Listening to the Right Voices

Six years ago this month, I was 100 pounds (or so) heavier, easing into this tippy toe diet and wondering where it would take me. The experts and their statistics said I wasn’t likely to succeed. Certain people in my life didn’t think I’d be successful. Heck, my own experience said I couldn’t carry it off, and it kept trying to remind me of that. Lots of voices competing for my attention.

Fortunately, I listened to my heart and instinct to find my way. Imperfectly and inelegantly, to be sure, but always returning to the belief that I had the answers I needed at the moment and that the remainder would surface at some point in time.

While I’ve (mostly) learned to manage my weight successfully, I still face doubts and fears in this and other areas of my life. I’m so grateful to have found Karen Gunton’s image above to remind me that the voices we listen to have the capacity to hold us back or to set us free.

I still value the voices of reason, logic, and experience, but I’m learning to listen for their synchronization with heart and instinct to point me in the right direction. (And I’m trusting the combination not to point me to a van down by the river. LOL)

Have you identified the voices competing for your attention? Got them sorted out into their proper places?

26 thoughts on “Listening to the Right Voices

  1. Absolutely! The things I think in my own mind are my biggest friend or my biggest foe, depending on the day and the situation. I’ve lost 167 pounds so far in the last 22 months through healthy choices, and thankfully, I’ve had many more good thinking days than bad thinking days. Therein lies my success!

    58 pounds left to lose until I reach my goal of losing 225 pounds!

  2. This is the second time in the past 5 minutes I’ve written that this is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks!

  3. This post was very inspiring. Losing 100 pounds is not one everyone can do. You did the right thing by listening to your heart and instinct! The key is to listen to the right voices.

  4. I have too many voices competing for my attention. The hardest one for me is – “go, go, go – you don’t get to relax”. I listen to it too much.

    • I’m having trouble with that one myself, Lori, especially mid-evening when I should be starting to relax for the day. I’m working on it, though. :)

  5. Unfortunately, I still listen to the wrong voices more often than not. I’ve got to shut out the noise and start making the healthy choices that my heart and mind can be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for commenting, Roly! I still catch myself giving in to the distracting voices sometimes. Like everything, it’s a process. Hang in there, because you’re on the right path!

  6. I need to give you blog info to my sister – she has been trying to lose weight the past couple of months and the slow going has her very frustrated.

  7. Imperfect and inelegant are excellent descriptions of the weight loss process. Yes, I have various voices in my head…the critical one, the one that shames me, the one that doubts me, etc. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to treat myself more kindly and change my self-talk into something more positive. I try really hard to forgive myself for slip-ups and focus on the accomplishments I HAVE achieved rather than the ones I haven’t.

    • That’s IT exactly, Kaki! It’s fine to examine the slips and misses to learn how to avoid them in the future, but letting them consume our thoughts does nothing to help in the long term. Good for you for working to keep your focus on the right things you’re doing!

    • You know, I had to ponder…I’m guessing Austin meet-up was about 5 years ago in Sept/Oct? I was a few pounds from goal then, so that seems about right. A west coast visit is on my list of 100 things, and I’m hoping to make it happen. My friend you met in Austin lives in SF, so the trip would be a two-fer for me. :)

  8. I have always loved that quote Cammy!!! Those voices definitely compete with me!!! Not sure I have then under control.. it depends on the time & place. 😉

    So wonderful all you have accomplished!!!!

  9. that’s a great image… for so many things besides weight loss even. Everything really.
    a lot of those other voices and even statistics are part of the reason you are so important and your blog, your presence… because you are the voice and the great example of what trusting your heart and gut can produce.

    • Thank you so much, Teresa! You’re far too kind. I agree, the image is inspiring for almost any task or goal we want to go after. I’m thinking of having it made into a tattoo. :)

  10. In my case ( to quote Jefferson Airplane), logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead :( BUT…those voices are (slowly) being silenced by my heart and its desire to get my head back in the game completely and without excuses. I’m very glad you’re out there as support. You have no idea how much :)

    • I am here and will help in any way I can, Lynn! I’m so grateful for your support, too. It’s easier to listen to the heart knowing there are caring, supportive people around to fix in any cracks or scratches. :)

  11. Congratulations on your weight loss success Cammy! You beat the statistics and that totally rocks!

    I have a lot of voices competing in my mind right now. I can be a great cheerleader for others but fall short sometimes when it comes to me!

    That quote is amazing – thank you for sharing it.

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