Scenes from the Week

If you’re reading this, congratulations on making it to the weekend! I hope it was a smooth ride.

Summer heat returned to Memphis this week. Even so, I managed to get in all three strength training workouts and a 2- to 3-mile walk almost every day. Go me!

champion c9 commit sneakers target On about half my walks, I wore my new Champion C9 Commit shoes from Target. I’ve only got about 10 miles on them at this point, but from what I can tell so far, they’re not bad shoes. Especially considering the $30 price tag.

Positives: Super comfy, with good support. No holes in the bottom.

Negatives: Don’t seem to “breathe” as well as Asics, if that makes any sense. My feet feel hot after I walk. Of course, that could be my 3-year old socks. :)

There’s also the handy glow-in-the-dark new-white color. Who needs reflectors for walking at dusk when you have phosphorescent shoes? LOL That will change soon enough, I’m sure.

About the only other useful thing I accomplished this week was getting my wi-fi straightened out and enjoying a few mornings working outside on the patio:

patio office: chair, table, computer

It’s quite comfy out there until afternoon, and then even the fan doesn’t help. (Those cushions are the ones my neighbor picked out for me, hoping they would match. Bingo!)

The rest of the patio is still a bit of a mess.

patio vignette: table with lamp & flowers
patio chaise

So many projects, so freaking hot…not to mention that any paint projects would likely take three times as long to dry because of the humidity. I’ll wait for cooler weather in the fall to paint the floor and assorted decorative items.

Today I added another mini-project to the list:

rubbish at curb

While out on my walk this morning, I passed a house that had apparently been vacated recently. Bunches of junky stuff were piled at the curb. One of those junky items–the picture frame in the lower left corner–is now in my garage with the box of other picture frames awaiting a coat (or three) of paint.

I also spotted a wicker chair in the stack and zipped home to get my car. As it turned out, the chair was broken (ditto the 2nd chair buried in there somewhere), so I didn’t get it. Since most of what was left looked tattered and torn, I didn’t even go through it. (Did I mention how hot it’s been outside?) I did, however, spot a ginormous bag of books that were in great condition. I snatched those up, figuring I’d donate anything I didn’t want to the Goodwill Bookstore. I do NOT like it when people throw away perfectly good books!

When I got home, I found that the bag contained about 50 books, some of them modern vampire-type fiction and some classic literature. In paperback, mind you, but still classics that are likely to be on some high school reading lists this fall.

stacks of books

The classics are stacked and ready for delivery to Goodwill tomorrow. I’m going to try to sell the vampire books on Craigslist, but if there aren’t any takers, I’ll donate those in the next couple of weeks.

I also found a whole stack to keep:
stack of books

I’m set for winter reading! Well, at least throughout the autumn months. :)

And finally, I passed a milestone this week–my first senior discount:

senior discount $0.70

The “Tuesday Club” is Ross’s euphemism for “Old People Get 10% off”. Later in the week, I also got 10% off at Schlotzsky’s Deli. So I’m right at $1.40 saved to date. What will I do with all those savings? LOL

That pretty much wraps up the week. Quiet, and largely uneventful. I’ll take it and hope the weekend goes the same way! (Only, maybe a little more productive.)

Wishing you an amazing weekend! Got anything special planned?

7 thoughts on “Scenes from the Week

  1. Can’t believe you haven’t been to Hardee’s yet for your “senior” coffee. It was the first thing I did! Love your patio, but you know how I am about any outside space.

  2. Umm… that chaise lounge thingie? Me wants!! The Twilight books. For the life of me, I do not get them. Guess because I am not a teenager, and yet many adults enjoyed them as well.

  3. Yeah, me and Lori are going to have to fight it out for the wicker chaise thingie! You are so creative.

    Oh, and I really got a good laugh out of the AMAZING. SENIOR. DISCOUNTS. Almost makes it worthwhile to get old.

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