agree with my digest system.

  3. I saw that cereal at the market this week and was dying to buy a box, but am always skeptical of chocolate cereals until I hear a good review. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I am so afraid but gonna enter!!! I will have to be careful with cereal in the house but I KNOW hubby would love! I also like your idea of crumbling a bit on top of things – YUM! Great review Cammy!

    • That’s the thing I figured out a while back, Jody, that fractions are our friends. Just because a serving size is 3/4 cup doesn’t mean that’s what I have to eat. :)

  5. I can’t eat all the ‘fiber’ products either. Makes my guts hurt. And I did you notice these have artificial sweetener and additives? But to each his (her) own!

    • Yes, Nancy, that’s why I included links to the nutritional information so that people can decide for themselves if they want to try the products. I mostly eat fiber products when I’m traveling and don’t have access to my regular foods. The regular Fiber One bars have been helpful in keeping my system, um, “on track”, if you know what I mean. :)

  6. I’m Canadian eh? I can’t enter, but will add that I’ll check this out next time I’m crossing the border to shop. Love the review Cammy, especially the part about fixing the hangnail, checking email and doing laundry before you “yessed”. You are hilarious. Have a great Thursday.

  7. Enter me please! Seriously, this cereal ROCKS! Especially awesome that Wal Mart has it on sale for $2.50/box at my local store. I love having the milk at the end…just enough chocolatey goodness to satisfy the kid in me:-)

  8. Definitely enter me–I’ve been thinking about buying a box of that cereal but have been waiting a bit. I try to not overdo the more processed cereals and bars, but sometimes that’s the best option for the time available.

  9. Ah yes, count me in. It’s time for me to win another giveaway. The bars are always great for hiking and I haven’t tried Fiber One.

  10. Fiber One Original was my fav cereal when i started to change my eating habits. That’s when i started sampling their other products. I love them! Count me in!

  11. Not too impressed after reading the ingredients list. Second ingredient in the cereal is sugar? Corn starch, corn syrup, artificial flavors; when the ingredient list is that long, I usually put it back on the shelf. For bars, I only eat Larabars now. Dates, nuts, fruit.

  12. Too bad I wasn’t able to join but this is interesting, I must try it! I’m making it a habit nowadays to take a high fiber foods like oatmeal, corn, white & black beans etc. and I can say that it makes me feel fit, healthy and always on the go. I also actually lose weight, but with proper exercise, well because they perfectly works together. :)

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