Scenes from the Weekend

I hope you had as enjoyable a weekend as I did! I didn’t do anything spectacularly interesting, but that’s not going to stop me from yammering about it. :)

Since I’m currently staying in a different part of Memphis, I explored a couple of new-to-me restaurants.

mediterranean pita grill Memphis

First, I went to the Mediterranean Grill and Sandwich Shop, which advertised Fresh! Healthy! Delicious! food. I have to say, they are not overstating themselves if my Chicken Tekka wrap was any indication. The man who took my order seemed almost apologetic in telling me that it would take about 15 minutes to prepare, but I assured him that I’d much rather have freshly prepared food than something pulled from underneath a heat lamp. That earned me a smile…and I’m pretty sure, some extra chicken as well. :)

Another new-to-me stop was La Michoacana, a local paleteria, or ice cream shop that makes its own ice cream and popsicle-like treats in amazing flavors. They even have a corn ice cream!

La Michoacana Memphis and Tres Marias sundae

I somehow let myself get talked into ordering the Tres Marias–three different flavors of ice cream with a drizzle of chocolate and caramel, a sprinkling of pecans (whole!), and 2 sugar wafers (those were a surprise). There were other toppings I could have had on there as well (coconut, granola, raisins, whipped cream, etc.), but I do try to watch my calories. Hah!

Anyway, it was delicious and I’m glad I had it, but it’s a bit much. I’ll try it again when I have one or two friends along to share.

Fortunately, I don’t think I did too much damage with the ice cream indulgence since I way overshot my target on exercise for the week:

exercise totals for the week exceeding goals by a lot

That’s my SparkPeople total for the week, with the numbers on the left representing actual and the numbers on the right being the goal. I rocked it this week, if I do say so myself. And I do. :)

On my walks and bike rides last week, I spotted some more pretty flowers:

daylilies and unidentified purple flower

I know the day lilies on the left well, but I don’t know the flower on the right. It’s blooming in abundance along the Greenline, which makes me think it’s probably a weed. If it is, it’s a pretty one. :)

Another interesting sighting in the neighborhood:

baseball lawn ornaments: pitcher catcher batter

My mom would love to have these lawn statues in their yard; my dad would have fits about having to mow around them. I kind of see his point, but they are eye-catching. :)

Those are just a few of the scenes from my weekend. It was mostly quiet and always enjoyable. I love when those two things work together. :)

What fun and exciting–or perfectly ordinary–things did you do over the weekend?

18 thoughts on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. What a fun weekend! I had to smile that the order would take 15 minutes to prepare, that’s pretty normal here but I guess it’s not in the USA?

    My weekend was good too although we didn’t have Memorial Day weekend. I had a late birthday lunch with my Mom and did my first walking event ever with my dog, that was fun (it was in my village, a tour is on my blog)

  2. FUN WEEKEND HERE—but sad your travels wont bring you to my new urban oasis of OAKTOWN.


  3. Quiet relaxing weekend here and making it a 5 day weekend (returning to work tomorrow). Both eateries look like they have great offerings. Cute lawn pieces, but agree keeping the grass trimmed around them would be some work. Great burn this week!

  4. Go you, more than doubling your exercise/calorie burn goals! If drinking juleps and cleaning after my poor sick pup counts as exercise, then I did ok in that department, too, this weekend! LOL

  5. What a wonderful weekend Cammy – I need to visit there just for the food! :) I love the lawn statues – fun! Looks like a cool area of Memphis – maybe a move there! 😉

  6. Posting a picture of that incredible ice cream creation, and then this: “…but I do try to watch my calories” gave me the biggest giggle this morning – love that you enjoyed that dessert to the hilt!!!

  7. Some good looking eats there Cammy! OMG on that ice cream – wow what a treat. We had a relaxing weekend at home. Did go for a little hike yesterday and found a new trail to explore. That’s always fun.

  8. It all looked great to me, Cammy! Loved the photos! Glad you had a fun weekend with some decent weather! No such luck here–the weather that is. We did have some fun, however!

  9. Spent most of Saturday and Sunday in the car, but that meant we were able to spend Monday at home. Nice!

  10. Looks like a great weekend! Those are pretty flowers. We’ve got a few weeks until our daylilies bloom and I can’t wait. They always look so pretty! I’m with you, I’d rather have fresh over quick.

  11. Here in Texas, we have lots of Michoacanas! Next time, try something called “tres leches.” There’s an ice cream and a cake by that name. SO good. Also, it would be so much easier to give up tortillas if there weren’t so many excellent tortillerias around here. Hand made tortillas are my FAVORITE carb!

    • I’ve had Tres Leches cake, but I’ll keep an out for the ice cream.

      Memphis has a large Hispanic/Latino population, so we’re blessed with many tortillerias here. My only problem is that the ones I’ve explored only sell in quantities that are too large for me. I need to find a sharer. :)

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