Road Notes

I’m back from my travels and probably no more than 30 pounds heavier than when I left last Friday. :)

No worries, though, because I’m pretty sure 28 pounds of it is excess water. The combination of out-of-the-ordinary meals/celebrations and long distances between rest stops have my “processing” out of whack, if you know what I mean. I’m chugging water, so I expect the worst of the damage to be gone by the weekend.

As usual, I had lots of pondering time in this 2,000 mile road trip, mostly thoughts of gratitude:

Gratitude for good friends – There’s nothing like a reunion weekend with good friends to restore my energy and my soul. We pick up where we left off in our last visit, we laugh, we cry, we eat too much and enjoy it. These people are my heart.

wedding cakeGratitude for Maryland – The purpose of this trip was to witness and celebrate the marriage of two friends who have been partners in life for 30 (or 31–they’re not really sure) years. The fine voters of Maryland decided in favor of marriage equality, so my friends were able to exchange vows in front of a gathering of friends and family and become legally married. (I emphasize legally because these two have long been the most married people I know.)

I tell you, this was one of the most emotional and profound weddings I’ve ever attended. Every word was layered with meaning and depth and the celebration after…well, imagine you and your spouse (or people you know and love) had had to wait 30 (or 31) years to get married. There was jubilance and joyfulness in every single minute. I still get the shivery smiles when I remember it, which makes me especially grateful to have been invited to share the day with them.

And of course I’m grateful that where there is a wedding, there is cake! :) So grateful that I had two slices! (What was I supposed to do? Each layer had a different flavor, and I couldn’t ignore the chocolate-raspberry cake after I’d had the lemon almond, could I? [Answer=No] I did keep one point of my virtue crown by not having one of the cupcakes they also had on the table. So give me credit for that, at least.)

Gratitude for safe travels, a dip in gas prices, and an abundance of hotel reward points that allowed me to make the trip. I’ll be eating lots of oatmeal and lentils throughout May, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Especially considering those two slices of cake and other splurges too numerous to mention.

Gratitude for the opportunity to meet my buddy, Sharon, for a coffee/tea break on the way home! Sharon and I have become quite proficient at dispensing with the formalities and getting down to chatting. We rarely have the luxury of open-ended visits, so we make the most of what we’ve got. And I love every minute of it!

Gratitude for small things like hotel windows that open to let in fresh air, podcasts that kept me entertained during the miles when NPR bored even me, simple kindnesses of people I met along the way–with a heart open to gratitude and joy, there were simple things happening every hour that filled my heart with wonder and joy.

And finally, gratitude that my house was still standing when I got home. And that I really DID remember to turn off the oven before I left. :)

Unfortunately, no one did my yard work or any of my other chores while I was gone, so I’d better get to it. I’ll share more about my post-vacation rebound plan later in the week.

My soon-to-be-extinct Google reader is overflowing, so I might have to pull out the old Mark All As Read card from the Blogopoly game. In case I can’t catch it up, please let me know if anything big happened in YOUR world in my absence. (And y’all know I subscribe to the idea that even small things are reasons for celebration! Just not necessarily with cake. :))

20 thoughts on “Road Notes

  1. Firstly, congratulations to your married friends. It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration – the fabulous cake a mere bonus.

    Secondly, I’m always looking for podcasts because I, too, get bored with NPR from time to time. Got any recommendations?

    Thirdly, have you selected a replacement for Google reader? I am still in complete denial and haven’t found a suitable substitute.

    Glad you are home safe and I hear you on the the yardwork. The lawn waits for no man (or woman).

  2. This comment caught my attention because I am from Maryland! I am so glad that your friends could get legally married. I’m sure it was a very special moment for everyone, especially the newly weds. The cake looks wonderful as well!

    • I’m not sure Maryland was ready for two Cami/Cammys in one state! LOL I was in the Laurel area.

  3. Yes, it was a great visit. You know it’s a comfortable time among friends when you finally get around to checking the time and over two hours have passed without a lull in the conversation. Well, except for coffee/tea refills and certain other types of breaks! Glad you made it home safely!

    • No matter how much time we spend visiting, I always selfishly wish it could have been twice as much!

      Wishing you safe travels!

  4. Welcome back from your trip! It sounds like you really had a great time. Celebrating with friends is about as good as it gets! Once you are back in your normal home routine, the vacation gain will disappear before you know it.

  5. Wow big congrats to your friends and kudos to MD for voting for marriage equality :) It sounds like a joyous event indeed! and sometimes you really need that slice of cake in order to truly enjoy the event!!

  6. Big congrats to your friends! That cake looks gorgeous, too – love the rainbow. Good on Maryland for getting their act together…now for the rest of the country!

  7. What a wonderful trip!!! So much to be thankful for & especially your friends that were finally able to marry legally! I don’t get why people are so worried abut what goes on in other people’s houses & bedrooms. I am sure they have enough o worry about with their own crap! :)

  8. I love that you enjoyed the cake.
    How beautiful that your friends were able to celebrate their marriage and that you could join them.
    I always appreciate some good gratitude listing!

  9. Texas is SO far behind Maryland. I hope we get marriage equality eventually. Congratulations to your friends! You make me want to take a road trip!

  10. What a wonderful trip! I’m hoping for some worthy cake on my own trip LOL. Oh, and very much hoping that the weight will come right back off when I get home.

  11. You got to the wedding, lucky you! I was so thrilled when I heard they were going to be able to marry. That cake looks amazing.

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