Meet The World’s Newest (and Possibly Oldest) Triathlete

triathlon swimmersAs far as I’ve ever known, a triathlon consists of 3 components: a swim, a bike ride, and a run. I knew the distances varied depending on the level of competition, but those were the components available. Or so I thought.

I also thought the closest I’d ever get to competing in a triathlon was walking, riding my bike, and taking a shower on the same day. And to be honest, I was quite happy with that. Especially the shower part.

Over the weekend, I happened to meet a fellow who is training for a triathlon, only his triathlon trades out the swimming for kayaking. In talking with him, I learned that there are other tri “off-shoots” with different segments, but the common ground is that there are three segments. Hence, the ‘tri’.

Suddenly my walk, bike, shower tri doesn’t seem so silly. I mean, it is a vigorous shower.

Okay, I lied. I stand there and let hot water soak into all the spots that ache until I remember that hot water costs $$$ and reluctantly limp to the bed. So maybe my triathlon is a bit too “lite.”

For some reason, I decided today was a good day for a real Tippy Toe Triathlon. I already had a gym workout scheduled, and I’ve been tacking on a walk or bike ride after that anyway. Why not go for all three?

And so I did:
– Workout A (Phase 2) of New Rules of Lifting for Life (More on that next post.)
(break for lunch and produce run)
– Zippy 30 minute walk
(break for snack and book reading)
– 45-minute bike ride

So a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes of exercise. And now I’m too tired to even stand in the shower. I might have to take my friends up on their offer to use their Jacuzzi while they’re gone. :)

Since I have no desire to train for or compete in an actual triathlon, this whole idea of swapping out the standard triathlon components has me thinking that any of us can create our version of an event. You know, one that matches our abilities and our schedules. :)

For example, I’ll need to do yard work this weekend, so maybe I’ll make that a segment. (It burns a lot of calories, plus my gutters need cleaning again which will add to the tally.) Add in a bike ride and a walk and there’s my three segments.

On a rainy day, I might do my old stand-bys, the elliptical, the bike, and the stair climber at the gym. Twenty minutes of each and I’ve got myself an hour. Or just ten minutes of each if I’m pressed for time. Or if I’m tired.

What types of exercises would you choose if you could build your own tippy toe type triathlon? If you’re just starting out, you could set shorter time limits and build from there. If you’re way past me (and probably most of you ARE), you could aim higher. The idea is to put together three types of exercise (any exercise) in one day–ones that will stretch you, but not break you. :)

12 thoughts on “Meet The World’s Newest (and Possibly Oldest) Triathlete

  1. Congrats on your Tri! :) I’ve had a couple of Tri days. One day I went to gym early and did a 3.1 (5K) run during my lunch hour. That night, I went to the 5:30 “Thighs, Butts, and Abs” class, followed by my regular Zumba class. When the day was over, I had 25,000 steps on my FitBit!! And I was one tired girl!

  2. you’re brilliant! it’s also such a good way to keep breaking up old routines and giving our bodies that variety they need. I think you’ve innovated something great.

  3. Oh- I might actually do a triathlon if I could kayak instead of swim. I’ve always thought doing a tri would be fun except for the swimming which isn’t my strong suit!!

  4. I would do the bike, pool, and weights at the gym. I rarely do all three on the same day anymore. But if I schedule a ‘spa week’ again, I will do that. Its fun if all you have to do afterwards is relax. Even quilting is too strenuous after that LOL.

    At home I occasionally do yard work, a walk, and my P.T. exercises in the same day. I guess that could count for something!

  5. Yay for triathlon! Having done a real one – I hate the swim. Big reason why I will likely not to another one, although the not running thing gets in the way as well. I am all about biking, hiking and lifting!

  6. Does a vacation tri count? Last time I was in Mexico we did water aerobics in the morning, hiking in the afternoon (actually, it was a walking tour), and dancing in the evening. That’s my perfect tri-fecta!

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