Nipped from the Headlines

Thank you all so much for your responses to Monday’s AIM post! I think this is going to be an exciting exploration, and I hope as we move along, even more of you will join the conversation! No matter where you are in your own transformation, you have to maintain your progress to date!

Since we might have worn you out with all the reading on Monday, I’m going to make this a quick one. (Yes, I know I’ve promised that before and fallen short, but there’s always hope, right?) I just want to share a few newsy items that you might have missed:

Changes headed to Olive Garden

If CNBC is correct, Olive Garden is making some changes, including smaller plates, lower-calorie menu items, and lower prices. More important, they’re getting rid of the faux-Tuscan decor. I’m not a huge fan of OG, but I have about $50 in OG gift cards in my stash, and I’d like to use them for something other than salads or occasional splurge meals.

Another good reason to look at the bright side of life

I like having a (generally) sunny outlook just because it feels so darned good, but what I didn’t know was that there might be a correlation between optimism and improved levels of “good cholesterol.” According to the study linked, self-described optimists had higher HDL (the good one) and lower triglycerides. No demonstrated effect on total cholesterol or LDL (the bad one), which would be depressing if being depressed didn’t make my HDL go down and my triglycerides go up. Oh well, maybe a new study will come out that says neurotic blogger people have lower LDL! :)

Another reason I might like Planet Fitness

I enjoyed my nosy investigative field trip to Planet Fitness, and now I might like them even more. It seems a Boston woman was booted from her local Planet Fitness for talking on her cell phone in the gym. It apparently wasn’t the first time she’d done it, and this was the final straw for the club manager.

In an awesome sidenote, The Boston Herald had a little survey after reporting the story, and 90% of respondents sided with the gym!

Cammy honors a promise for brevity

Headline worthy, for sure. :) I’m closing this out by wishing you a wickedly wonderful Wednesday!

15 thoughts on “Nipped from the Headlines

  1. The only way I think I could enjoy OG again is if they make their breadsticks healthier or perhaps not so endless….

    • LOL I hear you. If I’m by myself, I ask them to bring just ONE breadstick. If I’m with other people, I’m usually so busy yakking (you’re surprised, right?) that I don’t have time for eating bread. (Not sure how I yakked AND ate two or three breadsticks before. Skill, I guess. :) )

  2. Thanks for the info on OG. Not that hubby and I go there that often, but only when we have gift cards, which are given to us not that we buy them. But I also agree with Robyn.

  3. You know you said something quite brilliant in that first paragraph: “No matter where you are in your own transformation, you have to maintain your progress to date!” I mean, that is just a little different way for dieters to look at their journey. I think it could be quite helpful.

    And the cell phones in the gym. They don’t talk on them so much as they stare at them like zombies, usually while sitting on the piece of equipment that I am waiting for.

    • Huh, and just when I thought I’d written a post without a single bit of brilliance. :) Thanks, Debby!

      And yes, sometimes it helps to look at progress-to-date from a maintenance POV. When we’re not moving forward is a great time to focus on not moving backward. :)

  4. The last time I was at OG was when I rode 100 miles. I needed carbs – and lots of them. Fit the bill perfectly LOL. OG is too $$$ for me to eat at for pasta, not to mention if I want carbs – Indian food and the delicious naan bread fits the bill much better. 😀

    • Pizza is my go-to carb-o-licious treat. I can only do the wrap version so many times before I want the real deal.

  5. I’d heard the news about OG and hope there is some substance to it. We weight conscious folks have to be very wary of their bottomless salad. Even though it sounds “healthy,” one can quickly consume a days worth of calories. Next to Cracker Barrel, it is MIL’s favorite place so I’m destined to have to go there from time to time.

    • The bottomless salad is actually a pretty good calorie deal for me. Even if I eat two portions, it’s only about 300 calories.

      One thing I like about OG is that I haven’t found one yet that wouldn’t allow me to order a “lunch portion” at dinner. Even when I was heavier, I couldn’t eat their dinner-sized entrees. Still, it’s a once-a-year kind of place for me, unless I’m just having salad. :)

  6. We do have an OG here but its not a place like to eat at – just not a big fan of pasta.

    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s AIM posts! You are a fabulous group of women with so much knowledge to share. Thanks for all you are doing to help the rest of us!

  7. I have seen OG here and there but havenever eaten in one. Glad to hear that some of the restaurants are trying to get healthier.

    I am the biggest of my sibs and have the lowest levels of cholesterol – must be my bright-side!

    I hope more places start booting people and their phones!!

  8. I think of OG every time I watch Glee & they go to Breadsticks! :) We have an OG around the corner & I am only there when it is for others. :)

    LOVE that gym thing!

  9. I think there are a few in the area, but I’ve never been to an OG in my life. I love that there is a push to offer smaller portions and healthier options. Have a terrific Thursday Cammy.

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