All-in-One Dinner & Dessert

With the temps beginning to climb, my food desires are veering away from “hearty” foods and more toward simpler, lighter meals. Summer is the time of year I come closest to eating the 5 smaller meals spread throughout the day as recommended by many eating programs. When it gets really hot, it’s more like 3 smaller meals and lots of cold fruit. I wish I could channel my summer appetite to the cold, grey days of winter.

Yesterday was one of those weird meal days. I was working up until around 2:00 p.m., so lunch was delayed and I really didn’t want much because it was warm and muggy outside and I was out in it. Eating lunch so late meant I didn’t really want another meal until around 8:00 last night. I thought about just having a yogurt sundae and calling it dinner, but I felt like I wanted something a little more substantial, something like a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Only I didn’t have any bread. All I had on hand was a couple of fiber wraps…shoot.

And then a light bulb went off! I remembered that earlier this week, Beth at Budget Bytes posted a recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Quesadillas! Bingo, three bars, jackpot! We have a winner!

Click on the previous link for the luscious particulars (Beth’s photos are MUCH more tantalizing than mine), but here’s my version:

peanut butter banana quesadilla prep steps: assemble, heat, flip, eat

My fiber wrap was a little large, I think, or maybe I’m just a lazy peanut butter spreader because I had a few tiny empty pockets. Still, it tasted great, it was very filling, and the addition of the chocolate chips made it feel as much like a dessert as a mini-meal. Efficiency, thy name is Cammy. Well, I suppose that would be Beth, and Copy-cat would be Cammy. :)

With my ingredients (subbing a tablespoon of peanut-flour mix for a tablespoon of regular peanut butter), the calorie total came to a little over 300. Not bad, and it had a nice balance of protein, fiber, fat, and decadence. I’ll definitely be having this again someday!

What do you think? Will you be trying a pb&b quesadilla? Subbing another nut butter or nutella? Running far, far away?

21 thoughts on “All-in-One Dinner & Dessert

  1. That sounds yummy! I don’t buy tortillas very often (other than in chip form), but I might need to.

    I find that I am moving towards a lot more yogurt now and salads will probably make an appearance soon.

  2. Whoa! The amount of carbs in that one meal is more carbs that I consume in 1 day (from veggies and fruits in total) That being said…. just finishing up a low carb challenge for the month of May. Adding in a teeny amount of 85% chocolate tomorrow. Running like the wind right now…. 😉

  3. I love Budget Bytes! I’ve made several of her recipes and they’ve all turned out delicious. This is an easy combo for me. I heart bananas and nut butters and I love me some quesadillas. I know my little guys would love it, too.

    • I think little peoples would love them, too, especially because they could probably do the assembling themselves. :) (I love Budget Bytes too!)

  4. I don’t like bananas that much, and I don’t like PB that much. But either of them WITH chocolate? That changes the whole equation! I might have to try that one. Do you have a fiber wrap that you like better than others?

    • I’m kind of wondering how thinly-sliced apples might work in this concoction. I might try that when I get back home.

      For the fiber wrap, I buy one called “Ole Xtreme Wellness” (the name proves how healthy it is :) ) even though the ingredients list is a bit long.

    • Debby, Trader Joe’s has a whole grain tortilla with oats and flax seeds that I really like. Can’t imagine you haven’t seen that one. It’s my hiking sandwich staple!!

      • Thanks Cammy and Sharon. I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in a long time. Sounds like its about time for a trip!

  5. I make something similar to this, I call it a “Choco Taco”, sometimes it’s just a fiber tortilla with chocolate chips, sometimes I add PB too, but I have never thought to add banana! Now I need to go make some

  6. That sounds good. Think I’d go for it more as a dessert than a meal. Bet it would work if you had a really old banana you needed to use and mashed it up with the peanut butter, mixed in a few chocolate chips, maybe a few nuts and heated. By the time you put the whipped cream on top, you might as well go to Dairy Queen!! You can tell I’ve had one two many vacation treats over the past few weeks, can’t you??

  7. Right now I’m doing a pretty well-defined program, with no carbs at dinner, so this wouldn’t work for me. However, it is a very creative meal, and I may have to try it in the future, if the time is right.

    • It would also make a happy breakfast, I think! I know that wouldn’t work for you now, but something to think about for later, if you’re so inclined.

  8. I could so eat that Cammy! I’ve made something like it just on a piece of toast spread with peanut butter, sliced banana and a few mini chocolate chips. But yours would be even better.

    We are also moving more towards salads and fruit with the temps warming up. It kind of takes away the appetite when it gets so darn hot out. Plus I don’t want to cook as much when it’s hot.

  9. Well, I wish we had some bananas in the house – maybe I could just have the peanut butter and chocolate chips in the tortilla!!! Looks really good.
    I’m the same about eating in the summer – I get so hot that nothing sounds very good except cold fruit!

  10. running up up up!!!
    the child will love and I have all the stuffs right here.
    Im in the kitchen :-)

  11. Oh…I will SO be trying the PB&Banana quesadilla! I looks like a great substitute when I was a treat, but know my body really needs more than ice cream. :)

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