Nothing new or profound to report on the weight maintenance front today, so this is one of those ‘off the top of my head’ (and my phone camera) posts. Good thing I’m not charging for this stuff, right?

Possible Mr. Cammy Candidate?

I’ve been giving some thought to ramping up (or perhaps, starting) a search for a Mr. Cammy with whom to share my domicile. Preferably before the lawn needs mowing again. Unfortunately, most of the men I meet who are in my age bracket seem so…old.

Here’s a representative sample from my dating pool:

man in floral shirt, plaid pants, mismatched socks, & red cowboy hat.

It’s a pity you miss the full effect, which included black wing-tip shoes and the hamburger he was munching on as he walked along.

On the positive side, he seemed quite relaxed and comfortable in his colorful, if mismatched, ensemble. (That sounds so much nicer than ‘oblivious’, doesn’t it?)

Am I the only one who notices these things?

I dashed into Dollar General the other day and noticed this oddity:

vegetables and insecticides side by side

Don’t you think it’s weird to have the veggies and the insecticides sharing space like that? Maybe not, considering these are canned vegetables that were likely already treated with some of the same products on the neighboring aisle. *sad sigh*

Garage Sale Makeovers

I’m trying to catch up on some of my garage sale “finds”, the kind I buy thinking, Oh, I can make this better, and then get home and realize I don’t have much talent in that area. But I did get two pieces into acceptable states yesterday instead of writing a useful blog post.

bath shelf from white to hammered metal finish

I have a shelf along the back of my tub and with my love of bath salts, scrubs, and potions, it was a bit cluttered looking. I found this plant stand for $2 and gussied it up with a spray-on hammered metal finish. I don’t LOVE it, but it will do nicely for a while. And then I’ll sell it for $3 at my next sale. :)

small table from plain to spring green

This cute little table was an early morning find. Too early, apparently, because I didn’t notice some major chewing on the bottom shelf. I probably overpaid at $5, but you’ll have that sometimes.

I had the apple green paint on hand, so I gave it a quick two coats to cover the chewing. I’ll let it rest this way in my front porch pondering spot for a while, while I sip some iced tea and contemplate giving it a light antiquing.

Now, only a dozen or so more projects left. :)

When Back Pain is Not a Sign of Over-Training

Did y’all hear about the woman who was training for a half-marathon and thought her persistent and increasingly intense back pain was the result of overdoing? She finally went to the ER and left with a 6-pound, 6-ounce baby girl. Yep, she was pregnant and had no idea! (I thought this was a made-up reality show thing, but apparently it’s not that unusual.)

If you’re like me, this story will have you noticing every back twinge today. :)

Reader Error

Lori pointed me to The Old Reader as a potential replacement for Google reader, and my transition to it was smooth, but not without error. I didn’t realize until yesterday that I had a setting in place that would mark a post as read even if I just scrolled down the screen. At least, I think that’s what happened. Anyway, I missed some posts because of it, and I apologize to those of you who got skipped. I’ve changed the setting and it’s working better now.

I do like this reader, but like so many others, it’s going through some growing pains as they gain more users. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes random RSS feeds don’t make it into the reader for a few days. But they do seem to be tweaking and working toward making it better, and they entertain you with cute cat pictures when they’re doing updates.

In Conclusion

It’s time for my walk, so I’d better get going. (You can bet I’ll be monitoring my back for any discomfort!)

No big plans for me for the weekend, since I opted out of the family reunion this year. If the weather cooperates, I hope to “rescue” some more garage sale treasures.

What are you up to this weekend? Fun stuff? Quiet stuff? Whatever you do, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

21 thoughts on “Mélange

  1. OMG Cammy…LOL about finding someone “before the lawn needs mowing again”!!! Hilarious! Any lawn mowing man would be LUCKY to have you in his life!!!! I also LOVE LOVE seeing your garage sale finds. And like you, I’m now feeling every twinge in my back….I really don’t want a baby! :) Have a great day!!!

  2. I should set you up with John’s friend who is a very shy millionaire (internet biz). Although, he wouldn’t mow the lawn, but hire someone to do it 😀

    I keep wanting to go garage sale-ing, but I end up riding instead. I see some stuff when biking, but not conducive to getting it home!

    • Thanks for the lead on Mr. Cammy. Millionaires are always good. :) (Like I would know.)

