Potluck (Another Chop & Stir Recipe)

Another year has rolled around and I find myself at the culinary firestorm week in which my birthday and the neighborhood potluck supper collide in caloric glory, showering the land with a spray of glowing sugar, salt and fat. It’s normally a happy time of year for me (second only to Christmas), but having just completed a splurge-y vacation, I won’t be celebrating quite so much this year. I’m not observing Elvis Week (a.k.a. Death Week) at all. Come to think of it, I’ve skipped Elvis Week for the past…oh, 25 years or so. Maybe next year.

The Neighborhood Potluck

black bean salad under constructionMy contribution to the potluck supper is my take on Guy Fieri’s Black Bean Salad. I’d rather take Guy Fieri, but I don’t think he’s available. I’ll just have to settle for a salad that has pineapple and peppers in it! Yum!

I mostly stuck to the linked recipe. I didn’t have a red bell pepper, so I subbed a bit of green bell pepper and a red & yellow sweet pepper mix. (More on that in a minute.) I didn’t have sherry vinegar either (nor did Kroger, that I could see), but I did have apple cider vinegar, so I used that. And I skipped the jalapeno entirely.

After letting it all get acquainted in the fridge overnight, I did a morning taste test and this one’s a keeper. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

It’s also completely healthy, which means I probably won’t win any of the prizes. :)

Sweet Pepper Heaven

Living in a solo house, I rarely buy a mix of regular-sized green, red, and yellow bell peppers because they go bad before I can eat them. (I’ll bet if I put cream cheese icing on them, they’d go faster.)

When I was in Texas a few weeks ago, my friend bought a ginormous bag of small red and yellow sweet peppers at Costco that we used on our MYO Flatbread Pizzas. They were delicious, and I made a note to try to find something similar in Memphis in a not-so-ginormous bag. Y’all know how much I love peppers, but I can only eat so many!

sweet peppers

My wish came true! I found this cute little bag of mixed sweet peppers at Aldi, of all places, for $1.29, and I’ve been adding colorful little bits of sweet and spicy goodness to almost everything I’ve made. I haven’t tried them on my yogurt sundae yet, but now that I think about it….
Okay, maybe not. But I’m eating them on everything else!

Just Plain Sweet

rosesIn a sort of grey moment yesterday, I received a sweet and lovely surprise: flowers! These were a gift from my recently-departed house guests and truly brightened my day AND my kitchen. As if the flowers weren’t enough, the vase has a photo insert of my friends with a lovely message printed on it. Grey moment, begone!

Also gone: any lingering chopped onion/pepper aromas. Double gift! :)

Just Plain Wrong

It’s mid-August and the local kids have been back in school for a couple of weeks now. (Don’t ask me why they start so early.) Labor Day is still a few weeks away. Why, oh why, then, does Dollar General have this on display already:

halloween candy in August

They were loading the shelves with candy when I left the store. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Just Plain

My big birthday weekend is coming up and the gifts are piling up. And by that that I mean freebies from loyalty programs/newsletters. Most I won’t be using for one reason or another, but I will be enjoying a Panera bakery treat (today) and fro-yo from two different shops (next week.)

One gift I’m not sure how to interpret:

food network birthday wishes

It says here’s our gift to you, but that’s all there is. Just the plain old message. No gift anywhere I can see. ::sigh::

At least they didn’t trick me with a promise of free cake like some other company did last year.

I think that’s it from me today! Since it’s Thursday already (how does that keep happening?), I’ll go ahead and wish you all a wonderful weekend, with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of spicy. Or a lot of either, if that’s your thing. :)

16 thoughts on “Potluck (Another Chop & Stir Recipe)

  1. That black bean salad looks tasty!!!
    And, I’m so happy that you got flowers at just the right time to chase away a bit of the blues!!!

  2. Love me some mini bell peppers, we have those in our fridge most of the time. They make their way into lots of stuff–scrambled eggs, salads, you name it. Have you tried using them to dip hummus? Mmmm, good. Happy birthday week!

  3. Your black bean salad looks delish! And the idea of halloween candy in August is wrong on so many levels! Of course, it’s just business. And stores are in the business of selling stuff, not helping us get healthy!

  4. That’s my kind of salad! I would vote for you Cammy! I got several of those Birthday type coupons this year too.

    • Thank you, Tami! The salad turned out really well (love the sweet, cool pineapple inclusion), and it got two votes! Of course, one of those was mine. :)

  5. Happy happy birthday season, Cammy!!

    That bean salad is such a great potluck recipe–no cooking involved, but still delicious and homemade! Even though I don’t like beans, I put it on my recipe index. I know I will use it! You ferret out the best recipes. I still love your strawberry cheesecake smoothie recipe!

    • Thank you, Debby! This is one of those dishes that gets better the longer it’s in the fridge. Good thing because I’ll be eating it all weekend. :)

  6. Gah – Death Week? That’s morbid LOL! We have an Elvis festival here in Lake George and it is really surreal with many Elvi parading around. I can’t imagine what it is like down there.

    Have a happy, happy birthday weekend!

  7. HAPPY BDAY CAMMY!!!! I saw that on FB for tomorrow – I say treats are in order for bdays for sure!!!! :) I always love reading the AFTER about your potluck dinner – I will be waiting! 😉

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