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Blogging is lots of fun, but I confess that sometimes I feel a bit intimidated, like I’m blogging into a great white space. I want to know more about the people who read my blog. What do we have in common? How are we different? What’s your social security number?

visitor info sign with question markOkay, that last one might be stretching it. But I do enjoy getting to know you a bit better. Today I’m asking YOU to jump in and tell me a little something about yourself. I’ll even help you by providing a few deep and probing questions. And, of course, I’ll play along! That’s 18% of the fun!

What is your favorite Disney Movie?
Tough call. Swiss Family Robinson is a sentimental favorite, because I remember Memaw taking us to see it in the theater, along with a big grocery bag of popcorn from home. :) And I adored all the Love Bug movies and the Apple Dumpling Gang. But all time favorite has to be Mary Poppins. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (even though the sound of it was something quite atrocious!:) ) I’ll bet that song would still drive my parents crazy. I think I’ll give them a call them to see if they remember it. I don’t think 7 a.m. is too early for that. :)

Have you ever won a trophy?
Yes, I have won numerous trophies in my life. I won a basketball trophy in junior high, a couple of bowling trophies, a few softball trophies, and a customer service trophy at work. A Pulitzer can only be next. (Note to Goodwill shoppers: Don’t be surprised if you see any of the aforementioned trophies at a store near you! Except the Pulitzer. I’ll be keeping it.)

What would be the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
After dropping to my knees in profound gratitude (and possibly a bit of shock), I’d quit my job. Considering I work for myself, I’d be nice about it. No going out with a dramatic double bird-flip or anything like that. And then I’d put everything I treasure into a storage unit, give away the rest, and hit the road for a really, really long road trip. Oh, I’d stop at a car dealership first. :)

What’s your favorite spice or seasoning?
Cayenne pepper. I put it on almost everything, except my yogurt sundae. I don’t use much, but I love how even a little can perk up a dish.

When was the last time you said, “I’m glad I don’t have that job”?
The last time I drove by a Wal-mart.

If you could be a professional athlete what sport would you play?
After careful consideration, I think I’ll go with baseball. First, there are all those softball trophies as evidence of my ability (baseball, softball: how different can they be?), and then there’s the fact that you spend a good bit of the game sitting in the dugout eating sunflower seeds. (I suspect I’d get on my teammates’ nerves sweeping up the spent shells, though.) Also, I like that the uniforms suit my body style: tight pants to emphasize my shapely thighs and a blouse-y top to de-emphasize my squish belly.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Tell me a little something about yourself! Here’s a quick list to make it simpler:
That job
Professional Athlete

See? Now you have no excuse! :) Answer as many or few as you wish! And thank you for playing along!


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53 thoughts on “Visitor (That’s You) Info

  1. Lady and the Tramp has to be my sentimental favorite–romantic, plus dogs!

    At first I was going to say no, I’ve never won a trophy. Then I remembered–YES! I showed dogs for 15 years (13-28) and won many many trophies.
    Lottery–it would be a miracle, since I don’t play.
    Spice–right now, Mrs. Dash, and Montreal Chicken. I realize those are combos, but I use them all the time.
    That job–would it be wrong to say I thought this the last time I visited my old unit? I LOVED being a NICU nurse. I just don’t want to do it any more.
    Professional Athlete–LOLOLOL.

    • I keep forgetting to check out that Montreal seasoning! (just wrote it on my shopping list for next week.)

      And I forgot about Lady & the Tramp!

  2. Great questions, and your answers cracked me up.

    Disney: Aside from Dick VanDyke’s absolutely awful accent, gotta agree with Mary Poppins.
    Trophy: mine were of the pathetic “most improved” or whatever they called the “you suck but you’re a good sport about it” one.
    Lottery: Probably book a world cruise and scheme about what to do next while seeing every freakin’ thing I can. Then beach house, personal chef, trainer, live in masseuse, I could go on and on…
    Spice: Is garlic a spice? If not, lets go with cinnamon.
    That job: public restroom cleaner
    Professional Athlete: If I could fantasize some actual skill to go with it, I’d go with tennis. Billie Jean King made quite an impression at an early age.

    Hey, that was fun!!

    • I forgot about that awful accent! ::shudder::

      Billy Jean King was a huge inspiration to me, back in the day. That whole Bobby Riggs “Battle of the Sexes” thing was my first real exposure to feminism. I know it was largely hype, but the discussion around it made my 13-year old self more aware of equality and discrimination. And then I went back to the Osmonds and Paul Revere and the Raiders adoration. :)

  3. smoked paprika, garlic and trader joe’s 21 seasoning salute are my go to seasonings…and I would be playing baseball right there beside you! best sport ever!!!

