Special Report: Neighborhood Dessert Social

Busy, busy week, but I’m thinking/hoping the pace should start slowing down now.

One thing that kind of slipped up on me was the annual Neighborhood Dessert Social, which was held last night. As y’all know, I usually spend way too much some time contemplating my offering, but I had to come up with something in a hurry this year. Thanks to a big sale at Kroger, I have an abundance of cottage cheese (10/$10) in the fridge, so obviously I chose to make cookies:

chocolate cottage cheese cookies

Okay, maybe not the obvious choice, but I needed to go with what I had on hand. I knew I wanted to make something bite-sized (or two-bite sized for the dainty eaters) and I did have all that cottage cheese, so I googled “cottage cheese cookies” and found a recipe on Food.com.

As published, the recipe says it makes 9 dozen cookies, so I halved it. (It also says it has 895 calories for the whole batch, but the butter alone tops that, which is why we should check these things out for ourselves.) Anyway, like I said, I halved it…and got about 9 dozen cookies out of it. Seriously, people, I had cookies everywhere!

But y’all don’t care about that. You want to know about the cookie, and I’m pleased to let you know that they turned out quite well. I didn’t do a whole lot of substituting. I swapped out for some whole wheat flour, cut back on sugar, added vanilla, omitted the nuts, added a few chocolate chips, but other than that… :)

The result was a chocolate-y, cake-like cookie–sweet, but not overly so. Not a hint of cottage cheese taste, so I’m not really sure what it’s purpose was exactly. But I digress. I’d make the recipe again (maybe with coconut oil in place of the butter), but that won’t be for a long, long time, because I have about 4 dozen leftover cookies in my freezer.

Despite the goodness (yes, I tasted “a few” before going to the meeting), I didn’t think these cookies were prize winners. I mean, after the Red Velvet Massacre of 2011 and last year’s debacle, I know my ‘hood has no taste. And the prize is not the point anyway.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have any expectations, because for some reason, they’ve taken the competition element out of it, and we just enjoyed the desserts (and a presentation from the district attorney.) I’m glad of that because there were at least three desserts that were homemade and delicious.

Thanks to my tracking and attention to details, I’ve been logging a few hundred calories under my target most days, so I was able to sliver my way around the table to sample the red velvet cake, pecan bars, and strawberry shortcake. (Out of courtesy, I also took a sliver of some kind of “poke cake”–box cake mix with holes poked in it and drizzled with something red–that only had one small square taken from it.) Everything I sampled was delicious and had there been a contest, I would have been delighted to lose to any of those desserts. But knowing my neighbors, the winner probably would’ve been the Kroger bundt cake with cherry pie filling dumped on top of it. (It did look good, I have to say.)

Most of all, I was really pleased to see a good many of my cookies disappear and several people took extras home with them. (It could’ve had something to do with me encouraging them to take a bunch while holding a butcher knife.)

With that, it’s back to basics for me for a bit! The family reunion is next month–say, I think I’ll take cookies this year!–and I’ll be saving up my sweet splurge for that.

In the interest of a balanced post, I’ll share a healthier “recipe” I made a couple of times this week–Flatbread Pizza:

flatbread pizza

Y’all remember the Whole Wheat Flatbread Roll-ups I found a few weeks ago? I cut one wrap in half, topped it with marinara, 2 oz. lean ground beef I’d browned and stuck in the freezer, 1 oz. mozzarella, 2 tsp. Parmesan cheese, and peppers, black olives, and Italian seasoning and baked it for about 10-15 minutes. The whole thing was around 250 calories, 10g carbs, 14g fat, and 24g protein. Best of all, when served alongside a nice, fresh salad, it made a filling and delicious meal!

With that, I must run. I’m moving across town for a few weeks for pet-sitting duties, and I need to get my bag & bike (hello, Greenline!) packed up. I hope you’re planning for an awesome weekend! Anything special on your dance card?

11 thoughts on “Special Report: Neighborhood Dessert Social

  1. Those cookies look like Chocolate Crinkles – my mom used to make them and I used to devour them. Soooooooo good! Sounds like this year was a winner with the no-compete element with desserts, lol!

    That flatbread pizza looks wonderful, too! Maybe I need to go eat breakfast, ya think? I’m drooling over my monitor!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey those cookies look delicious and I guess the cottage cheese gave them a little protein boost!

    I do like flat bread pizzas although I’m not eating cheese right now I think I can still make one that tastes pretty good.

    No great plans for the weekend – most likely it will include a bike ride and some other outdoor activities.

    Happy pet sitting!

  3. Isn’t it fun how you can find a recipe for almost anything on the internet? I don’t know if I would have thought of cottage cheese cookies. Although, the protein pancakes are some of my favorites.

    And your flatbread pizza looks divine. I have all the ingredients–I think I might be having some pizza this weekend!

  4. Like Shelley said, those cookies look like the Chocolate Crinkles my mom used to make. I know there was no cottage cheese in them though.

    Cleaning, food prep, walking and resting are my plans for the weekend. Hope you have a great one.

  5. that pizza looks soooo delicious!
    and the cookies are dreamy.
    I hope you’re writing down these altered recipes of yours! how about posting?

  6. Cottage cheese cookies. Interesting. They look like the flourless chocolate cookies I like to make.

  7. Yep, I agree with everyone else about the cottage chesse cookies. I love cottage cheese so may try those out myself. Or maybe you’ll still have some in August – just sayin’…….. (BTW, can’t believe another annual Neighborhood Social has rolled around. Time is flying by!)

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