Old Nonsense

Greetings from the nation’s newest senior citizen! Having turned 55 over the weekend, I shall now be driving slower, eating dinner at 4 p.m., and asking about senior discounts everywhere I go.

Okay, only one of those things is true. The senior discount is one of the perks of aging and I’m taking advantage of it when I can! Unfortunately, that won’t be too often since many businesses have upped the age requirement. Apparently they don’t consider 55 to be “senior” enough. (Do you think they were spying on me at the gym?)

One true benefit of getting older is that the accumulated wisdom starts kicking in, and you have a better understanding of what’s important in life. It’s easier to let go of past hurts and haunts and focus on each shiny new day.

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Isn’t that lovely? I like getting rid of old nonsense. I’m all about de-cluttering, as you know. :)

My birthday weekend was very nice. It started with a not-really-my-birthday-supper at some friends’ house. Our purpose was to visit and to strategize for an upcoming house-sitting gig, but a menu that included steak and Giada’s Maple-Fig Ice Cream elevated the meal into celebration status for me! (OMG, if you ever make that recipe, please invite me over! So good, it’s worth traveling for!)

For my actual birthday dinner with family, I chose…burgers-on-the-grill. That’s something I don’t have very often, and it was easiest on all involved (long story). So we had burgers and the fixin’s–potato salad, baked beans, fresh-from-the-garden sliced tomatoes–and then Memaw presented us with a homemade banana pudding. Maple-Fig ice cream and homemade banana pudding in one weekend–can life GET any better?

I’ll celebrate with friends this week (one dinner, one lunch), and then life will return to normal. I’m ready for it. :)

I hope YOUR weekend was wonderful and that you’ve started your shiny new week unencumbered by any old nonsense. (You’re doing that, aren’t you?)

26 thoughts on “Old Nonsense

  1. Happy birthday!!! Sounds like it was a great weekend of celebrating with friends and family (with more to come!).
    I love that quote – out with the old!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I, too, was celebrating my birthday weekend! Sounds like such a wonderful time you had :) How many people, when you’ve asked about senior discounts, have said, “Um, lady, there’s NO WAY you’re 55!!” Because it’s true. You’re amazing, chicka!!

  3. I LOVE that quote–have it written down somewhere, but it was good to see it again as a reminder.

    Sounds like the birthday season is going very well. But the two desserts?? Where is the CHOCOLATE???

    • Thank you, Martha! I don’t think I could be one of those early-bird diners either, but when I travel, I often combine lunch and dinner into one mid- to late-afternoon meal. I hope that’s not foreshadowing. :)

  4. What a fun weekend – and ooh, your desserts sounds wonderful even though I’m in the Debby camp of wondering where the chocolate was hiding, lol!

    Our city hosted the Senior Games here a couple of weeks ago, for people 50 and up. I joked to my husband that we were both age-eligible to participate, but I was pretty sure that we’d get our behinds kicked. Fifty-somethings are NOT our grandparent’s fifty-somethings these days!

  5. Wonderful quote, I love it! Sounds like a great birthday weekend. I don’t mind getting senior discounts now (I’m 58, so I’ve earned them!), but I find it a tad disconcerting when I’m given one without me asking for it. Not quite ready yet to be so readily identified as a senior, I’m afraid. :)

  6. Happy happy birthday Cammy! What a wonderful weekend filled with good eats and double desserts! Can’t beat that. I like that quote and am working on letting go of nonsense. Easier said than done.

  7. Happy belated Birthday, Ross senior citizen day is Tuesday, 10% off. Sometimes they ask for ID. They will with you cause you look way to good for 55. They asked for mine for a while but now that I will be 60 in a couple of weeks they don’t ask anymore. HA!!

    • I went to Ross yesterday and got my first senior discount: $0.69! :) And thank you for the compliment. I messed up by asking if they had the senior discount before she even started ringing me up, so I have no idea if she would have rung it up anyway. She didn’t card me so I’m guessing that’s my answer. :)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you a wonderful year filled with lots of fun and laughter!!

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