  4. Disney – Bambi, I’m a sucker for tear jerkers
    Trophy – only one that sticks in my memory, for Tennis, when I was 6 months pregnant!
    Lottery – I’ve thought of this whenever I see the billboards. I too would not take any new work contracts and travel. But my other priority would be to try to secure my grown children’s future.
    Spice – cardamon, as in my chai tea lattes
    Professional athlete – ugh, I never aspired to that! If I have to chose, I would say runner.

  5. I’ve been a lurker on your blog ever since I discovered Debby’s blog on The Quilt Show website. So refreshing to read about the more mature quest for health and not so much about wanting to fit into our old fav (NEVER) sequined thong! Of course, I’ve never been accused of being mature, and am jealous of those who could actually tolerate a thong for more than 10 min! Love the AIM posts too. Love your senses of humor!
    Me: retired Hospice RN, live in Laramie, Wy,Christian, quilter, perennial WW and at 63, really daunted by the difficulty of losing 15 measley lbs! It’s like sanding granite with cheesecloth!

    Disney- Lady & the Tramp hands down….Dogs Rule

    Trophy- 2nd place in a 5K- Geezer division
    Lottery- never bought a ticket, but I would buy a 2nd home in the Blue Ridge..around Lexington or Charlottesville Va…my fav place in the world..Virginia wine also rules!

    Spice- anything from Penzey’s! fav blend Bavarian!

    That job- Asphalt spreader on a road crew in Kansas in summer! (Kansas native)

    Pro Athlete- Speed Quilting!

    Can’t wait to read more comments. Thanks!

    • Oh yes, Deb, I would NOT want to be an asphalt spreader!

      Speed-quilting would be a great professional sport! It’s at least as interesting as professional poker, plus you have a greater risk of injury (needle sticks, calluses, gout, etc.) which would pull in more viewers. :)

  6. First off, two of my favorite Disney movies are for the way my son pronounced them when he was little – Pokeynokeyio and Lady and the Framp. Yes, I’m sentimental! My favorite was The Apple Dumpling Gang. I always wanted to be an orphan and have secret adventures. The Boxcar Children series of books was another orphan-fantasy that I loved…and honestly, I had a nice normal childhood, so I don’t know where all that came from!

    My only trophy is from when I was named Junior Fleet Queen in my sailing club, back when I was 12. I think pickings were slim that year, lol!

    First thing I’d do with lottery money is book a Maui vacation. Once there, I’d buy a house. :)

    Salt. OK, and cinnamon.

    Fun post, and neat to see everyone’s answers!

    • Oh my, I thought I was the only kid who romanticized being an orphan! I even had an orphan name: Naomi. :) (And yes, I hit the parental lotto and had a wonderful childhood as well. No clue why being an orphan seemed to be a good idea.)

  7. Shelley reminded me that I erroneously chose the wrong Disney movie! ALL TIME FAVORITE is The Ugly Dachshund!!!

    LOL at Shelley’s favorite spice. I guess that’s my favorite too.

  8. Disney movie is so hard because there have been soooo many! I do have a special fondness for Fantasia, though.

    Trophy – I have won awards, but never got any trophies.

    Lottery. First thing would be paying off my student loans, which without winning the lottery I will be paying off until I die (sadly I am fairly serious about this).

    Spice – cinnamon. I put it in everything from sweet to savory! Hot sauce comes in a close second.

    job – I actually said this the other day when it was frigid and the wind was blowing and there was a crew in the ground working on a sewer line. Ugh. I felt bad for them.

    If I had another go ’round – I would be a professional cyclist. Or fencing.

    • If I ever win the big lottery, your student loans are history!

      I used to think I’d like to be a UPS driver or something that allowed me to work outside, but seeing people who have to work outdoors in any and all weather had me rethinking that. I don’t do well in weather extremes. :)

  9. Fun!
    Mary Poppins is high on my list (not just of Disney but all time!)
    Trophy – track ones
    Lottery – buy our dream home – in Hawaii!!
    spice – Lemon Pepper
    dreaded job – cleaning out port-a-potties (saw an Undercover Boss episode about that once – nasty!!)
    Pro. athlete – hmmm, not sure here – maybe beach volleyball (I really just want to be on the beach all the time)
    What a great post – love to learn stuff about other bloggers!

