I Ate Zucchini and Survived

I love when a Friday rolls around and I feel really good about the week behind me.

Meal Logging

My re-entry into normal Cammy living, brought to us courtesy of Sparkpeople:

food diary for the week

Not perfect, and not exactly balanced out right for the components, but the overall trend was good. I’ll take it and keep going. For week two, I’m going to work on getting protein and fiber up and carbs down a little.

I’m also hoping to get my average exercise minutes up a bit. I’ll be working quite a bit next week, plus I’m transitioning into the second phase of New Rules of Lifting for Life, so we’ll see what time and the body will allow. The effort will be there, and that matters more than the minutes.

New Foods

Parmesan Crisps and Parmesan Zucchini Crisps
I did make the Parmesan-Zucchini Crisps (pictured on right) I mentioned in my last post, and I quite enjoyed them. I basically used Ellie Krieger’s recipe, only using a teensy zucchini, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon each of panko crumbs and parmesan. After tasting, I added a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Verdict? Good while they’re hot, not so much as they cool. Since I don’t need to gobble them down in a hurry, I found a work-around by dipping the cooled crisps in my marinara. The next time I make them, I’ll serve a little marinara alongside for a flavor boost.

I also found a nice little flatbread (pictured above on left) to enjoy with my zucchini. Am I the last person to learn about Damascus Bakery? They make several types of breads, but these roll-ups caught my eye at the market the other day. I want to make some tuna salad for the weekend, and these looked like good possibilities for tuna melt yumminess.

I didn’t realize until I got home how big these things are, bigger even than the monster strawberries!

damascus bakery flatbread, half-slice

This is half of a roll-up! As you can see, it’s plenty to go along with a meal. I had a whole one with turkey earlier in the week, and it was too much. (Yes, that’s ME, queen of the bread lovers, saying that!)

For dinner a couple of times this week, I spritzed half a roll-up with olive oil, sprinkled on a tiny bit of parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning blen, and broiled a couple of minutes to crisp them up. Dee-lish! And only 55 calories for the half-portion! I’m thinking that the next time Cheez-its sound like a good idea, I’ll be turning one of these roll-ups into crackers. :)


And that’s it for me for this week. I’m off to light a candle that my Amazon shipment arrives today or tomorrow so that I don’t have to go to dinner on Mother’s Day empty-handed. Maybe I can take them some homemade Cheez-its. :)

Wishing you all a great weekend!

18 thoughts on “I Ate Zucchini and Survived

  1. I’ve found some ways to eat zucchini too. I think pretty much they all involve masking the taste and or texture:) My favorites are zucchini pizza and zucchini pancakes (much like a hash brown or latke but with zucchini)>

    • Nice to see you here, Karen!

      I’ve got the zucchini-as-pizza-crust on my to-try list. I’m also going to try eggplant pizza, if I can find a tiny eggplant. :)

  2. I need to try that zucchini. It looks pretty good and I bet John might try them.

    Apparently I am now the last person to hear of Damascus wraps, since you know about them.

    • Thanks, Roly! I just got an email telling me the packages should arrive next Wednesday. Looks like I’ll be creating a paper version of their gifts to include in the cards. :)

  3. I’m a sparker too, where did you find that report? I like seeing the exercise minutes along with the nutrition info

    • Hi Bonnie!
      Thanks for your question! This is SP data, but my own DIY version. I copied the Weekly summary at the bottom of the daily tracker and pasted it into an excel spreadsheet. Then I entered my exercise minutes for each day. I’d love to see a report like it within SparkPeople. I should send them an email to let them know that at least TWO of their millions of members would appreciate having it available. :)

  4. No, Lori, I’m now the last person to hear of Damascus wraps (since it is now 4:17 EDT).

    Yay for zucchini! I’m so glad you liked (is “like” too strong a word?) them, but then again, Parmesan makes everything yummy :)

    • Oh yay, I’m the next-to-the-next-to-the last! :) “Like” is a pretty good word. “Love” would be overstating. :)

  5. Guess I must be the only oddball around who actually LIKES zucchini. We fix it often and several different ways. Reading blogs now for almost three years has really made me appreciate the fact that I truly like most vegetables and have never had a probably getting enough of them. Now my only vegetable challenge is my MIL who still believes the only way to prepare them is FRIED, FRIED, and more FRIED!

    • Frying doesn’t do anything for them, for me. I don’t even like fried green tomatoes that much, which as you know, is grounds for deportation to northern parts. :)

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