      I shop when I’m biking or walking. when they see I’m on foot or a bike, folks are usually agreeable to holding it until I get back.

  3. Well, from what I’ve gotten to know of you through your blog and what I could see with the guy in the picture – you have much better possibilities!!! (although he could be the nicest guy ever!)
    I’m super impressed with your garage sale finds and the way you transformed them!!!

  4. I understand what you mean about “not loving” how it turned out. I do that all the time…I have a great idea, feel creative and crafty, do it, and then not love how it comes out. Friends wonder why I give them so many gifts :)

  5. Love your creative eye and skills. The bath tower from a plant stand is genious! Hope that a Mr. C comes along and love you to bits – not that they aren’t a lot of work, these men…And having been poregnant twice I just annot imgine how a woman can’t know . It is a mystery.

    • I confess, Susan, that I’m not really looking very hard for a Mr. C. I’ve lived on my own for so long that I doubt anyone could stand to be around me.

  6. LOL – you had me busting up in laughter with your description of that guy! I needed that too so thank you very much.

    I admire your skills at turning those garage sale items into workable treasures for your home. You are so crafty!

    I never understand how women can be pregnant and not know it until they are giving birth. My body morphed so much that there was no mistaking what was going on. One of life’s mysteries I guess.

    • Glad I could help with the giggle, Tami. :) I don’t have skill with the transformative crafting, but it’s very calming. As long as there are no screwdrivers involved. :)

  7. LOL on the Mr. Cammy candidate–I had a friend who used to say that the only eligible guys had one eye, one shoe, or plaid shorts. Or something like that.

    Your garage sale makeovers are outstanding! Perhaps you could do that with one of your Mr. Cammy candidates??

    • LOL There are many who would tell you (and probably me, too) that if I want to do a makeover on someone, i should start with me. I don’t remember what I was wearing when I took the man’s photo, but it was probably some variation of fleece shorts and a t-shirt. :)

  8. Should I be curious since the picture of Mr. C and the story about the hospital were so close togehter? You did seem rather enamored with the guy clothing. Is there more to this story?? Quiet weekend for us. Farmer’s Market in the morning then home/yard stuff. At least they’ve taken away the four inches of rain originally predicted from Andrea. She politely stayed east and will leave us alone.

  9. Well that is one attractive manus there! I know what you mean. If I were single, I look at the guys in my age bracket and they either look old before their time or are still acting like wanna be frat boys trying to recapture their teens. Ugh.

    Have fun on your rescue mission! 😉

  10. I like the plant shelf in the bathroom – nice idea! Fun to see what you do with garage sale finds. :)

    I tried to use The Old Reader but couldn’t get my stuff loaded. Still doing Feedly; stupid Google for getting rid of reader, anyway.

    • My stuff imported fine into TOR and into feedly, but I kept having problems getting new feeds to load in feedly. Stupid google, indeed.

  11. I am so late to the party BUT so much fun Cammy – do this more often!!! :) Hey, I might ask Lori about that shy millionaire! 😉

    You are so good with crafts – way better than me & I don’t even try – not in my ability to do & kinda don’t want to either! 😉

    On back pain, years ago I had a friend in the gym – her hubby too but I was more friends with her.. her hubby had back pain & thought it was just workouts – it was cancer so… :( I had not heard your story – WOW!!!!

  12. Oh, how I cracked up at that photo of ‘Mr. Whaaat????’ The dating pool can indeed be quite shallow.
    I LOVE your posts on the garage sale finds. There was a time when I lived for my next big score, back when I was furniture painting. Sometimes I’m sorry I gave that up, but in the end, painting on paper and canvas really does take up a lot less space!
    Hope you had a good weekend :)

  13. I use Feedly and like you had some trouble loading new feeds. But I managed to solve that. I use google chrome and installed a RSS widget, had to make some changes in the setting (found it on the internet) and now I can add new feeds by using the RSS widget in the address line.

    Mr. Cammy needs to be more fashionable than this guy. This one is either married for a long time and doesn’t give a you know what about how he looks or he is still single because he looks like this LOL.

  14. I’m moving one of these days and since I have very little, I’m plotting how to spruce up some old things… Never thought of myself as crafty, but I’m even considering classes!

    I must say that is not where my mind goes when I feel a twinge in my back, (a) because I have no uterus and (b) because I haven’t been within striking distance of a sperm cell in a long long time. Which is just sad, of course.

    I enjoyed this!

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