  10. What a fun idea to do this!
    Disney: Cinderella brings back nice childhood memories for me, but The Little Mermaid was my daughter’s favourite and I loved watching it with her.
    Trophies: Sigh…sadly never got one.
    Spice: I love paprika (must be my Hungarian roots)
    Lottery: Definitely a world cruise but with the whole family. I would love to open a hospice in my grandmothers name.
    Pro Athlete: This is even more of a stretch than winning the lottery, but pro tennis player would be fun

    • What a lovely idea for a hospice, Katrin! I’ve got a list of existing charities to which I’d donate, but it would be nice to identify a gap that needs filling and then have the means to fill it.

  11. Disney: Sleeping Beauty – with Beauty and the Beast a VERY close second. When my daughter was two years old, she used to take her blankie and dance and sing the song “I know you” from Sleeping Beauty. (She’s 25yo now, so sweet memories!)

    Trophy: I don’t think so. When I played softball, we were champs but I don’t remember getting a trophy. And in junior high when I played basketball we were undefeated both years, but again, no trophies for everyone in that era. :-)

    Lottery: first I would faint because I don’t play it. Then I would pay off all debt, including mortgage. Take another cruise with my hubby and put the rest in some kind of retirement account.

    Spice: Greek rub

    That job: nail tech. I love the gal who does my nails and pedicures, but most people have gnarly feet and I wouldn’t want to have to touch them. :-)

    Professional Athlete: I loved playing basketball but never would have wanted to play pro. Golf would probably be the best for not blowing out joints and such. :-)

  12. Lady and the Tramp was my first and favorite Disney movie,

    I have never won a trophy – I was a kid pre-girls playing sports! I have a closet full of trophies my kids won, though.

    I would quit my job, pay stuff off and buy a house if I won. I have a whole lottery list, actually. I buy a ticket most weeks.

    I love cinnamon.

    I could never be a butcher.

    I guess it ‘s not the same as an athlete, but I would love to be a dancer.

  13. Disney Movie:
    That’s tough one. We love Disney movies around here. Probably Cars.

    No recently, but I still have a bunch of trophies at my mom’s house. The biggest one was for Miss Senior Missionette. Missionettes (now called Stars) was my church’s program similar to Girl Scouts with Bible study added. I competed with girls from all over Northern CA and Nevada. I had to memorize an entire chapter (Colossians 3).

    I also have a 4 year trophy for high school band.

    We’d pay off all of our siblings (and our own!) student loans and/or mortgages.

    I’m not a spicy girl. Unless garlic counts. Then definitely garlic.

    That job
    Daycare worker. I work in early intervention (birth to 3) and often go into daycares. I can’t imagine being surrounded by a dozen little people–all the same age—who can’t tell you why they are crying!

    Professional Athlete
    Beach volleyball. I’ve always loved volleyball, but I’d definitely have to have a bikini body to play!

    • I forgot I played volleyball in my freshman year of high school! No medals, though, because I wasn’t very good at it. If I took up beach volleyball, I’d have to set a new trend: shorts and baggy t-shirts. :)

  14. Disney movie — I’ll go with Toby Tyler. My kids and I watched that many times and we still dream of running away to the circus. There is a documentary about the Big Apple Circus on Netflix that is fabulous!

    Trophy — My best friend Marianne and I were a singing duo called Starfish and Strawberries. We won a trophy at a school talent contest. Fun times.

    Lottery — We actually do play about twice a year. I have a few things in mind but first new automobiles for all. A VW bug for oldest daughter, a Mini Cooper for me, a Fiat for youngest daughter and hubby can shop for himself. :)

    Spice — I use cinnamon every single day so I’ll say that.

    That job — Doing any kind of outside job in the summer in Arizona. I feel so sorry for those people.

    Professional Athlete — No athlete in me so I’ll pass on that one.

    • I loved the Toby Tyler movie, too! Our elementary school used to show movies on Saturday afternoon, and that was one of the movies we watched. I can still smell the popcorn. :)

  15. What fun! And I loved your answers. As soon as I got to the “job” one, I knew immediately it was a bridge worker. I’m scared to death of driving across bridges and when I see those guys out there fixing them, I almost get sick. The other day, a car was broken down on one of my most hated bridges and a tow truck operator was there helping her and I thought, ‘I wouldn’t want to be a tow truck operator, either, since I’d have to help people on bridges!’

