Signs of Summer

Well, that was a short weekend, wasn’t it? Funny how that works out.

After a cooler than normal spring, Memphis is seeing its first glimpses of summer. We went from jacket weather on Friday to shorts and flip flops on Saturday. The hair on the nape of my neck is damp by noon and stays damp until…October. :) That’s the surest sign of summer that i know!

Other observed signs of summer:


Honeysuckle! Along with roses and fresh-cut watermelon, I can’t think of another scent that so represents summertime. Whenever I see a honeysuckle vine, I’m instantly transported 30 40 the many years back to my childhood when we would pull the stems and dart out our tongues to taste the tiny drop of nectar. I should do that again to see if it still tastes as sweet. (I wonder if Sparkpeople has “honeysuckle nectar, single drop” in its database.)


Lavender is another sure sign of summer. This bed is in the neighborhood in which I’m pet-sitting, and I’m making it a point to route my walks so that I pass it every day. :)

wonder bread BLT

For me, another sign of summer is a BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, for folks who might not have experienced the joy). On a work excursion last week, I stopped at a local diner (Blue & White Restaurant in Tunica, MS) for a long overdue lunch. Since it was 2:00, I wanted something “light” and went with a good old-fashioned BLT. It was even served on Wonder Bread! (Yes, I ate Wonder Bread for the first time in–heck, I can’t remember when I last ate it–and didn’t die!) Perfect lunch alongside a glass of unsweetened iced tea.

Later on the drive home, I thought something sweet might be nice, so I stopped for another summertime treat:

sonic menu board and ice cream cone

I wanted some awesome-looking molten turtle sundae concoction, but I figured the Wonder Bread was enough of a dance with danger for one day, so I ordered a nice, refreshing ice cream cone.

Another favorite summertime ritual: al fresco dining.

al fresco dining home style

I took advantage of my pet owners’ bbq grill (with permission, of course) and grilled up enough burgers and bbq chicken for the next few weeks. Last night I enjoyed chicken, salad, and oven-roasted corn on the patio, under the watchful eye of Jasmine and Dali.

One sign of summer I had hoped to show you didn’t happen.

all by myself empty bike path

On early evening weekends, the Greenline is normally over-crowded, but I had it all to myself for the most part late Saturday afternoon. It was a little humid, true, but there was a nice breeze in places. I quite enjoyed myself, but I’ll enjoy it more after a little more “seat time”. (Ow. Cyclists know what I mean, I’m sure. :) )

Those are the early signs of summer. We’ll have fresh tomatoes and melon and complaints about the heat in no time, but for now I’m just enjoying the change of seasons.

What are your favorite signs of summer? Have you seen them yet? (Equator-South, please convert to winter signs. :) )

20 thoughts on “Signs of Summer

  1. When my farmers market opens, it’s a sure sign summer is just around the corner. I love watching the transition from early spring produce to all the yummy stuff of summer.

    • Most of my favorites will be late this year due to the cooler weather, and that will make me enjoy them even more!

  2. Honeysuckle! It grows wild along a lot of the bike path and yesterday I was just enjoying the beautiful scent.

    For me, roses signal the summer and I love seeing them come out! I see buds on mine, but no blooms just yet. Another week or 2.

    • Mine are in full bloom, but the leaves look kind of shabby thanks to the wetness. But maybe that’s what gave me so many blooms. :)

  3. We’re still having a combo of spring/summer, and I’m enjoying all of it! I thought I was the only one who did that honeysuckle thing. I’d forgotten that. Heading outside to try it with my honeysuckle!

  4. I wish we had honeysuckle in my area – I love the scet!

    I love to eat at the patio table. On the weekends I sometimes have 3 meals out there – until it gets too hot to enjoy it.

    Your trail looks so well maintained and pretty!

  5. This post reminds me to slow down to take in the sites, smells and sounds of summer. It goes by sooo fast…

    Wish we had something like your Greenline where I live. I hate having to watch for cars. :(

  6. Love the visuals Cammy!!! I need to pet sit so I can use a BBQ which we don’t have.. :) Well, since we don’t have all the crazy weather of the seasons, for me right now the sure sign is I need to turn on my fan since this hot is so friggin hot! 😉

    • Nice catch! It’s actually a cozy mystery in which the protagonist opens a pie shoppe. She has some sort of magical charms that infuse her pies with her mood/thoughts, so that people respond accordingly. This one, Pies and Prejudice, is the first in the series, but it’s the last one I’ll read. I don’t do charms and spells very well. :)

  7. Honeysuckle always reminds me of being a kid. We had a length of fence covered with it, and we loved it. My mother used to cuss my dad when he would trim it too much. She always accused him of trying to kill it! They had issues :)

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