Saluting SparkPeople

I think I might be suffering a bit of car-lag from my trip. Either that, or the never-ending rain we’ve had over the past few days, have left me feeling sloggy and dull.

Despite the meh!, I am pleased to say that this has been one of the smoothest returns to Cammy-normal I’ve had yet! Better than most, and I think that’s because I had already planned to journal my food in Sparkpeople for the month of May as a kind of nod to my sixth Spark-oversery.

Back in 2007, when I was first learning how to compose healthier meals, I used the meal tracker in SP to figure it all out. Then I got caught up in the silly fun of earning points for virtual trophies which helped me build momentum. Before I knew it, I’d built all sorts of healthier habits, dropping pounds left and right, and enjoying every minute of it!

So thank you, SparkPeople, for helping me find my way…and for helping with resuming my new, healthier habits in full after an indulgent vacation! (I’d actually forgotten how much fun detail tracking can be! Motivational, too! :) )


Not much going on in my world this weekend, certainly no cake. :( We’re having a cool snap (37° tonight!) and more rain, so if you’re looking for me, you’ll likely find me at home or at the gym. Or writing my AIM post for Monday. :)

What are you doing this weekend? I hope it’s something more fun than shivering!

13 thoughts on “Saluting SparkPeople

  1. You know I like tracking my food! I switched from Daily Plate over to My Fitness Pal and I really like it. Plus I found out there is an app for a smart phone with MFP – if I were to ever get a smart phone. At least I am thinking ahead there 😀

    Mucho biking on the agenda today. With only 1 layer, too! Finally in the 70s for a bit and I shall be reveling in that. Zip on up here and we can ride together!

    • I should track on multiple apps over a few days and see how they compare. :) Sometimes SP has “user-submitted” nutritional info that’s just plain wrong. (I have a smart phone, but I don’t use the SP app. Or many other apps. LOL)

  2. I’m back to tracking again, too. It does make me feel very productive when I see my good choices in black and white. It’s concrete proof that I have created new habits that help me live the life that I want.

    This weekend I want to shop for antiques!

  3. I really like Spark People and I’ve tried twice now to get all involved… but the site is just too Chaotic for me. I can’t handle it there.
    This weekend we were supposed to go to the beach in Ventura (CA) but with the fires I think we’re changing that plan….
    It should be nice anyway.

    • It IS a bit…um, crowded on the SP screen. :) I use the trackers and read articles. And, of course, spin the daily points wheel. I like winning points even if can’t do anything with them. Dweeby, much? :)

  4. What did I do today??? Washington DC was celebrating cultural tourism month with Passport DC, an annual open house tour of the Embassies. Has to be one of my favorite DC events EVER. What a wonderful experience. And I have to confess that each of eight embassies we toured (out of 40 that were open), were serving food from their country, so I’ve eaten my way around the world. But considering the miles we walked, I’m not sure I could’ve done much harm. It’s been a great kick-off to Summer Trip 2013.

  5. We have actually had a great streak of warmer weather here for a change. And he orioles and hummingbirds took the same flight in, so that was a nice surprise to see them appear at the same time :) Hope you weren’t too soaked this weekend!

  6. I had never heard about SparkPeople. I will be sure to check it out! I am always up for trying new things that will help me track what I am eating.

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