    What were the other questions? LOL

    • I have only recently discovered a weird fear of heights. There are a couple of commercials featuring people scaling sheer face of cliffs or perched on a towering outcropping on top of a mountain. Whenever I see them, my stomach rolls and I feel dizzy. Even though I’m sitting at my desk or on my bed. LOL And now I wonder if I’ll start having the same sensation on bridges. :)

  16. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Disney – Mary Poppins of course! I still love it!

    Trophy – yes, lots but most recent were my bodybuilding ones in my late 30’s. I stopped competing in things after that. 😉

    Lottery – I would be the back to the future car – Gone to Hawaii! :) Honest, pay off a billion bills, help family & charity that I wish I could afford to help, make sure I would never have to worry about money again & the Hawaii! 😉

    Spice – cinnamon!

    That job – there are a lot – sorry – can’t pick one..

    Professional Athlete – I never had a desire to be a professional athlete – famous yes but not an athlete… :)

  17. Disney: Bambi. This is the first Disney movie we had for my (now grown) daughter. She would watch it over and over and over and over. We watched it again this past Christmas. :)

    Trophy: I won a Grand Champion blue ribbon at the local fair when I was in 2nd grade, but no trophy. sadness…

    Lottery: We are talking **BIG TIME** lottery win, not just the “$3.00-win-part of-your-money back” win, right? LOL! First of all, I’d buy my Mom a full length mink coat that I told her I would buy her back when I was in college. (Big time dreaming back then!). Then, I would make sure my children were financially set. Thirdly, I’d give each sibling an equal portion, which just might do me in as there are 11 of us! Finally, **Momma needs a new pair of shoes** – running shoes, that is!

    Spices: Cholula hot sauce – is that a spice?

    That Job: Teacher for children < 3rd grade. Honestly… I don't know how they deal with all those children 8 HOURS A DAY!!! I know there are rewarding times, but gah!!!

    Professional Athlete: Can one be a professional athlete without doing all the training? If so… that's the one I want to be! LOL!

    Have a great day, Cammy!

    • Oh yeah, my favorite stalker Judy, we’re not talking one of those piddly 6- or 7-figure wins. We’re going for the big bucks!

      You have 11 siblings? Oh my goodness, I hope WHEN you win, it will be enough to go around! LOL

      I haven’t heard of cholula hot sauce. Must investigate.

  18. Disney Movie: Lady and The Tramp and Beuty & The Beast
    Lottery: I’d book a vacation to Hawaii to plan how to spend the rest of the money, but a house on the Outer Banks in NC is at the top of the list.
    Job I’d hate: teacher….underpaid, overworked and not apprecaited enough!
    Athlete: swimmer or gymnast…they look so graceful
    Spice: I’m kind of wimpy, but my favorite is Basil.
    Love your blog!! I usually don’t post, just read every day!! <3

    • Thank you, Barbara! I’m so glad you jumped in to play!

      Despite living in the south my whole life, I have never been to the Outer Banks. I understand it’s quite lovely. I’ll add it to my lottery travels list. :)

  19. Fun stuff–I’ll play!
    Favorite Disney movie–tough, tough call since we own just about every one ever made. Mary Poppins and Lady and the Tramp are high on the list, though.

    Trophies–I won a couple for kids’ dog shows and a few ribbons along the way.

    If I won the lottery–highly unlikely since I don’t play, but if I did somehow get a winning ticket, I’d quit my job, pay off my bills and my daughter and son-in-law’s bills, donate a bunch to cancer research and other charities I’m committed to, and then book some cruises (Panama Canal, Europe), etc., if there was anything left.

    Favorite spice–does garlic count? Love garlic in/on lots of things. :)

    That job–WalMart is high on the list, my daughter had the misfortune to work there for awhile. Not a good experience, shall we say.

    Professional Athlete–baseball or runner. I do run, but no way in the world I’ll ever qualify as a PROFESSIONAL runner. I’m a back-of-the-packer and just happy to be outdoors and moving.

    • Denise, I admire ANYONE who has the discipline to run–I don’t care where in the pack they’re running! You’re all way ahead of me! :)

  20. Disney – My favorite Disney movie is definitely “Enchanted.” Loved everything about it.

    Trophy – Since most trophies are won for some type of athletic endeavor, there are no trophies on my mantle, and it is likely that there never will be–slug that I am.

    Lottery – I rarely buy lottery tickets. I’m not much of a gambler of any type!

