Don’t Break the Chain

Ahhhh, Friday! Even when I don’t have anything super special planned, I still get excited about the weekend.

Way back before I started my tippy-toeing ways, weekends were often the undoing of my diet plans. I’d do just fine during the week, but something would happen on the weekend–I think it was the unstructured time–and I’d get off-track. A few times, I actually dreaded the approach of the weekend. Me!

With this newer, more successful, way of thinking/living, weekends weren’t usually much of a struggle. I had my nutrition log to maintain and a whole bunch of checkmarks in my exercise log to remind me of how great I was doing. As I approached the weekends, I’d see the positive pattern in my logs and commit to keeping the chain going.

I know that many people struggle with weekends (I still do sometimes, depending on what’s going on) after having very successful weeks. If you know a little something about how that feels, maybe a mantra will help you keep your focus. :)

don't break the chain (links of chain)

Happy weekend, everyone! You’ve got this!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Break the Chain

  1. I struggle with weekends especially now because they are long ride weekends. Balance is hard! I am being very mindful this weekend and I get my cupcake, but I don’t need to go overboard 😀

  2. I could benefit from this mantra. I love weekends and am anxiously awaiting their start. However, we don’t usually plan that far out and by the time Friday comes around we are tired. Work is done, we don’t want to cook. I have a lot of work to do to break bad habits and eating out on the weekends is high on the list. Have a great weekend.

  3. Since I am no longer working, weekends aren’t the problem they once were, but I can sure use the mantra in other areas. So I like it!! Only problem now is I can’t get that stupid, “chain, chain, chain” song out of my head. Please go away…….

  4. Thank you for this post! I seriously live for the weekends! HA! I just wish they weren’t so damn short. (sigh) But the weekends also have their own little jobs like pre-planning for the week in food. Some weekends it would be nice to have a break from that, but it is not to be!!

  5. I’m doing better with weekends now that I don’t let them undo what I have accomplished during the week, in terms of weight loss. I actually enjoy them more, and I have also found that having a planned treat doesn’t mean I have to go off the wagon. I think planning is everything. I use Spark People too!

  6. I’m loving this mantra! Our social eating and gatherings happen on the weekend and sometimes that can be a challenge.

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