Need a Time Out? I Do.

What an emotional sledgehammer of a week! And I don’t even live anywhere near Boston, MA or West, TX. My heart goes out to those folks…and people who live in countries where these types of events are a common occurrence. It boggles my mind.

Given my distance and inability to do anything other than hope for resolution and healing soon, I’m grateful for the ability to take periodic time outs here and there for decompression and, in a few lucky moments, a little levity.

Last night, my friend Laura posted a link to a fun age-evaluation-type quiz from Harvard. (Yes, I used ‘Harvard’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence!) Basically, you click on some red dots and from that, the application takes a guess at your age.

Here’s what my circle-clicking revealed:

age test results from quiz (31)

You see why I liked it so much! LOL I lost 23 years in about a minute!

If you’re needing a wee break from things, give it a whirl and let us know your results.

The Vision Lab at Harvard also has other fun tests at Test My Brain. I just scored “above average” on recognizing famous faces, but I’m hanging my head at some of the ones I missed.

With that, I think I’ll combine brevity with the levity and leave you to your weekend. May we all find some joy sparkles in it!

20 thoughts on “Need a Time Out? I Do.

    • If I remember from the fine print, they’re looking at speed and consistency? I was a tad bit excited at being 31 again, so I kind of skimmed that part. :)

  1. Right oh! I can go and buy me a coffee plantation. I lost 30 years. How funny.

    Does that mean I spend too much time being familiar with my mouse pad?

    Thanks for a bit of fun.


  2. I only lost 7 years…great, now I feel worse! J/K!!!

    I am right with ya on the time out. Going to watch some funny movies and basically pretend everything is hunky-dory in the outside world.

    • If I’m not mistaken, Lori, I think you have to use a traditional laptop or desktop computer for the test to work properly.

  3. Cammy, Debbie here from Boston, and I am also grateful for the ability to take periodic time outs on your blog to decompress, especially after this past week. Thanks for what you do. Love your blog. :)

  4. Wow, I’m not very good with a mouse, but I can type really fast! I am actually 42, but the program calculated 39. Oh well…maybe if I played as many games as my kids my reflexes would be better!

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