    Spice – I like both cinnamon and cayenne pepper, because they both enhance so many types of foods. My oatmeal would be nothing without cinnamon, and cayenne adds so much zip to so many foods.
    That job – I am now retired and happily so. The job I am glad I no longer have (and I really did not dislike it ) is the one I had for 28 years as a social worker. I believe that there is a time for everything in a person’s life, including a profession, and I was ready to move on. I am happily and contentedly retired.

    Professional Athlete – I am the most unathletic person in the world, but if I were to choose a sport, I would choose bicycling, because I love the feeling of flying and freedom that I get when I am on my bike. It takes my heart and mind to another level when I feel so unencumbered and so in tune with the forces of nature, and I feel restored afterward.

    • I didn’t retire exactly (more like my job was retired), but yes, it was definitely time to move on. I imagine the feeling was more profound in such a taxing field as social work.

      I agree about the bike. When I’m riding mine, I always feel so young and free!

  21. Disney movie: Aww man, that’s not fair! It’s a three way tie for me between Lilo and Stitch, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid

    Trophy: Cheerleading in 2nd grade. I was the tallest, fattest girl on the team and they had a girl half my size set to catch me during a cheer. I refused…still got the trophy. Pffft.

    Lottery: We have already agreed we wouldn’t tell a soul, claim it through a lawyer then lie about a job transfer. Hello Kauai!

    Spice: Black pepper. There’s not much I don’t use it on.

    That job: Teacher. I’ve got MAD respect for teachers but I think I’d end up in jail if I had to do that job. I have no patience for a lot of the things they have to put up with.

    Professional Athlete: I honestly loathe sports so I’d be a benchwarmer. Is paddle boarding a professional sport yet? If I don’t bust my arse next month, I’d do that.

    • I love black pepper too! I even eat it on cantaloupe, which drives some of my friends batty. :)

      You’ve got me wanting to try paddleboarding! I saw some folks in Florida doing it a few years ago. Maybe I can get back down there someday soon and give it whirl.

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  23. Disney: It’s a tie. The Three Lives of Tomasina and The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. Sunday night watching the Wonderful World of Disney is one of my favorite memories.
    Trophy: My sons gave me a World’s Best Mom trophy many years ago. Does that count?
    Lottery: Beach house
    Spice: Cinnamon
    That Job: Recently had a main sewer line repaired and I was so glad I didn’t have to do it!
    Athlete: Surfer. I never have surfed and probably won’t at this stage of my life but it looks thrilling and beautiful.

    • Thomasina, Thomasina! I remember watching it and crying my eyes out, but I can’t remember the whole thing. Fortunately, I just found out it’s on YouTube! It’s not nearly as captivating as my chicken-shredding video, I’m sure, but I’m going to try to give a viewing this weekend. Maybe Sunday night at 6 p.m. :)

  24. Hi! I don’t believe that I’ve ever commented before, but if you insist… 😛

    – My favorite Disney movie is Pocahontas, mainly for the music 😀
    – I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten any trophies, but I have lots of baseball, basketball, academic and running metals, as well as a couple of plaques.
    – If I won the lottery I would pay off my mortgage and any other outstanding financial obligations, then go backpack Europe for a couple of years.
    – My favorite spice is garlic…
    – I do believe that I would not want to work for a septic company.

    • Oh Chantelle, I do insist. (I’m going to start doing that now, you know. :) )

      Thanks so much for playing along! I don’t have any academic medals (you’re surprised, right?), although I did place in a spelling bee once.

  25. Disney: usually the last one I saw (is Tangled even Disney) I liked Nemo and The Little Mermaid and 101 Dalmatians but the kids are older now and I haven’t really sat down and rewatched any of them.

    Trophy: I won a prize at a horse event. I think it was a candy dish (and ribbon) for barrel racing.

    Lottery: Knees first, good idea. After paying some bills and maybe the house, I’d like to go on a cruise.

    Spice: I’m not much of a spice girl but I’d say cinnamon and nutmeg.

    That job: Have you seen the TV show Dirty Jobs? Any of those.

    Professional Athlete: Three-day Eventing. involves horses 😉 Steeplechase, Dressage and show jumping.

  26. Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast
    Trophy: none, but get a participation medal when I do Mudruns
    Lottery: travel, lots of travel
    Spice: Garlic, lots of garlic!
    That job: construction worker on a highway construction site – their job is so dangerous! Ditto the police officers who have to work those sites! I cringe every time I drive by and watch other drivers speed by. Yikes!
    Professional athlete: Baseball player

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