Happy Spring!

ducking from the onslaught of arrows and/or profanity for those in the northern U.S.

Never mind that it’s a little chilly yet here in the Mid-South. The calendar and the foliage say it’s Spring, and I intend to celebrate! I’ll get my strength training out of the way early-early, so that I can get out for a nice long walk later in the day. After that, I’m going to wrap up some craftsy paint projects in what will, I hope, be a sunny backyard. We’re set for a long stretch of clouds and rain after today, so I’m going to enjoy the outdoors while I can!

Here are a few scenes from my recent walks:

spring flowers: azaleas and daffodils

bradford pears in bloom

And one I wish I didn’t see:

Christmas decorations with blooming bradford pear trees

C’mon, neighbors! Time to get the Christmas decorations stored away!

My homestead Spring Cleaning is moving along. After a fairly big start, I’ve slowed down, but I do manage to tackle one or two tasks a day. Right now I’m focused on re-purposing/fixing/whatever some of the yard-sale “finds” from last year before the new sale season begins. I made a stupid rule again this year that I couldn’t go to sales until I had everything I bought last year put in place. (Do I know me or what?) Thankfully, I didn’t have a huge backlog. I just need warm(er) dry weather to wrap things up.

For me, Spring is a good time to reflect on what’s going well and what needs to be repurposed/fixed/whatever on the personal side. I try not to re-run posts too often, but around this time each year, I like to revisit and work through a post I wrote back in 2009, Spring Cleaning on the Inside. I’m sharing it in case you’d like to join me in a little internal freshening up as we welcome this beautiful change of seasons.


Spring Cleaning on the Inside

Think about your life (health, fitness, relationships, career, finance, etc.). Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Why aren’t you there? Don’t beat yourself up over it; just ponder the matter and see if any of these nasties have crept into your life:

  • Excuses: We’re probably all guilty of making excuses for ourselves when we’re trying to justify something we should or shouldn’t have done. Surely, it’s not just me. (Antidote: When you catch yourself making an excuse for something, ask, “Is this really true, or am I just making myself feel better?”)
  • Rationalizations: Did you know that another way to spell “rationalize” is “rational lies”? These are the thoughts and words we use to give ourselves permission to do something we know is wrong. (Antidote: Unrelenting honesty with yourself. YOU know the truth about your efforts.)
  • Unfair Limitations: Many, perhaps even most, of the limitations we face are self-imposed. Why we would do this to ourselves, I don’t know, but we do. (Antidote: Ask yourself, “If I didn’t have xxx in my way, what would be by next step? Then figure out how you can do it (or some form of it anyway.)
  • Regrets and Resentments: Writer Malachy McCourt once said, “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Holding on to past haunts and hurts prevents us from moving forward. (Antidote: Forgive yourself and any others involved, and focus on the future. At minimum, let it go.)
  • Procrastination: “Someday” thinking is fun for thinking about the lottery. For managing our lives, it doesn’t work so well. (Antidote: See Makeover Monday: Getting It Done.)
  • RightThisMinute Thinking: We all want to see results fast. Whether it’s successful weight loss, financial security, starting a family, or any host of other desires, many of us have a tendency to want to get it done rightthisveryminute. We should be applauded for our energy, but doing things too quickly can cause us to do them in a way that’s unhealthy, inefficient, or ineffective. (Antidote: Patience. Focus on progress, not the goal line. Unless, you’re looking at the goal line, of course, and then it’s eyes on the prize time!)

These evil little habits have a way of creeping into our lives and derailing our progress. Join me this Spring in spending a little time with a mental broom and dustpan, eliminating this clutter from our lives. Note that I didn’t say we’d eliminate it for good. Old habits die hard, as the saying goes, and I’m sure we’ll all face these pesky demons again at some time in the future. We’re savvy enough to know that and strong enough to defeat them.


Hmm, not bad overall, but I see one or two things I need to tidy up. There’s always something. And I suspect there always will be. :)

Wishing you all a Happy Spring (and/or a really good melting day)! What are you most looking forward to this season? What are you glad to leave behind?


19 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. Oh cammy.
    amen to the taking poison and waiting for someone else to die.
    I had a bit of resentment over my recent move and that thought REALLLY helped me move forward.

    • I don’t mind so much the negative thoughts that flit through my mind as long as I don’t dwell on them and give them more power than they deserve. When I first started (successfully) the downward weight spiral, I made up a silly Johnny Cochranesque mantra, “If I dwell, I will swell.” Damned if it doesn’t work. LOL

  2. So good Cammy. The part about unrelenting honesty with ourselves–its something that is so valuable, and I see so often that people bypass it. I guess they call it rationalizing. I call it lies. And its just no good, for yourself or anyone else.

    What am I looking forward to? To you coming out and putting my Christmas stuff away and spring cleaning my house! Actually, I’m looking forward to getting in the pool more regularly and working on my distance goals!

    • LOL I’ll put away the Christmas stuff (although it might be next Christmas by the time I save up enough gas money to get there), but no way I’m spring cleaning the house of a quilter (no matter how cute said house is). Tiny little strings of fabric everywhere! Or maybe that’s just Memaw’s house. :)

  3. It’s actually really nice to see those pictures of spring, while it’s 5 degrees and frigid here in MN it gives me hope that we will eventually be wearing flip flops and spending time outside :)

  4. I love this post. Love the internal spring cleaning. OMG, I saw some Christmas decorations last weekend too. WHY??????? Just why?????
    :) Have a great Wednesday my wise blog friend.

  5. Pretty, pretty flowers. Some day soon here. I think the rationalization is something a lot of us do. I struggle with that when eating a lot. I did X, so I can eat Y – when it really isn’t all that equal.

    • Oh no, Lori, I never do THAT. Well, I haven’t done it TODAY. :)

      But my biggest obstacle is the unfair limitations, which then cause me to procrastinate. I’m working through it in my tippy toe ways, though.

  6. THANK You for the beautiful spring pictures!! Im stil covered in snow, and am anxious for spring!!
    I do the procrastination thing really well!! I think its because I know it wont happen right away anyway, so I may as well start tomorrw. ….

    • The procrastination thing bugs me about myself, because I tend to look at things as “all or nothing”. And yet, I *know* that I don’t have to get it all done right away or get results immediately to feel successful. Life is so much easier when I get out of my own way. :)

  7. Great post! Love the idea of a mental spring cleaning, I gotta few old habits and thought patterns in my brain that no longer fit and are kinda dusty and depressing… time to pack it all up and get rid of it!

  8. I feel like the last few months of my life have been getting me ready for Spring – including cleaning out all my closets. I am just looking forward to bike rides and getting my mosaic stuff out from under the tarps and having some fun!

  9. The spring pictures looks just like they do here and that, along with your excellent and badly needed (for me) spring cleaning tips reminded me to get out of whatever this funk is I’m in and move on. Seriously, I always go through this right about now and wonder why it catches me by surprise. It’s that thin line between being grateful spring is coming with all its beauty, yet realizing that for me it means letting go of some of my most joyful activities most notably solo hiking. It also means allergies and storms. O.K. my gripefest is over – get on with it Sharon!!

    • I forget that we’re seasonal opposites, Sharon. Your Spring funk is my Fall-Winter funk. I do understand the melancholy. {{{hug}}}

  10. Oh, yes. There’s always something in my brain that needs cleaning out. Then, after I’ve given it a good scrubbing, sometimes I discover the stuff I already threw out creeps its way back in! Sometimes I think I must be pretty dense and stubborn, because I never learn the FIRST time :)

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