One Small Thought

Each morning, before I let any of life’s quirkiness consume me, I take or make a few quiet minutes to get my mind in a positive frame. I let any worries or frets pass through my mind, acknowledged but not examined, and allow the quiet to pull the positive shift it needs into the forefront of my thoughts.

Some days it takes a while for what I need to surface, and on some days the thoughts are ready when I jump out of bed. And on some days I get lucky and the thoughts are given to me via some internet randomness. Such was the case today:

i am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to defeated

I didn’t originate this quote found on, but I (mostly) lived it for the 17 months it took me to lose my weight and the 4+ years since I reached goal. Doubts and fears do threaten at times, but then that determination (some would say stubbornness) kicks in and I’m in the right frame of mind again. I.Will.Not.Be.Defeated.

I’ll be using that mantra today as I tackle some business marketing. Fingers crossed it works as well for income production. :)

What small thought could change YOUR day? (If you need one, let me know. I’ve got a million of ’em. :) )

23 thoughts on “One Small Thought

  1. Thank you for starting my Monday with a positive, happy,encouraging thought and post. I know that our thoughts lead to our actions. Happy Monday !

  2. “Too optimistic to be fearful.” That’s the one I’ll ponder today. I’ve too long been unwilling to take chances, and I consider myself fairly glass-half-full! Thanks for the reminder to take a few minutes to get into a positive frame of mind first thing in the morning. Time to slap on the headphones and listen to a little dharma :)

    • I have problems taking chances sometimes (usually), too, even though it has (usually) worked out when I’ve done so. Exhibit A: taking a chance on working with a personal trainer. :)

  3. I had a small moment like that last week. Had to take the car in early to get it worked on, started grousing about it, and then had the sudden thought–‘hey, you are so lucky that you have all the time in the world to do this.’ It changed my whole day into one of the best!

  4. With some troubles at work, I have to say to myself – I am lucky to have the job I do and if worst comes to worst, I can get another one in my field. It may not pay as well, but there are openings.

    • I used to update my resume when I felt the workplace overwhelm. I didn’t send it out very often; it was more a mental exercise to remind myself that I had options. 😉

  5. I find that just a few minutes of meditation each morning helps me to get focused for the day! Great post, thanks for the attitude reminder.

  6. Wonderful, relevant quotes that I needed today. Thank you for sharing your experiences with weight loss and life.

    • I should have added that I came home from a vacation in Florida to snow and ice in Minnesota. I’m stuck in the house today, and a bit frustrated because I had a ton of things to get done, and this is my first day back on my weight loss plan. But…I am too positive, optimistic, and determined to let the weather get me down–thanks to your reminder!

      • I hope your sunny outlook was enough to get over the weather! I, however, might not forgive you for mentioning Florida on this cold and rainy day. :)

  7. Definitely something I need to remember many times a day. Today was no exception. After a few moments I wanted to dance and sing… not appropriate where I was but made the activity all the more pleasant.

    I don’t think you read my Blog often … that’s OK we do different things but ….

    Thought I’d let you know we are heading out to Hawaii in a couple of days. We arrive in Honolulu Thursday morning to be exact. I’ve set up a separate Blog called Hawaii 2013 which you can find here should you want to follow this New Zealand couple abroad. Most of our time in Hawaii will be on Big Island including a few days on a coffee plantation.


  8. LOVE the – I will not be defeated! I have to say that to myself often these days & yes prior days – love it Cammy! I have so many quotes too! :)

    Hope the business thing goes well!

  9. If I could jump out of bed with the optimism you display I would be so glad. It’s interesting how you so easily make the shift from negative to positive. I don’t have any quotes as such but when things aren’t going the way I had hoped I always think that things could be a lot worse than what they are. I may not be having fun or just to darn busy but once I think this way things are immediately better. Cool I feel better already!

  10. I do that as well every morning and try to do thoroug out the day to keep myself positive. good that I am not alone in this. I even bought small beautiful book by Loise Hay- affirmation for every day.Her books are amazing!

  11. I love this post. When we resolve something like that it really sets the tone for our whole day. I have started telling myself that I will handle everything that comes my way with grace. I’m getting there!

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