Of Makeovers and Momentum

I’ve been tinkering with my daily schedule again, trying to find the best fit for my virtual career, exercise, home projects, blogging, and…what else? Oh yeah, fun! I have room for it all (the joys of single life!), but I haven’t found that comfortable flow state. Yet.

And so I tinker. Well, some would call it an overhaul, but I prefer to think of it as a makeover. It just sounds more desirable that way. :)

Thanks to the technical glitches last week that had me approaching my day differently and my new Pomodoro love, I think I’ve got a nice little productivity groove going here. And as I’ve blogged about before, momentum creates an energy of its own for me, drowning out the distractions that sometimes keep me from moving forward.

As so often happens when I get rolling (in matters of weight management or life management), I’ve got a little interruption in this makeover process. Friends arrive today and we leave tomorrow for a road trip to visit more friends in Texas. I’m looking forward to it more than I can express, but today I caught myself wondering if I’d find this momentum again. My previous weight loss history included many a plan that fell apart after a vacation or special event (raise your hand if you know how that feels), and I was feeling a little sad that the same thing might happen with my productivity groove.

Being older and wiser now, I flipped my thinking around. Instead of wondering IF I’ll find my momentum, I reframe it and ponder HOW I’ll regain it. I’ve started by listing out my first 10 Pomodoro tasks to tackle on my second day back home (first day is for decompression, laundry, and general loafing), and I’ll go from there. It’s my productivity version of the state line rule. :)

The great thing about all of this is that, while it feels good to have a few things ticked off my to-do list, the joy is in the process itself–trying, learning, regrouping, continuing. Pity I didn’t see that the first 40 years of my life. It doesn’t have to be a smooth re-entry, I just have to re-enter and ignore any temporary turbulence.

Okay, enough ruminating. Day makeovers are not the only makeovers going on around here. Here are a few of the recently completed small projects:

First, there’s my little curb-find table. It had a broken leg, which I think I fixed with some wood glue. ::fingers crossed::

table makeover--blah painted over with red

Those aren’t the permanent accessories–I’m still scouring curbs for those :) — but I do like the table with its new coating of Rustoleum Heritage Red. For now the table sits just inside my foyer on the World’s Most Hideous 1970s Tile Floor. I’m hoping the red keeps anyone from noticing it. Painting WMH1970sTF is on my possible tasks list. (But not spray paint and not Heritage Red.)

For the next project, I give you phase one of my chandelier makeover. It would have been nice if I’d thought to take a photo of it with it’s brass(ish) finish and the 236 crystals in place, but when I took it down, I had intended to get rid of it in favor of something more modern. But as my budget started shrinking, I decided to invest in yet another can of Rustoleum–glossy black this time.

chandelier makeover brass(ish) to glossy black
chandelier repainted black

Phase Two involves a) getting matching light bulbs, b) choosing tiny lampshades, and c) deciding how many, if any, of those blasted crystals to add back. I do like them against the black paint. Sparkly.

I’ll keep you updated on that progression, but it will be slow going. I’m thinking it would be wiser to get dining room furniture first, and then choose the lamp shades instead of the other way round. :)

My next project attracted the attention of half the neighborhood:

patio set repainted 'exotic sea'

I found this little bistro set at a neighborhood yard sale for $15 earlier this year. The color was fine in the sunlight but quite blah on my patio. I gave it a couple coats of Valspar Exotic Sea, and that certainly livened it up! :)

The cushions were a make-do effort. I had a couple of 21″ pillows in a closet and I used a couple of new-in-package pillowcases I’d found for $0.50 at another yard sale to cover them. Not perfect but perky!

My neighbors really liked this color. We agreed it’s a happy-maker color. One neighbor liked the repainted set so much that when she saw some cushions at Ross’s in complementary colors, she bought them and gave them to me as a gift! Sort of a patio-warming present, I think. :) Wasn’t that the kindest thing? (I’ll try to remember to take photos of the set with its pretty new cushions before I head out on my trip. I know you won’t sleep until you see them!:) )

The last project was purely a manual effort involving my 40-year old vinyl kitchen flooring, ground in dirt that had resisted every sort of cleaning product or technique I’ve tried since buying the house, and a magical ingredient that made a huge difference.

floor cleaned with scrubbing bubbles

You can read the nitty gritty details over on Serentipity, but needless to say, I am feeling much better about the floors now and much less likely to need that Arson for Dummies book I ordered. :)

So that’s a peek at some of the wee makeovers I’ve been doing, and now it’s time for my reward makeover: a mani-pedi! I haven’t had a pedicure this summer, so I’d better stop by the bank so that I’ll have a generous tip available for the technician. (At least I got the heritage red overspray off my feet. :) )

What have you made over recently? Anything on the horizon?

19 thoughts on “Of Makeovers and Momentum

  1. Ah, spray paint – a rehabber’s best friend! It’s amazing how an old piece just needs a new color to bring back it’s charm! I see a good amount of those crystals on that chandelier dangling and meeting in the center underneath. We need a small chandelier for our dining room. We have a surface mount, which is fine, but a chandelier would be more fun 😀

    I cleaned my grout last weekend with a mix of water, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and it made a huge difference in the floor. Now if only we hadn’t put down tile with grout in the first place, I would be a happy camper 😀

    • What would you do instead of the tile w/grout, Lori? Tile w/o grout? Another type floor?

      I wonder how the peroxide solution would work on black/dark gray grout. I might try a tiny corner on my walk-in shower floor.

  2. That chandelier looks so sharp in black! You have quite the eye in seeing potential in a lot of things that other people would pass up. 😉

    • Thank you, Carla. The pedi was magnificent! I am inspired to start working on my next list so that I might have another one before it becomes embarrassing to do so. :)

  3. You are making me want to visit the spray paint department of Walmart!! LOVE all your makeovers. And the floor cleaning tip–interesting. My kitchen and bathroom floors are so small that I’ve taken to just scrubbing them with a sponge. I like the way it cleans. I feel like I can put a little more elbow grease into it than with a mop. (Really, they are THAT small.)

    As far as my re-dos, there’s the never-ending garden (that I’m enjoying very much.) Oh, and last week I re-glued an essential part of my spinning wheel that had broken off. The guy at the hardward store recommended Gorilla Glue. I also re-glued a small stone piece on a little indoor fountain that I got at a garage sale. So far its held through all the water bubbling through it.

    Now go and enjoy your vacation!

    • You’ve been in major makeover mode with your garden (or I should really say gardenS) and the results are amazing. I confess to more than a little bit of envy. :)

  4. I LOVE the makeovers! And the bargains you’ve found! Just love them! So glad you take pictures of the befores and afters and share them with us! Have a great Wednesday Cammy!

  5. I am hopeless at that type of stuff. That’s a great effort (unless the leg falls off of course! :) Very impressive. Love this kind of stuff. Good post.

  6. It is so nice to see others life me. I go to charity shops and drop in centers all the time to find the best deals available. I can find some top notch items for my home for cents.

  7. I am sooooo behind, forgive me! I LOOOOVE your redo’s on your house stuff! All of it, love it! I’m doing some of that myself and it can take quite a chunk of time but so worth it in the end! (Especially if you’re getting your stuff curbside! WIN!)

  8. Oh my goodness, you have been so busy and creative. I love, love love everything. Especially the light fixture. So wish I had your throw away crystals. So glad you posted a picture of the end result. Can’t wait to see the picture of your patio furniture with the new custions. Perfect color for patio furniture. Love the little red table. Way to go!

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