Rock Star Moments

And another week rolls by. It was a good one for me, and I hope it was for you as well.


You’ll notice that our Rock Star logo has dropped the weekly designation. That’s proving too much for me to sustain, so we’ll just let it occur organically for now. :)

That’s not to say there aren’t all sorts of wonderful and inspiring accomplishments going on every week, because there are! Here are a few that I noticed recently:

Julie [Half a Julie] completed the C25k! Her joy inspired ME to run, and y’all know I don’t do running!

Carla [MizFit] mastered the Street Strider and has the video to prove it. I’m still longing for the Elliptigo, but the StreetStrider would be a nice runner-up.

Leah [My New Ending] is a rockstar on her own, but it seems she’s raising rockstar kids as well. While her son was out rocking the soccer field and Leah was out running, her daughters were combining some fit-walking and Spanish-studying for a double whammy. And then they all celebrated with healthy cold smoothies. Fit family togetherness, in action.

– Stepping outside our fitness focus, Lorelle [Lorelle on WordPress] has been offering a series of blog exercises to work out the ol’ blogging muscles. Almost every single post teaches me something I didn’t know already or makes me pause and re-think things. In today’s post, Lorelle wrote about increasing our ‘thank you’ ratio, which prompted me to realize I haven’t thanked Lorelle in far too long. A lot of work goes into those posts, and I appreciate them. Thank you, Lorelle! You ARE a RockStar!


So what were YOUR rock star moments lately? I know you had them.

As I wrote earlier, I actually ran during one of my walks this week. Three whole minutes and not all at once, but I injected three one-minute jogs here and there. And I didn’t die. I jiggled a lot, but I didn’t die. I might do even do it again. :)

I also am kind of rocking the side planks in my Lifting for Life workout program. I’ve improved from 20-second-OMG-my-side-is-going-to-explode to 45-second-OMG-my-side-is-going-to-explode. Side planks have long been my nemesis (probably because I kept quitting them), so I’m pleased with the progress.

Today’s workout is in the bag, and I see that yesterday’s rain clouds have disappeared. I’m thinking a nice long walk in the sunshine is in my immediate future. But no running. I already did 3 minutes this week, and I don’t want to over-train. :)

Happy, healthy weekend to all!

22 thoughts on “Rock Star Moments

  1. Great accomplishments by all this week. Super job with the running, three minutes is more than none. Why yes, I am good at math! I haven’t had any rock star moments this week, but it’s not over yet. Rain or shine, I will take a walk before Sunday. It may only be a ten minute walk mind you, but I am sure it will be painful. I’ve got to start somewhere, or I’ll never make progress.

    • Hey, even 10 minutes is something! And what many people (and by that I mean me) find is that those first 10 minutes are the hardest and once we get past those minutes, we’re feeling like we can do another 10 or so.

      Or we go back home and do it again the next day. :) The main thing is to start. I’m counting on you!

  2. Three minutes of running is a lot by my standards! My rock star moments are that I have walked everyday this week, eaten within my food plan guidelines and slept better than I have in weeks! Life is good. :)

  3. I love reading about the rock stars, always motivates me and I love finding new blogs to read! My rock start moment this week was after running Week 5 Day 2 of my C25K I kept working out and did free weights using some of the ideas you sent me link to! :)

  4. Thank YOU. You may never know how much this small act of kindness to not just point to my article but to be so generous with your complements meant to me. Sometimes it is the smallest of gestures that can change a life and in this moment, you changed mine from a moment of sadness to happiness. If we ever get a chance to met in person over tea, I’ll give you more details, but for now, thank you so much for making me feel like this is all worthwhile.

    Thank you.

    • Ahh, I’m sorry you were sad, Lorelle, and I’m glad my comments made you feel better. I hope we CAN meet someday, Lorelle! I’ll even treat! :) Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I am seriously going to get that book.

    I am rocking appreciating the husband this week. Making sure I remember to thank him for all the little things so that he knows that I notice them.

  6. I love reading about the rock stars, but totally see how trying to keep up a weekly schedule of it could be daunting. My moment actually came last Saturday when I completed a 10.6 mile hike. It had been a long time since I’d hiked that distance and kind of thought the days of 10+ milers were over. I actually did pretty well and could even move the next day. Won’t be doing that often, but this was a trail I hadn’t done that was rumored to be lovely and it didn’t disappoint.

    • Thank you, Kim! I love doing them. It’s so much fun catching people being awesome. The problem is that so many of you are being awesome all at once! LOL And that’s a delightful problem to have, isn’t it?

  7. My rock-star moment was one of personal enjoyment… I successfully made no-carb chocolate mousse with coconut milk and cocoa. It was SO good to have something sweet and creamy and know it’s not de-railing my good eating choices! (I’m going high fat/low carb).

  8. You all rock!!! Love as always Cammy!!!!! I am always late because this hits my email box in the morn after you write it. I so have to check out that book!

    Sort of rocking the sabbatical week – did not do all I should have so may try a couple days this coming week! :)

    So cool on your planks & running!

    • Thank you, Jody! We might as well take advantage of “under-employment” to indulge ourselves with frequent sabbaticals, right? :) We might find ourselves in full-time employment someday and then we’ll wish we’d taken more time for other things. Or maybe that’s just me, justifying why it was okay for me to spend an hour sitting outside reading today. LOL

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