Coming to You–Almost Live–from Outside My Comfort Zone

Have you ever found yourself reading one of my blog posts and wishing you could hear me ramble on endlessly toward some sort of point?

I didn’t think so. But if you have ever wondered what I sounded like, we can solve that right now.

half size me cammy tippy toe dietI stepped outside my comfort zone a few months ago by engaging in my very first podcast interview! Heather, creator and leader of the Half Size Me community, stepped outside her comfort zone by inviting me. :)

So why not give it a listen (you can play it in your browser) and while I’m yammering, you can read more about Heather’s amazing success story.

But don’t get too involved in reading or you’ll miss the part where Heather and I challenge each other to a ‘Bow Off. And yes, you’ll have to listen to find out what the heck that means. :) (I never said I wasn’t diabolical.)

Big thanks to Heather for being such a charming hostess and ensuring that I not only survived, but enjoyed my first podcast interview!

Happy Monday to all! What have you been doing to push the boundaries of your comfort zone?

18 thoughts on “Coming to You–Almost Live–from Outside My Comfort Zone

  1. I loved listening to your interview. You sound just like you write. Your love of life and pragmatic/sensible approach shines through.

    Losing weight and living happily with yourself is very much an attitude of mind. I salute you.


  2. Haha – your accident most certainly did show 😀 At least to this yankee. Great interview
    Cammy – and my elbows are pointed, but big and flat. I could break a nose with them, but not as powerful as yours and Heather’s are!

    • Thanks, Lori! As for broad ‘bows, I’m thinking a good whack with one of those could do some damage. Especially if it was backed with the power of a weight lifter. :)

  3. I really enjoyed the interview. It was as if you and Heather were old friends! And I learned some stuff about you that I hadn’t known before.

  4. I will listen to the interview when I have more time! My dad grew up in the south and I love the southern accent!

  5. So happy for you for getting out of your comfort zone! I’m doing exactly that these days, and how hard it is! Sometimes I want to scream! But change will only come to those who dare.

  6. Enjoyed your interview very much–accent and all! You sound sensible and no nonsense in your approach–I like it!

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