RockStars of the Week, March 2

What day is it? Between cleaning and writing, cleaning and writing, cleaning and napping, I almost forgot to bestow the auspicious and highly coveted RockStars of the Week Awards!

rockstars of the week tippy toe diet

Robyn (Two Times Too Many), who successfully battled her way through a spicy pretzel attack and had a whole bunch of other victories this week. Way to go, Robyn!

Jody (Truth2BeingFit) was named one of YMX’s Brand Ambassadors. If you read Jody’s blog (and if you’re not, you should), you know she’s mentioned a few hundred times how much she ♥♥♥♥♥ the YMX brand, so I know this was important to her. Congratulations, Jody!

And last, but in no way least, Lynn (Lynn’s Weigh) showed us what a RockStar Grandmother looks like as she welcomed her fourth grandchild, the beautiful Audrey Rose, to the world and shared the nerves, the joy, the Frosted Flakes, and the excitement with us. Thank you, Lynn, and congratulations again to your wonderful family!

And then there were the rest of us. I’ll go first, it being my blog and all. :) I’m pleased to report that I rocked the exercise again this week and did a pretty decent job managing my nutrition. Considering that I finally opened the last bag of clearance Halloween candy, I’m pleased. :) I’m also rocking the Spring Cleaning, but just a few hours each day. I don’t want to burn out. LOL (How do baseboards get so dusty?!)

Okay, okay! NOW you can go–what did you rock this week? (C’mon, you know you did! Shout it out!)

I’ll leave you with wishes for an amazing weekend and a reminder to be sure to drop by on Monday for the first “simulpost” from the Adventures in Maintenance bloggers.

4 thoughts on “RockStars of the Week, March 2

  1. Awwwww….thanks, Cammy! And congrats to Jody! And while I was a bit inspired by your spring cleaning, as I sit here watching it snow, I decided to wait until spring actually shows up :)

  2. Thank you Cammy!!! I so appreciate the shout out & all your shout outs each week! Amazing ladies everywhere!

    YEAH for Robyn & Lynn!!!

    I so need to spring clean Cammy! I want to move & do it then! 😉

  3. Aw thanks for the shout out! I used to think of myself as a rock star but after sliding so far back it’s sure been hard to find my inner rock star lately. I know she’s still there though and it helps big time having support and friends remind me of that! Happy Monday!

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