For the Thousandth Time

You probably woke up thinking this was just another average Monday. You’d be wrong. Today, you are part of a most historic event: my 1000th blog post on The Tippy Toe Diet!

1000th post cupcake

And you thought about hitting the snooze button. See what you would have missed? :)

There are a whole host of great reasons to blog, but I blog because I like to talk and I like to write. It’s as simple as that. I can’t NOT do either of those things, and I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. In fact, way (and I mean waaaaay) back when I was in kindergarten, this passion for communication was documented in the press:

kindergarten cammy says "I have so much news"

I don’t know that we can consider what I post here “news”, but I still have lots to say. Sometimes it’s about me, sometimes it’s about something I’ve read, sometimes it’s an opinion piece or a bit of inspiration. But it’s not often I can’t think of something to write about. What can I say, I’m chatty! At least these days I’ve got all my teeth! For now. :)

In the greater blogging universe, The Tippy Toe Diet is a tiny blog, a miniscule corner of the interwebs, and yet, through some extraordinary bit of fortune, I’ve made some amazing personal connections through the blog and grown friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. I’ve met many wonderful readers and fellow bloggers in person, and my TBM (to be met) list gets longer every day. I’m so blessed to be among such great people.

Considering that I break most of the “blogging rules”, I’m a little surprised that people show up here at all. About the only thing that’s constant here is that I post from my heart and try to do it in a way that’s authentic and represents the real me, goofy and flawed though I might be. I’m so very grateful for those of you who either embrace the silliness or graciously overlook it. Thank you for your part in making the first 1000 blog posts so rewarding!

So now I’m off to conquer the next 1,000 posts. I’ll try to make most of them worth your while for stopping by. To that end, feel free to share topics YOU would like to see covered here.

And for the thousandth time, thank you for reading The Tippy Toe Diet!

22 thoughts on “For the Thousandth Time

  1. “but I have so much news” – how adorable is that. And how adorable are you – congratulations on your 1K post. You continue to be an inspirations in many areas of my life. Thank you for all the news :-)

  2. LOL at Miz’s comment. I was actually thinking the opposite–like, who is that kid she’s featuring in her 1000th blog post?

    I love your blog because you have a way with words and you make me laugh. In person AND in writing!

    So. Did you really have a cupcake to celebrate??

    • No, the image was all the cupcake I had to commemorate the occasion. Too much indulging while I was out exploring other parts of Memphis last week.

  3. How cute is your Kindergarten self?? I’m glad you still have so much “news” in you that you’ve surpassed 1000 blog posts :) Thank you for being “out there.”

  4. That picture has totally made my day….I will smile for hours especially since I’m one of the lucky ones who knows Cammy IRL and knows that the “chattiness” is always worth listening to. I love being around you on the blog and in person and hope I’m one of those “lifetime” friends!

    • Oh sure there are rules by the pro-blogging set: post on a regular schedule, splash yourself all over social media, write short posts with short paragraphs, and so on. I’m 0-for-3 on those rules. :)

  5. WooHoo – Congratulations!!!! 1000 posts is a lot!!
    I like a free rolling blog – so many other rules to follow in life – blogging should be however you want it to be!!!

  6. Heee! I love the little you and your clipping 😀

    I say go on and break ALL THE RULES!

  7. SO LOVE THE KID SHARE!!!! I just have so much news – too funny – you had a way with words then too!

    Keep breaking whatever rules there are cause I love reading your blog!!!!

  8. Congrats on the milestone! What an adorable pic and quote! :)

  9. What an accomplishment and I love hearing from the younger you – self knowledge at such a young age!

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