The Downsides of Spring

I do love Spring, but even I have to admit that it has a few quirky downsides.


A lot of folks in the U.S. miss the best parts of Spring because they’re stuck indoors scouring the files for any overlooked tax deductions. But today is the last day for filing tax returns, so those people should be able to bandage the paper cuts and step out into the great outdoors.

And if the outdoors isn’t so great right now, thanks to a cool-to-cold Spring, it’s still worth getting out and about to take advantage of some of the tax day freebies being offered by various businesses. (Gotta love the American entrepreneurial spirit!)

Since I don’t have a million calories to spare and my tax return was filed months ago, I’ll be taking advantage of the best freebie of all: a nice long walk through the neighborhood*. It’s looking quite pretty right now.

azalea with cherub statue
discarded recumbent bike

Hmm, one of these things is not like others.


By the way, that’s not dust on that bike seat. It’s pollen. Anything that’s outdoors and stationary for more than a couple of minutes will soon be coated in a layer of green dust. Seriously, I was sitting outside reading the other day and I had to keep wiping the green off my glasses!

The War on Squirrels

This is my dilemma on this fine Monday morning. My attic has been overtaken by squirrels! (Oh please, God, let it be squirrels and not something smaller and gross.) I have searched and searched for the breech in my domicile, but other than one tiny space that I’m watching now, I can’t find it. My next step is to get up ON the roof and check for an access point under a shingle or flashing. Those beasts are crafty and may have their front door camouflaged. Not that I can do anything about it at this point. I need to get them evicted before I seal up anything.

Anyone have any good tips for driving squirrel squatters out of the attic? (My Dad has trap cages I can borrow, but I don’t want to haul off a mother squirrel and leave any babies behind to die. In.My.Attic.)

Okay, time to get my day started for real. Fingers crossed I have a buyer coming for my duplicate treadmill in a bit! And if he doesn’t show, I have emails from two more folks who are interested. Whew!

Hope you all have an awesome squirrel-free Monday!


*Or I might take advantage of the free Schlotzsky’s sandwich and then walk at the park. :)

17 thoughts on “The Downsides of Spring

  1. I will live vicariously through you flower filled spring walk today, as I shiver inside dressed in layers and not remembering what grass looks like, wishing my ancestors had settled somewhere warmer :) that whole squirrel issue sounds like a doozie! hopefully you can find a simple and humane way to get the critters out of your house – are there any pest control services in your area?

    • Hang in there, Robyn! I’m sure Spring will eventually get there!

      There are wildlife removal businesses here, but I really don’t have the $$$ to hire them right now. I’ll try the DIY method first. I’m hoping the warmer weather will drive them out soon and I can close up the access area. Provided I can find it, of course. :)

  2. What a pretty picture of the azaleas! I saw part of the Masters on the weekend from Augusta and the azaleas on the course there are unbelievable. Sorry, I have no idea what to do about the squirrels. Hope you get this resolved soon.

    • I told a friend that one of my goals was to go the Master, and she said, “I didn’t know you followed golf.” I quickly assured her I couldn’t care less about the golf. I wanted to see the azaleas! They’re simply amazing.

    • My sympathies on the white car. I had one once and this time of year was tough.

      And yes, the little bit of warming we’ve had has everything looking so pretty! The colors will take your breath away.

  3. I love all the photos of spring flowers. It was hailing in Seattle yesterday. What is with that?

    Good luck with the squirrels or whatever is in the attic. Soon, I will be bothered by my nuisance, the woodpecker. I hope we can figure out something to do this year. He is damaging the eave above our garage.

    Hope you have a great week.

    • Woodpeckers CAN be a real pain. (And loud!) My parents have at least one or two each season who seem determined to topple a tree in the backyard.

  4. To evict the squirrels: the husband put fox urine pellets in the attic and once they have moved out, sealed up their entrance point. I was surprised how small the hole was. They are crafty little critters!

    Here in Texas, everything is dusted with green pollen, and one day it will be spring and the next it is winter again. I am outside getting my Vitamin D each day now, but I pay for it in the morning with sneezing. I bought my generic 24 hour allergy tabs by the year this year!

    Happy Tuesday!

    • Thanks for the tip, Lorraine! It’s worth a try.

      We’re having the spring/winter thing here in Memphis, too! Shorts weather one day, fleece the next.

  5. Beautiful pics except for the one not like the other! :) Are weather is kinda UGH here right now but a warm up at end of week & I see a couple more sabbatical days coming! :)

    :9 on the squirrels! Hope you don’t have to spend your treadmill selling money on them!

  6. Ooh, good tip about the fox urine tablets! I hope it works for you. Squirrels are such cute little critters. They are pretty determined, though!

    The azaleas are gorgeous. Happy springtime to you!

  7. You are so cool. I wouldn’t even think of handling critters in my attic myself. Even though I shouldn’t spend money on a “professional”… I just don’t think I could deal with it.
    And on the roof!
    I’ll enjoy that image.
    I hope the treadmill sale goes smoothly!!

  8. Your azaleas are much further along than mine, but oh yes, we have the pollen. Bill has had a headache since Monday and I can’t breathe. What a duo! Squirrels?? Mothballs! Works for rabbits in your flowers also. Neither will eat them, so you aren’t harming the animals. We’re told they also keep snakes away, but we’ll not go there.

  9. Yes, keep hoping they are squirrels, because ours turned out to be rats. Roof rats… They are some kind of mutant super-rat that can climb fences and get up on your roof where they can enter through your vents! AAAaack! Luckily, some poison packets got rid of them. When it comes to rats, I am not going to catch and release :(

  10. Wow those amazing flowers – and oh man that pollen!

    My sister had had repeated infestations of rats in her attic and is amazed at all the ways they find their way in – best of luck with it!!

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