The Longest Days

Yesterday was one of those days that left me too pooped to post at the end of the day. This tomato thing has me ripping through my to-do list like a crazy woman. A crazy, sweaty woman since I’m taking advantage of these longest days of summer to squeeze in as many outdoor things as I can.

I began the morning with some tree trimming for my recently widowed neighbor, who mentioned about 36 times needed pruning.

shaggy fig tree

And it did need pruning. It had about 20-30 sucker offshoots at the base and the outer limbs were almost dragging the ground. But not anymore.

pruned fig tree

About an hour later, I had taken it as far as I could and gotten a good arm workout via the clippers. It was a little like hemming a skirt. Well, as close as I can remember to what that’s like. I don’t think I’ve hemmed a skirt in…well, a very, very long time.

I then began the deadlift portion of the workout, because I had to haul the refuse to the curb. Not heavy lifting, but my glutes are feeling it. :)

One nice benefit of this little project was that I got to flaunt my $5 yard sale wagon to my neighbors.

red radio flyer wagon

It’s rusty and the paint is peeling, but it’s the perfect little yard cart. I have a bigger cart, but I rarely need that much room. I’m not that industrious. :)

After I fought off my neighbor’s intention to pay me $20 for my time, I moved on to my main project of the day, which was cleaning off my patio. I skipped it in my spring cleaning and boy, did it show! I only have one during picture:


I’d been thinking it was a tiny patio, but when you get all the junk projects off of it, it’s a pretty good size. I’m playing with arrangements now, and I’ll share a photo when it’s all settled.

In between projects and rest breaks, I managed to get a few short work assignments done, run to the grocery store, and cook dinner. That’s what longer days will do for you. But because I kept going and going and going, I didn’t sit down to my chicken nachos until 9:00 last night!

chicken nachos

I think I set a record in shortest time to consume a meal. I realize that’s nothing to brag about, but I was famished! Do I get credit for using a napkin and utensils? :) (The nachos are just my Mexican Crockpot Chicken dumped over DIY tortilla chips. Easy and delicious!)

Surprisingly, I had trouble going to sleep. Still wired for go-go-go. I wish I could invent a ‘go bank’ to save some of this energy for winter. LOL

And now, my garage is calling. I’m not planning a full-scale cleaning, but it does need tidying. Before I go, though, I’ll mention that if you live in or know someone in the Memphis area who is in need of these, I’ll make them a great price:

inline skates

I tried again, I failed again. I’m going to hurt something if I don’t get rid of them. :)

What do you have going on this weekend? Want to get in a good garage-style workout?

15 thoughts on “The Longest Days

  1. Wow, I am impressed. You worked hard yesterday, no wonder you had trouble settling your mind for rest. I like your patio. Not much on my plan today, but the sun is out so I need to get outdoors. I usually keep myself pinned up indoors even during the nice weather, but I am in need of some fresh air. Have a good one.

  2. Funny, we were planning to clean out the garage today. It’s now almost 3 and Bill’s asleep, I’m reading and the only thing accomplished in the garage is we did take the recyclables as we went to the farmer’s market this morning. Too hot, no motivation.

  3. You packed a lot into 1 day!!! I can’t wait to see your porch when it’s finished – looks like a great space.
    And, I’m going to try your crock-pot chicken recipe soon – looks delicious!!!

  4. Your porch will look great once you are finished! It looks nice now. It’s funny how sometimes if you do so much through the day that sometimes it is hard to turn it off and get to sleep. :)

  5. Rollerblades make me shudder – I saw too many broken wrists on both children and their parents when my kids were younger. Wise decision, getting rid of them.

    I’m finally home and got busy tackling a bunch of things that needed work yesterday – and like you, I ended up being so wired that I had a hard time going to bed! It sure was nice to wake up and see the results of my work this morning, though – and feel motivated to keep going!

    • I wouldn’t mind having a pair of regular skates, like they wear at Sonic. Hmm, maybe I could get a job there so I can get free skates. :)

  6. These long summer days are getting me moving too! I have cleaned and moved more things this week than the whole last winter. I love seeing the finished projects though! I have been taking the paving stones from the flower beds and resetting them and moving them to different flower beds. Lots of work, but it looks so much better when it’s done. I also cleaned my 18 year old sons room from top to bottom a couple of days ago. Removed all the trophies from the shelves and dusting them. It’s been a while since I did that!

  7. No rollerblades for me – eeek! They make me skeered LOL!

    I love your patio! I need to visit and we can sit and chat on the patio with some lemonade. 😀

    • That would be wonderful, Lori! You are welcome here anytime!

      I’m enjoying resting on the patio during breaks. I eventually will close in the garage side, screen in the yard side, and paint the floor, but for now it’s absolutely fine.

  8. I can’t rollerblade, either. I about broke my tailbone. Your trimming looks great, and what a sweet thing to do!

    I have a messy, jumbled craft closet that I need to clean out. So far, procrastination is winning!

  9. Way to go, I was tired from reading this post. Next time take the money, don’t deny your neighbor the blessing she gets from giving it to you. I was told that by an elderly neighbor once. Anyway, I loved reading this post, it was as if I could hear you talking.

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