In this case, I mean dang in a very good way.

dang coconut chipsI spotted these Dang Toasted Coconut Chips a few weeks ago while picking up some yogurt at The Fresh Market. Since I had just been wondering what tasty topping I might have on top of my yogurt, I considered this display to be guidance from On High.

Being the responsible consumer that I am, I first flipped the package to check out the nutritional info. For half this little 1.4-oz. package, there are 115 calories, which isn’t bad, and it contains only three ingredients: coconut, sugar, and salt. Other info, per 0.7 oz. serving:
– Total fat: 7g (it IS coconut, after all)
– Sodium: 115mg
– Total Carbs: 12g
– Dietary Fiber: 3g
– Sugars: 8g
– Protein: 1g

No cholesterol, no animal products, no gluten, no dairy. Lots of flavor, though! Very intense coconutty goodness in each flake. Not too sweet, not too salty–coconut is the star and the flavor lingers (in a good way) long after you’ve eaten the flakes.

I like coconut, but I like it in small doses. For me, this is an a-few-sprinkles-at-a-time food. So far, I’ve eaten the few that were pictured in my hand at left and about the same amount crushed and sprinkled on top of plain yogurt for a bit of crunch. Thanks to the intense flavor, I’m satisfied with even a small amount.

Tonight, I’m going all out and combining yogurt, pineapple, and a few sprinkles of the chips. Heck, it’s Friday night–I might caramelize some banana slices, too! (Ooh, it just occurred to me that these would be good as a topping in one of those banana boat concoctions where you slice the banana lengthwise, sprinkle some chocolate chips in the cut and bake in aluminum foil. Imagine a bit of coconut crunch amidst all the meltiness. Yum!)

yogurt sundae with pineapple, coconut and chocolate***ETA: Photo evidence of pineapple yogurt sundae with coconut chips and a drizzle of lite chocolate syrup. Sooo good! Returning to original post now…***

Okay, back to the dang chips. (I love saying that!) Dang is actually the owner’s mother’s name, but the marketing intent is that we’ll try the product and say, “Dang! That’s good!” And that’s what I did. (I actually said “damn”, but that’s because I’m crass. Same effect, though.)

According to the company’s website, you can find these chips at Safeway, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market, among others. You can also order them on Amazon (affiliate link).

Thus endeth this unsolicited product review. I purchased this product from my very own meager funds for around $3.00 and reviewed it because I liked it and thought you might like it, too!

What would you do with these coconut chips?

Happy weekend, everyone! Come back on Monday for a new round of AIM posts!

8 thoughts on “Dang!

  1. Unlike you, I can eat cocoanut in very large quantities. Heck, I’ve been known to lick the cocoanut oil spoon….Ewwww! I fear the whole bag in one sitting might be a problem. But I’ll check it out. Any other flavors?? (You don’t have to answer that – I’ll check myself)

    • When I buy a “snack food”, I always note what caloric damage I’d do if I lost my mind and ate the whole thing. This one would only have been 230 calories, which wouldn’t have been horrible, but I’d have been over my fat allotment for a few days. :)

      This is the only product the company sells right now. It look like a relatively new endeavor, so who knows where they might go!

  2. Dang! Those thangs are dang good. I had them on that quilting retreat. I just ate them plain, but topping on yogurt would be dang good. Shelley–COCONUT YOGURT!!!

    I’m glad you reminded me of them, and directed me to where I could find them!

  3. Too many carbs for me right now, I’ll have to skip them. I DO, however, LOVE coconut cream pie. I usually allow myself one SMALL slice over the holidays.

  4. Lordy I would just eat that by the handful! And then put it on some oatmeal with almond butter. And then mix it with special dark chips. Yeah – could be dangerous stuff for me! 😀

  5. My friend sent me a bag of those Dang chips(!) a few months ago…holy cow were they good! I just ate them as a snack, but crushing them up a bit would make for some good coconut yogurt, yum!!!

  6. I had real coconut with I went to Hawaii (10 yrs ago). Until then I didn’t know coconut was not sweet. It was terrible! Hope your decrystalized light fixture turns out well. I need some crystals for a light fixture but can’t find any. Well I can find them; just don’t want to pay for them. We have has a lot of rain and humidity. Humidity isn’t a friend of spray paint.

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