It IS a Good Friday

Annnd another week rolls to a close. Can you believe we’ve reached the end of March? Time does fly.

On this very good Friday, I want to highlight a few Rock Stars:

Rockstars of the Week - Tippy Toe Diet
Caron [At Goal Weight Watcher] dared greatly (in my opinion) by going to an anime convention with her daughter! And she had a good time! What a fun mother-daughter thing to do–Caron clearly has an adventurous spirit. I wouldn’t be surprised if their next adventure involves a tattoo of some sort. :)

I’ve always known Margie Anne [Improving My Health] was a smart woman, and she proved it yet again this week with this insightful comment on my Next Big Thing post:

“I am surprised you look on your efforts as being so minor. That’s the danger of comparison I suppose. There are times when we all try not to make ourselves, our work, seem more important than we are. It does help keep things in perspective if we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

On the other hand the life we live is vitally important to us and if you were to mark those things on a scale I’m guessing they would come up high on your personal list.”

You zinged me in the best kind of way, Margie Anne! You were right, I was trivializing things that ARE important to me, and I hadn’t even realized it. Thank you for helping me see that! (Side Note: Folks, if you’re wanting a taste of Hawaiian adventure to offset the non-Spring most of us are having, check out Margie Anne’s side blog on her trip to Hawaii. She and her husband are celebrating their Golden Anniversary, Island Style!)

Well-played, Rock Stars!

I had a Rock Star moment just this morning, while doing my Workout A. I’m still not used to doing larger numbers of reps, and I keep grabbing the weights I use for 8-rep sets. I did it again this morning in grabbing the 30-pound dumbbells for my chest presses and didn’t think about it until I got to the 10-count. Those last 4.5 reps were killer, lemme tell you, and try as hard as I might, I could NOT complete the 15th one. Not even with an unladylike grunt! (I did drop down to 25# ‘bells for the second set. I might try that combination again next week. If I can move my arms again by then.)

Did you have any Rock Star moments this week? Heed Margie Anne’s wise advice and shout ’em out!

With that, I’ll wish you a very Happy Easter weekend, if you’re observing, and a happy weekend in general if you’re not! I have asked the Easter Bunny to bring me an I.O.U. for a Carrot Cake Cupcake (to use when I’m able to get outside for some extra exercise) and a dark chocolate-peanut butter egg. I specifically asked for the small size. Wouldn’t it be awful if he brought me a large one? :)

10 thoughts on “It IS a Good Friday

  1. That WAS a smart and necessary “zing.” I felt it, too, because I have a propensity to diminish my goals as well. So thanks, Margie Anne, from someone you don’t even know!

    My rock star moment this week was getting up every morning and taking the dog for a 30-minute walk. I’m a very lazy morning person. I guess the rock star is actually my dog!

  2. No, you get the rock star credit! Al can “go” anywhere, after all (and I’m sure she has), but you took charge and protected your flooring. :)

  3. I’ll share the peanut butter egg with you (maybe, if I don’t eat it all myself). We are riding tomorrow. Not sure if it will be enough of a ride for a cupcake, but at least for some coffee 😀

  4. Well! You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw my comment quoted…. Just shows we can all be wise some of the time. Umm! I mean I can sometimes be wise enough to make a good comment. *smiles*

    Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Today is our anniversary in New Zealand. Tomorrow in Hawaii and we are being taken out to dinner. Sounds like time to find some real leis.

    Blessings Cammy and all your readers.

  5. Awesome rock stars!

    I’ve been a rock star this week but not letting anything get in my way. I posted about 2 days of hurdles. Friday, after several attempt to do Zumba, the girls in the office and I watched a video on a laptop that was synced to the video on an iPhone because YouTube muted the video. Then today, after several attempts to complete my C25K, I took it outside and completed my goal (running 25 minutes without stopping).

  6. Its so much fun to read about the “Rock Stars” you profile here on your blog! Hope you are having a lovely weekend Cammy!

  7. I had read Margie Anne’s comment too, and thought that it was such a thoughtful comment. I am loving seeing Hawaii through her eyes!

    Re: your dumbell presses: my arms hurt! Pretty impressive lifting Cammy!

  8. I managed to get up to 2 sets of most of my exercises now. Next stop – heavier weights!

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